Glazer: Scribe Reclaims Moral High Ground on Chiefs

How does that poem go?

"Somewhere birds are chirpping, somewhere people are laughing,somewhere kids are playing…but there is NO Joy IN MUDVILLE. MIGHTY CASEY HAS STRUCK OUT." 

Well something like that, huh?

Yes, it was a fast death.

The Chiefs/Chargers game ended early in the second quarter as the score hit 14-0 and we all knew it was o-v-e-r. Brodie Croyle’s strange, too long career ended in the fourth quarter as he was replaced by the number 301 backup quarterback. Rather third string quarterback. Yikes. Croyle will be released as soon as the season is over. And I would be suprised if he makes another NFL roster.

Hey, the guy banked a few million bucks just for showing up a few seasons, not bad for old Brodie.

But all good things must end.
As for these Chiefs, rather then go over an ugly game – because it was just a fun day for the Chargers running up and down the field on our Chiefs –  lets take a moment and be honest.
The Chiefs are an average NFL team. They aren’t good and they aren’t awful. Average.

They can usually beat bad teams at home, a couple on the road and well, that’s about it.

With three games left it’s an uphill battle again. The Chiefs with The Franchise, Matt Cassel, could win all of them or lose two of them. St. Louis will be favored no matter who starts. Hopefully Cassel or we have no chance to win -none. 

The Titans are a mess so we should win that one at home. The Raiders, hard to say. They too are average but could beat us even with Matt. 

So without some luck, the Chiefs go 9-7 and are out of the playoffs.

Sure, the Chargers might get upset again. But that’s not likely. They play nobody. However in the NFL anyone can beat you, ask Green Bay (that lost to 2-10 Detroit Sunday). It happens.
A few readers mentioned there are no elite teams this year. That’s not true, New England is elite,

So is Atlanta and the Steelers. And the Eagles are right behind them. These are teams the Chiefs have no chance against if we play them. Fortunately, we don’t.
I know we all hate an "I told you so" guy, but I refer to my column last week when I heard the Franchise would miss (at least) this past Sunday’s game:  "TURN OUT THE LIGHTS THE PARTIES OVER." 

So sad, so true. We went all through the Brodie Croyle b.s. on talk radio and in the Star last week.  As I remember it some people were saying, "Boy its better to lose Cassel, then to lose Tamba Hali, Jamaal Charles or D-Bowe.


Again I will remind all of my Chiefs fans, Matt Cassel is the most valuable player on this team, period.

We can’t beat anyone without the Franchise.

You all saw that Sunday. Many said, "Well Brodie has a strong arm, and with our system it really doesn’t matter who is back there."

Really? Think so? Uh, no, it does matter.
Granted even with the Franchise we likely would have been beaten, maybe like 24-14. Who knows? They are a much better team then we are. They just are. Hey average is an improvement over awful.

The Chiefs have been awful for too long.

Todd Haley and Scott Pioli will buy a wide out, likely Larry Fitzgerald from Arizona. They will hopefully buy a D lineman or two, find a younger center and at least one or two more offense lineman. Draft a couple line backers – we don’t have any great ones yet. Derrick Johnson has gone on vacation since he signed his big contract.

Here’s something else I talked about.

WE DON’T HAVE THIS GREAT RUNNING GAME. We don’t. It’s good not great. Needs work, Thomas Jones will likely not be here much longer – he can’t get the short yards when needed as I said. Charles is a star, but needs some help.  So we will draft a big back as well. Yes when you are average you need new guys. At least we can identify where we need help now.
I hated to be right on this from last week.

Like you I wanted more, I wanted the postseason. Guess what, we have to earn it and we didn’t. Maybe Matt comes back, the team gets fired up and we win all three games. That would be nice. It just doesn’t feel that way right now,does it? 

"Somewhere birds are singing…."
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16 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Reclaims Moral High Ground on Chiefs

  1. MrOlathe says:

    Grammar Police
    If you are going to write a column, please learn when to use “then” and when to use “than”

  2. Kerouac says:

    aka a rhinestone cowboy, kcinderella’s ‘MIRAGE’ rears it’s ugly head again, 31-0 this time, as Keroauc nails another. ______________
    (2, 3, 4) hit it Francis Albert – “And now kc%u2019s end nears, strange silence ‘fears’ instead ambition, chuckie & bsschnoz have taken pause, this their dead reckoning, mad plans once grand now waned, chiefly dismissed – bared as pedestrian, and more much more than this Bolts will win Western. Regrets surely kc, hyperbole no victory, Rivers he threw & threw no rain today no d

  3. chuck says:

    Kerowhack’s bolts were the better team.
    The Chefs are closing fast. One game is just that, one game. Castle Keep back next week.————————Hey Glaze, if we all get ‘Glaze was right” tattoed backwards on our foreheads so we have to look at it for the rest of our lives will ya get off our collective asses?

  4. Kerouac says:

    there chuckie cheese lowe; even worse than last week’s tepid version yours. You start out slow, but little by little… you die out completely (like kcinderella, December). Man I hate bein’ right all the time…

  5. bschloz says:

    Chiefs 8-5
    Chargers 7-6….Still in first place as far as I can tell …Our Franchise player comes back next week and we broom Rams, Titties, Raiders….whats so hard about that? Raiders had nice meltdown yesterday as did Packers, Bears…NFL is tough stuff. Hey K you still like Sanchez over Cassell?

  6. Rainbow Man says:

    We won yesterday
    Frankly, a bloodmatch and a loss by a field goal with 1:20 left would have hurt a lot more.

    Haley knows which losses are unavoidable and knows which games must be won. I do jot believe it is one game at a time… I think it is a “quarter at a time.” I think Haley does look 2 or 3 games out. Every team in the NFL had a 10% chance of winning in SD yesterday.

    I would say he was not counting on the Houston loss, But I think he knew Denver, Oakland, and SD would each take one.

    Haley wins about 2/3 of his games and the season will shake out that way… 11-5

  7. chuck says:

    Kerowhack, I fill the breach with your blogging dead here.
    Originality counts. Try it, stop and think of something besides quoting your betters and thinking you are a big time ‘Snmack Buddy” with Jim Rome. Who is very played out by the way.———————-Here ya go, something for hopeful Chiefs fans from me—-“Hope is a burden to cowards, an incentive and inspiration to the brave and a precursor to victory for the tenacious.” Thats from me to all Chiefs fans. Persevere.——————————-BTW thats real clever using my last name on here. So if you know me, you know I don’t get fuckin sick at sea. Keep it in mind.

  8. Kerouac says:

    I like (at least) 31 other NFL QBs over ca$$el, and I’ll take Sanchez future over mutt’s for the latter has played no one & he has beaten no one – he is pie in the sky finest tradition Beathard/Livingston/Pelluer/Bono/Grbac, et al: the epitome MIRAGE. _____________________ Flukes happen: my team won the 1988 World Series over the the OAK A’s, yet, my Dodgers were a MIRAGE despite the result – the best team on those days/that series did not win, they were just bested by fate (like SD was bested same by the rain, game 1 of this season in kc.) Miracles happen too, like the ’80 US Hockey team win. Ditto for the 1968 NY Jets beating the Colts SB III (if they played 10 times back then, my guess is BALT wins about 7 games & I say that as a life-long AFL fan.) _______ No excuses for my teams any, i.e., miracles for kcinderella/ca$$el; take off the rose-colored glasses…

  9. Kerouac says:

    “BTW thats real clever using my last name on here” ~ ~ I Kerouac didst not ‘out you’ as twere, rather, your ‘last name’ (if it is in fact lowe) was posted on another thread as ‘chuck lowe’ – I merely guessed it was you (d**n I’m good.) Whence this website started hiccuping on Sunday? (posts flipped around, 90 % of all posters were listed as anonymous & some had their last names added aft the fact, etc.) the name outing occurred; for example: I went from Kerouac back my original ‘Kerouac On The Road’ moniker through no means/attempt of my own… the website did it. That said, if you can’t handle rough blogging waters, don’t row, row, row your boat in shark infested waters… ok, your turn Popeye.

  10. chuck says:

    no it didn’t
    Thats a straight up lie.

  11. Kerouac says:

    No lie – yes it did
    Here’s the link ~ ~ from the Glazer blog “Glazer: Scribe Eats Some Humble Pie, Prays for Chiefs Win” (still available if you want to take a look 11th post down from the top i.e., ‘chuck lowe’): ______________________________________ (text below) _____________________________________________ I’ll take that apology in S&H Greenstamps, ‘shuck’.

    Tough row to hoe, hoes.

    Hey Kerowhack—Our Chefs will be sorely tasked to post a “W” on the coast without Castle Keep. But, if anyone can lose to a 5’10” QB who is injured more than a Chuck Norris double, its STDiego.————-That was an EPIC faceplant last week!————–24 yards on the ground, for the ENTIRE game. Did they pick up Maurice Clarette??? Norv Turner’s boys couldn’t make a first down on Project Runway. STDiego is grippin hard. “MOMMY MAKE THOSE CHIEFS STOP HITTING US!!” ————–I know we will win, if we get some breaks. Not a recovered fumble, or an interception, our defense needs to attack the QB’s legs, if Philip “Cry Baby” Rivers sees a run in his hose early, its POST SEASON TIME FOR KC!! Tamba Hali has to hit Rivers so hard it alters his DNA, and, more importantly knocks off one of his earrings. THAT fucks up the cut in their jib. ——–Who the fuck has POWDER BLUE uniforms and coach named Norv? Oh yeah, the STDiego Chargers.——————-Hey Kerowhack, I hear Subway is making a Matt Cassel GRINDER, shaped like his head. The last time STDiego saw a bust that big, it was, oh yeah, Ryan Leaf!

    chuck lowe 05:23:17 PM – Thu. Dec 9. 2010

  12. Kerouac says:

    18th post down from the top…

  13. chuck says:

    Got your hand out of your noonerhole long
    enough to copy and paste.

  14. Kerouac says:

    enjoy your self-loathing… GO CHARGERS!

  15. harley says:

    more pics of you in leather and the asian girls. forget football…you breached our agreement. Now get us more
    hot big tittied ladies in leather asap.
    If you bring back slayton soon i will forgive you as long as I live…love ya. Noone in this city has more
    knowlede at self promotion and working the media than you. i should hire you to promote my clients.
    You would do a great job. Merry xmas…and keep the pics coming…

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