Tony: The Best Places To Warm up In Kansas City

This cold ass weather is killing me.

I hear that starting on Sunday we’re supposed to get down to 20 below. Or at least it’s going to feel that way with all of the weather newsies who are dead-on-the-inside talking about the freezing conditions.

To wit, tonight I’m just going to offer a quick guide to local coffee shops that might provide the best places in Kansas City to warm up.

Check it:

1. Oak Street Coffee – For some reason, this place reminds me of being in an old white lady’s living room. It’s comfortable, the coffee is delicious and there’s almost a calming feeling that reflects that nothing important ever happened in Kansas City.

2. Eddie Delahunt’s Café & – It’s not open on Sunday but every other day of the week one of the few coffee houses that’s really a house is a cozy location to listen to traditional Irish music and enjoy the company of some of the nicest people in Kansas City.

3. Latte Land – My favorite is the Plaza location by the parking lot. There’s a spot next to the window where hipsters like to people watch. And be watched. But a quick stop will provide a nice warm up AND one of the best cups of coffee in KC.

4. Starbucks – C’mon it’s the McDonald’s of coffee and provides the kind of dependable excuse to get caffeinated we all need.

5. Broadway Café – If you have a piercing or a tattoo this place is already home. However, less trendy folks can warm up with some meticulously prepared coffee and maybe chat with somebody who is trying to be weird. Your mileage may vary but these are pretty standard Midtown coffee spots that have more life and warmth than most of everything in the suburbs.
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4 Responses to Tony: The Best Places To Warm up In Kansas City

  1. Coffee Man says:

    The Filling Station
    2980 McGee Trafficway

    Great coffee, and baked goods if you need a treat.

  2. Tea for Me says:

    The Tea House

    Next to Temple Slug, shop for gifts and get warm!

  3. maria says:

    I hate hipsters.

  4. Tony Botello's Father says:

    Remember when I used to take you to Sambo’s Tony?
    Well, if you were being a little shithead I’d lock you in the car while I went inside for some pancakes and sausage. Sambo’s had good coffee. Now get upstairs out of the basement and take out the god damn garbage. I’ll be damned if I’m going to work for a living while you play on your computer all day like a god damned sissy. You’re gonna earn your keep around my house son. I don’t care if you are 35 years old.

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