Take 5: DA Responds To Press Box-gate

Damon Amendolara (DA) emailed me his response to my post earlier this week regarding the controversial appearance of his alleged girlfriend in the Chiefs press box. I am happy to post it below.


I have this archaic policy of keeping private conversations… ya know, private, so I can’t go into detail about anything. I’m a tad surprised by my inclusion in the story, since good media members abide by that coda. 

Alas, I am thrilled that I’m still relevant in Kansas City. We last took the airwaves more than three years ago. The D.A. Show clearly lives on in the hearts, minds and media buffets of the good people of the Midwest.
In an effort to nudge Roger Twibell out of the morning seat (wait, he’s already gone? Boy that was quick), I’ve been planting those close to me at Kansas City events. My grandfather will soon appear at the American Royal, my 6th-grade history teacher at the lighting of the Plaza and we’ll throw my dry-cleaner a bone and sneak her into a UMKC Roos game. 
It’s terrific that such a public ordeal was apparently made of the Arrowhead press box. I’ve been there many times. It’s not exactly a secret Free Masons gathering. It’s easier to get inside the Arrowhead press box than Oprah’s book club. I once had a segment called "Good Times with Lawrence Tynes" where we sang the theme song to a 1970’s sitcom, while kicking around Arrowhead every week. This was not exactly defacing the Sistine Chapel. 
(Sigh) I remember the good ol’ days when guys like Adam Teicher and Ivan Carter reported on… ya know… the Chiefs games. But one wonders why KCConfidential.com is so popular and thriving while the Star is dying a slow, uncomfortable death and buying Whitlock out? It’s because old media is apparently trying to be new media. TwitBook that! FaceSpace this! Forget the Chiefs are 8-4 and playoff-bound for the first time in six years… there’s someone in the press box I don’t recognize with a visiting media credential!
(BTW Follow me on Twitter minions: @theDAshow. It’s like this email, but in 140 character bites)
So, here’s a nugget: I’m planting a family member at an upcoming Wizards game. Whoever identifies them first will win a spot in the Caller Hall of Fame and a 300-Level t-shirt. Wait. They’re called Sporting FC now? What the f*&%? Eh, forget it. 
Keep up the great work at KC Confidential. The Star is now leaking stories TO YOU! Happy Holi-DAs everyone!  
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15 Responses to Take 5: DA Responds To Press Box-gate

  1. Robertoe says:

    Classy response. ‘You want to make a big deal out of nothing? Go right ahead! I appreciate the KC attention.’ Ha!

  2. kylerohde says:

    Ouch Greg, between the heat Jim Fitzpatrick seems to be getting for the story on that car wreck in Olathe and DA ripping you a bit, the KCC team is hearing it.

    Love DA and miss his show; I didn’t switch over to 810 until he left and now I would almost

  3. Shecky says:

    I love DA. 610 really screwed the pooch with that decision. He actually had the talent to potentially compete with KK someday.

  4. ChiefsNChopper says:

    DA has always been a class act. Glad to see he is making a joke out of Babb and KC Confidential. He did make an extremely good point, "Forget the Chiefs are 8-4 and playoff-bound for the first time in six years… there’s someone in the press box I

  5. Collective Noses says:

    This article, and it’s predecessor, are both so ridiculous in nature that I finally bit the bullet and registered as a new user just so I could echo the sentiments of many before me. I think you professional journalists take yourselves a bit too seriousl

  6. Greg says:

    Welcome Back, Collective
    GH: I know the Comments section has been a hassle but word is that will change next week. I’m not planning a party but I’m at least hopeful this time it’s true. _____ DA was what I thought 610 should have pursued in their format to compete with 810; a sma

  7. D.A. says:

    Thanks K.C.
    Hey, all these comments are really cool. Just wanted to say thanks. Still talk about KC all the time when people ask me the best NFL atmosphere I’ve ever experienced. Unfortunate that the best NFL city in America is getting its coverage of a storybook sea

  8. Collective Noses says:

    Need More OTC
    Give me some OTC columns, heck I really enjoyed the running columns. Leave this kind of non-sense to the gossip hounds. I quit following Babb’s tweets months ago I just don’t find his juvenile antics, name calling, and pettiness worthy of my glorious tw

  9. Arte says:

    More OTC too
    Greg–really enjoy reading your stuff. But this is weird. Why bother with this crap? It’s like junior high girls gossiping in the lunch room. And Kent Babb should keep his eyes on the game. Who cares who’s in the press box. The new one has plenty of empty

  10. craig glazer says:

    Damn DA You Look Too Good
    Hi brother, glad you landed on your feet and are doing so well. You look too damn good. So who needs you around to compete with? Nah, look forward to seeing you soon, all the best.

  11. Jip says:

    DA Translation: Guilty as charged, but here, look at me using wit and smart-ass comments to distract you!

    It was a huge, huge blunder for 610 to can DA in favor of Roger Twibell. I mean, what the hell were they thinking??

  12. Robertoe says:

    KCConfidential changes
    Oh oh it looks like everyone posts confidential now! Who’s saying what?
    Hearne, a transition to a new format shouldn’t take months.
    In the IT and real world, we call it ‘testing first’.

  13. FollowKentBabbOnTwitter says:

    Follow KentBabb On Twitter
    Hey DA,…..Follow @KentBabb On Twitter!!!

  14. Anonymous says:

    juvenile ramblings
    The rambling nonsense in the email demonstrates exactly why he is not on 610 anymore. We can likely conclude that avoiding the actual point of the article and resorting to bashing the Star, KCC, Arrowhead, Sporting KC. He did not acknowledge that his “friend” was at the game with a Denver journalist that many consider to be insufferable. In effect, he is implying that it should be OK to bring a friend as Arrowhead is not exactly the “Sistine Chapel”. I would expect Kent Babb and every other journalist has a friend, father, mother, brother, spouse, (hoe) who would love to sit in the pressbox. Love OTC, can do without DA’s nonsense.

  15. Anonymous says:

    DA laughing at Babb and GH
    He’s up in Boston laughing at both of you twits.

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