Back Talk: Comments Section Reader Revolt Soldiers On

With KC Confidential’s improved, easier-to-use, wide-open new comments section coming next week…

It’s time to unearth a few buried treasures from the arguably clumsy, current system.

Like harley’s offer to Craig Glazer re his coverage of the Chiefs…

"Glazer….here’s the deal I’ll make. You don’t talk about things you know little about…

1.sports! 2. financial things! 3. politics. 4. radio and marketing. 5. business related items. And I wont discuss things you know much more about than I do…. 1. chasing pussy. 2. strippers and strip clubs. 3. comedy shops and comdians. 4. one night stands. 5. bars/nighclubs. 6. movies/books/porn stars. 7. Porn star parties. 8. Hot Maria. 9. Westport. 10. hearne/tony/curtis/. Thats a good deal!"


Glazer’s retort: "As far as you waningt me to write only about comedy and strippers/you are kinda alone in that area…"


Then in response to my Arbitron radio rankings column, man harley fired back with some paycheck guesstimates of local media players.

"bryan busby 250k larry more: well over 300-350k lenny dawson: got to be 200k I know…i see contracts.

"There are many morning jocks in kc making 6 figures….because they generate a big chunk of money for the stations. I’d be surprised in kk isnt making 300-400 k with profit sharing at hte station…maybe not this last year…but when sales are good the guys making some great money. Mix 93 team is making 150K each or close…but there is 3 of them… Dick Wilson/the local news talk guys….and probably 5 or 6 other people on the stations. even Johnny Rolands flying a copter is making 230 k a year…..


On Greg Hall’s story about a Denver radio dude smuggling a hottie into the Chief’s press box and Star sports scribe Kent Babb’s tweet about it..

"Who the hell is Kent Babb anyway? What memorable contribution to sports journalism has he ever made? He’s as generic as a box of Always Save dry vanilla pudding mix. Furthermore, is there even one writer covering sports in KC that’s worth a damn anymore? Mellinger? Really? The entire profession of covering sports to begin with is one of the most overrated "skills" in the world…"  

Merle Tagladucci 


mark x on  Craig Glazer’s kudos to Steve Rose for leaving the Sun for the Star…

".Too funny…"Steve Rose is a good writer and a sharp person. I like it." -Glazer, I thought you gave up drugs… oh, I get it, sarcasm …right? ……………. ………….. ………… Rose at the Star, how appropriate … all the old, dying ‘icons’ together… … … …. the elephant grave yard, they instinctively know when their time to die comes."


Regarding Jennifer’s Thanksgiving gripe about grandman types needlessly clogging grocery aisels during the Thanksgiving shopping rush hour:

"It’s the Wednesday before Thanksgiving and there is grandma, pushing her shopping cart in a zig zag pattern down aisle five," Janesko wrote.  "You know grandma isn’t cooking for the family and it’s confirmed when you look in her cart and there is some pre-packaged swiss and a couple cans of off-brand soda.

Really?  Get the hell out of here!"

glow1 fired back at Janesko:

"Poor Granny

What is in the water these days? You and Maria should call each other up Thursday and go scissor each other."


To Fitzpatrick’s request for better journalism from the Star and more detail about the tragic death of a 16 year old Zach Myers , MrOlathe said:

"I’m trying to figure out why a stranger (let alone an online blogging "columnist") would call up a grieving father 4 days after the loss of his child because there were "too many unanswered questions". Seriously. WTF????? The father was probably in complete shock that some jackoff seriously was calling to get some of his questions answered. Then he hung up the phone and said "I gotta call the cops. I never imagined someone could be so callous as to actually call me up and ask me about this, would they?" Maybe you should have shown up at the wake with a camcorder to make it a little more "Real". Maybe you should call up Fred Phelps and have him join you. Holy shit!"

to which Fitz shot replied:

"As far as I can tell, this debate has been fueled by two things: the emotions attending the tragic death of an innocent boy and the distinction between an online and an old-media (Star, TV, radio, etc.) journalist."


Harley’s take on Maria’s story about the alcohol-flavored whipped cream Whipahol.

"Hey girl….is that you. Have to give Glazer credit…you look hot…Glazer gets an A for picking you. Just don’t go out with Hearne and hang oout in those exhaust fumed plaza parking garages I’m gonna buy some of this for my girlfriend…she gets off…and I get drunk….what a great invention! By the way….this is one of your better pieces of work…..and the pic (of you) ain’t bad either."


Re Craig Glazer’s reference to himself as the Humble Scribe and Glazer’s post Matt Cassel injury pessimism:

"The words ‘Glazer’ and ‘Humble’ in the same line … now THAT’S funny…" mark x.

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10 Responses to Back Talk: Comments Section Reader Revolt Soldiers On

  1. david larson says:

    Hearne You Made Glazer A Star
    Yes I went to high school with Craig at East. Played football on same team. By the way he was a decent linebacker, I played guard against him in practice, I think I was a bit better though. Man Craig, how do you stay looking so god damn young? You are so

  2. Emi says:

    Stop Using My Photo Please
    To whoever puts these photos up: Please, Please stop using my photo. I am married and my huband does not appreciate seeing me with Craig Glazer all the time. That was about a year ago when we were on the rocks and I was single, kinda. I am back with him a

  3. monique black barbie says:

    Dumb White Blonde
    Hey stupid ass dumb white blonde girl. Well if you out cheatin, then don’t take pictures of the man you doing on the side dumbass. You deserve to get jacked up girl. Big fake titty blonde star fucker.

  4. mark x says:

    Emi …
    … bwahahahaha …. good stuff.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hearne I guess Glazer is the biggest star we have in KC. Christ , every morning show today, had this guy on it. Mix,Q,98,9, then he’s mentioned on tv. I give up, Glazer you win. Should we all bow down.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Mr Blackwell says
    Not sure which is more disturbing, the dress on the asian hooker or that big white stain under Glazers chin on that BRIGHT blue shirt.

  7. chuck says:

    This thing is jacking up again Herne
    Is Glaze with a married woman? Funnt stuff.

  8. Anonymous says:

    OMG….WTF……this photo is a riot!
    come on craig…hanging with a jap (and i don’t mean jewish american princess)…
    this is worth millions. where did you two get those coats? the worst looking leather ever..
    buyt it from Leather Liquidators Outlet. If you wear that coat to next mondays kcc christmas party
    I will absoultely go beserk.
    And craig….the hairpiece….i’ve got $100 says its not your real hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! any bets?
    craig….why have the posters see this photo of this girl. Sorry she look really stripper like….
    and after people see this how are you ever going to get yourself a nice girl?
    Hearne…please stop the phony posting of comments here where glazer tries to make himself
    look good…they are fake and phony…..stop those phony made up post now.
    and thanks for giving me prime space on the blog…..i really appreciate it. I’m still waiting
    for thatv offfer to come so i can write somke really good pieces for this site.
    If not i’ll just start posting my own. Happy christmas/new years….headed to chicago….will
    be reporting in to my fans/disciples and readers soon.

  9. JimmyD says:

    Sure looks like

  10. JimmyD says:

    Sure looks like

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