Glazer: Scribe Eats Some Humble Pie, Prays for Chiefs Win

Many of you had good points re my reaction to the news about Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel‘s medical status…

In the lowly comments section, no less. So now that I have calmed down for a minute, let’s take another look.

The initial report I got was Cassel would be "out for season." 

That ends up likely not to be the case – more likely just this week and next. Steelers quarterback, "Big Ben" was out 15 days, but there was a bye week, so it would have been two games otherwise.

So you guys are right.

We go to battle with Brodie Croyle. I don’t have to remind you of his on-field record – but I will – 0-9 as a starter. How many touchdown passes? Was it four or five? By the way when you guys think Brodie is "maybe" pretty good, lets look at that. Todd Haley didn’t even put this number two quarterback in at the end of the two games that the Chiefs had won and covered in the fourth quarter, The Niners or Seattle.  Had Haley thought that maybe he needed to work Brodie a bit for a possible "situation" he would have done so.  He didn’t.

Brodie had all pre-season to gain at least the respect of the head coach on the issue of truly being a "real" number two. That didn’t happen. Yes, he will be forced to use him as the starter now, but only because Haley has no options. None.

I heard 610 Sports Nick Wright say, "Well I’d rather lose Cassel now then Charles, Hali or Bowe."

Really? This quarterback has been on the throwing end of 85% of all the touchdowns the Chiefs have. Our great, number one running game has 8 touchdowns, 5 for Jones, 2 for Charles and one for the defense lineman Smith. Hmm. You might rethink that.  Cassel is for real, at least on this team. He is the number 4 rated quarterback in the NFL. Not bad. The guy has learned "how to win." 

Cassel’s team is 8-4 and the ONLY TEAM IN THE NFL WITH A TWO GAME LEAD. Not bad.

O.K. maybe, just maybe, Brodie has the game of his life, the defense plays out of their minds and Dexter and Charles save us somehow. It could happen. Nobody would be more pleased than I would. Like you guys, I will be watching this game on the edge of my seat, hoping, cheering, thinking of winning. I will. It could happen.

However without THE FRANCHISE, I’m pretty nervous about that, aren’t you?

On a strange and suprising note, the national press, ESPN, Jim Rome and USA Today, gave this story almost no attention. Why? Cassel is the only known player on this team, at this time, just him. Yes, I know we all jump around over Charles,Bowe and Hali, but they are for the most part unheard of outside of KC.

Remember we have no big national TV games thus far. The Monday Night game came was on the middle of the night in most places and nobody cared about the Chiefs but us. Since then we have no BIG win. The Chiefs have not proven they can beat an elite team, because well, they haven’t.

Close against Colts, but we lost. The rest of our wins are against losers. All of them.

So we are still not seen as a "strong playoff" team even with the two game advantage. Sure if we win the west and go deep in the playoffs like the Jets did, then we matter. Now we are just a blip on the screen. Imagine if this was Tom Brady out for a few games – you’d never hear the end of it.

So I will calm down, hope for the best and try and believe in Brody Croyle.

I know Matt THE FRANCHISE Cassel is a tough guy, so he will get back ASAP. Two questions; will he be ready and good when he does?  Since the Chiefs, Haley, lied about the operation til he couldn’t lie anymore, did this problem come up a week or so before and was put off until now? Perhaps because of the fact that with Matt they could beat Denver and have a shot? But now, even with Matt, San Diego may still be a win, so lets do it now? 

I know this type of medical ‘hit’ comes on fast and has to be taken care of quickly, but it may be something one could put off a week or so. If we lose to the Chargers and get no help with someone upsetting the Chargers again, St. Louis will be a must win. They are now an outstanding team, way better then their record indicates. Much like Tampa. They may be harder to beat then the Chargers.

Yikes. No fears. We have Brodie Croyle, and a great coaching staff. We’ll be ok.
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25 Responses to Glazer: Scribe Eats Some Humble Pie, Prays for Chiefs Win

  1. tony says:

    Good Points Glazer
    Glad you are not gonna committ suicide. Yeah with Croyle its not going to be easy, you are right. Cassel has been outstanding for the most part. I do think we have a decent chance to beat San Diego with Croyle. Maybe the team will rally around him. Gosh, I want the post season so bad.

  2. maria says:

    The lowly comment section prevails!
    Just trying to put some rosy frames on that bleak outlook of yours!

  3. Kerouac says:

    "Had Haley thought that maybe he needed to work Brodie a bit for a possible "situation" he would have done so. He didn’t." ~ ~ affirming what most folks perceived about him long ago: if football be as a game chess, the duffer is a patzer.___________ "The guy (ca$$el) has learned "how to win." ~ ~ given kcinderella’s anemic schedule, it’s nigh on shocking that they aren’t unbeaten – the fact remains ca$$el is a sub .500 qb vs average teams; he lost to the one team with a winning record he faced, has only been mediocre at 2-2 vs .500 teams. When he faces tomato cans – 4 winlees & 3 sub. 500 teams – the 6-1 MIRAGE is evidenced. Of course, the reason those teams are winless or sub. 500 is because most every other NFL QB has beaten them too…so easy even a cavema- er, ca$$el can do it. ________________________ Alas, in this era ‘best of the worst’ NFL teams there are no teams of any renown really & very few even merit a ‘good’ designation (maybe 4-6 total & that’s being generous); not one of them bears the initials ‘kc – any doubt there is an eyelash difference between the remaining 26-28 teams not referenced, look at how much trouble the chiefs have with the DEN’s & a BUFF for example. Further, folks who say a win is a win/opposition doesn’t matter are overly simplistic their desperation built up over the last 40 some years waiting: come post season, if kcinderella even makes said (I believe they will not) all of the hollow w’s gained afore will be as valuable as cubic zirconia. Then next season – if there is one – reality in the form the ’09 Miami Dolphins syndrome will reappear/visit kc…don’t say that Kerouac didn’t tell you so.

  4. harley says:

    you think you’re an expert in sports…and marketing…and now
    "but it may somethong one could put off a week or two’?
    if the guy can’t play in excruciating pain…then cut the fucker.

  5. harley says:

    ‘in the lowly comments section"
    truth is buddy…the people who comment on your stories got
    more brains and common sense and knowledge than you;ll
    ever have.
    come on….the people who comment in this website/blog are smart!
    dont insult us…….why drag down dr. maria!

  6. don fortune says:

    You Sure Take Heat Glaz
    Yes its me. Boy is it cold in this neck of the woods. Jeez. Craig, like when we did the show, its all about coming from the heart and being smart. My friend you have both, don’t let them kid you. Read your stuff all the time. Great, just love it. Funny,different, the best. I can tell you this, had you been fulltime radio starting in the late 90’s. Well say bye bye to my pal Soren and Kevin, er rather KK. Sorry. You’d kill the bums. Besides you have that great voice. Keep’em coming Glazer.

  7. black barbie says:

    I still love you craig
    cheer up I still lov U! Lets see each other soon. My sister and i saw you on Plaza. You were hot. You been hittiin it? The gym?

  8. chuck says:

    Tough row to hoe, hoes.
    Hey Kerowhack—Our Chefs will be sorely tasked to post a "W" on the coast without Castle Keep. But, if anyone can lose to a 5’10" QB who is injured more than a Chuck Norris double, its STDiego.————-That was an EPIC faceplant last week!————–24 yards on the ground, for the ENTIRE game. Did they pick up Maurice Clarette??? Norv Turner’s boys couldn’t make a first down on Project Runway. STDiego is grippin hard. "MOMMY MAKE THOSE CHIEFS STOP HITTING US!!" ————–I know we will win, if we get some breaks. Not a recovered fumble, or an interception, our defense needs to attack the QB’s legs, if Philip "Cry Baby" Rivers sees a run in his hose early, its POST SEASON TIME FOR KC!! Tamba Hali has to hit Rivers so hard it alters his DNA, and, more importantly knocks off one of his earrings. THAT fucks up the cut in their jib. ——–Who the fuck has POWDER BLUE uniforms and coach named Norv? Oh yeah, the STDiego Chargers.——————-Hey Kerowhack, I hear Subway is making a Matt Cassel GRINDER, shaped like his head. The last time STDiego saw a bust that big, it was, oh yeah, Ryan Leaf!

  9. theKCeye says:

    Bad info again
    The reason Big Ben only missed one game when he had an appendectomy was because the game he missed was the annual season-opening Thursday game, not a bye-week………………Your point may still remain though (I mean my point that I made in your last blog’s lowly comment section). Had he been in Cassel’s situation, he probably would have missed two games.

  10. Isaid says:

    You are a fucking doucher Glazer.

  11. Kerouac says:

    shuck hedges his bets & parries his postulation…
    and we all know how painful that can be ******************************************** "Hey Kerowhack" ~ yes, what is it now shuck?____________ "Our Chefs will be sorely tasked" ~ agreed, they will be sore alright: willst have to change the name from kcinderella to BenDover’s… even sans Jackson, Sproles & Naanee, SuperChargers win. ________ "But" ~ (a paraphrased Pee Wee Herman from ‘Big Adventure’) ”everybody has a big but; let’s talk about your big but, shuck." You know, the one you wear as a hat atop your head. ___________ "I know we will win, if we get some breaks." ~ such ‘backbone’, such ‘certainty’ your ‘if’ – mantra spoken by 32 NFL teams weekly; surely, siblings ‘woulda’, ‘coulda’, ‘shoulda’, ‘yeah but’ and ‘if only’ canst not be far behind._____________ "aka" ~ gesundheit. __________ "Who the fuck has POWDER BLUE uniforms" ~ this life-long chiefs fan admits, the AFL-borne Chargers uniforms remain the finest threads history of football. ________ "and" ~ yes shuck? __________ "coach named Norv?" ~ compared duffer ‘todd’, why Bill Shakespeare himself couldst not deny former’s refinement as distinguished fromst the latter fop. kcinderella: GOIN’ DOWN SUNDAY- SUNDAY- SUNDAY! BE THERE!!! _______________________________________________________
    * shuck, when are you gonna start bringin’ the ‘smack’ you promised? To date, you evidence nothing more than being a TOEFL washout… _______________ XOXOXOXOXOXOXO your pal, Kerouac.

  12. Rainbow Man says:

    that the site is back to full steam with KC Confidential posters

  13. maria says:

    Holy acid cow.
    Every time I read one of Kerouac’s comments, it’s like reading a page out of Finnegan’s Wake. What is this guy on and where can I get it?

  14. mark x says:

    don fortune ?
    … I thought he died years ago… oh, wait, he did. ……….. ………….. Glad you came to your senses, Glazer. ……….. chill, dude, this game is going to be tough with or without ‘THE FRANCHISE’. ……. ………… This situation could be a blessing in disguise. IMHO, the team will rally for Croyle. Having your starting QB out COULD be extra motivation to step your game up to another level. ……………………. Glazer, RE: ‘The Chiefs have not proven they can beat an elite team, because well, they haven’t. ‘ —-there are no ‘elite’ teams in the AFC this year, other than NE. The entire AFC is pretty mediocre this year. The Chiefs HAVE improved as the year has progressed, they’ve stayed relativity healthy, and are jelling as a team. …………………….Sunday; Chiefs 23 SD 17

  15. chuck says:

    Thats it? A distinct lack of acceleration, and originality. Ya gotta do better, I am uninspired.

  16. Kerouac says:

    "Holy acid cow." ~ ~ your magnum opus, maria? More likely just an virulent strain windowpane. ________________________ "Every time I read one of Kerouac’s comments" ~ ~ keep it up and you’ll turn into a peanut farmer/next President of the United States._____________________ "it’s like reading a page out of Finnegan’s Wake." ~ ~ the ‘climax’ as twere of Joyce’s career…and maria. ______________ "What is this guy on and where can I get it?" ~ ~ the adulation line mine forms to the right…

  17. Kerouac says:

    "Kerowhack" ~ yes, what is it now shuck? _______ "I am uninspired." ~ also
    uninspiring, illiterate & as well unlettered (unlike maria); keep flagellating…

  18. chuck says:


  19. chuck says:

    My posts cure cancer (I am pulling down a phone number from Herne just showing up here, ask Harley.), help bring about world peace and educate the unwashed (Including those who PRETEND to have read Finnegan’s fuckin Wake, are you fuckin shittin me….No d

  20. chuck says:

    By the way Kerowhack
    Quit hittin on Maria, shes not gay.

  21. chuck says:

    I’m off to work saving the world,
    Somebody get thier 1st grader to cover for me while I’m gone.

  22. harley says:

    hey don fortune
    did you clean up to dog stains you hid when you sold your hoome.
    You are a freaking squirrel. Go back to the basement and the
    rock you came from.
    You weere an idiot years ago….

  23. harley says:

    THE GUYS ON THAT WHIPOHOL……but don’t worry…..he’ll be coming
    down soon….
    and remember…i have somethin that will cure anything that ails ya!
    see ya next monday!

  24. Kerouac says:

    shuck (generally speaking) "zzzzzz" and shuck the troes giving birth his narrative skoptsy "ZZZZZ". The paradoxical verity? shuck’s Wepner continues even aft the separation vacuous brainpan – such (a good) sport! ______________________

  25. Kerouac says:

    aww shuck’s
    "I’m off to work" ~ ______ "saving the world" ~ one pile at a time; **** is shuck’s bread & butter ___________ "Somebody get thier 1st grader to cover for me while I’m gone.&quo

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