Hearne: Does Steve Rose to the Star Mean Death to the Sun?

A moment of silence please for all those freezing cold folks in Hell right now…

Iconic Johnson County Sun scribe Steve Rose is joining the columnist ranks of the Kansas City Star. Don’t bother re-reading that sentence, it’s no typo. Nor an early April Fools.

It’s the honest-to-gosh, real deal.

Yes, the gentleman who’s father dropped the hammer on the Star of old for unfair business practices, the dude who’s been a fierce competitor with the newspaper, is now sleeping with his longtime enemy.

Fairly huge. Unlikely, too.

On more than one occasion I have been face-to-face with Star publisher Mark Zieman and listened to him berate Rose as an antiStar zealot. In every imaginable way Zieman made clear his dislike of Rose.

However a failing economy and a dying newspaper biz can make for some strange bedfellows.

Very strange…

Not quite as strange however as the curious case of deceased Squire publisher Tom Leathers.

Back then the Star‘s editor,, Art Brisbane, was all about thinking outside the box. Bringing in a loser from arch enemy the Pitch to write a "cafe society" column (me), promoting women – not men – to head FYI and the arts and entertainment sections, and shit-canning a veteran, white sports columnist for plagerism (Gib Twyman), then hiring a mouthy, young black dude to take his place (Jason Whitlock).

Then it was more about bringing the Star up to date with society, rather than keeping the red ink away from the layoffs guilotine.

Like Rose – when he starts in January – Leathers was to write a column for the Star. A column never publically announced and that never made it into print. Leathers later explained  he’d even gone down to the newspaper to have his column mug shot pic taken.

So what happened?

Anecdotically – though it was confirmed to me at the time and later by sources at the Star where I then worked – so universally unpopular was Leathers in the newsroom that pissed off Star staffers went about the task of researching his past and came up with just enough dirt to kill the hiring.

Leathers wasn’t happy about it. Nor was he anxious to go into detail about what it was that had been alleged against him.

I’ve got a pretty good feeling that Rose cleared those waivers without so much as a glove being laid on him.

The $64 million question: Combined with Rose dramatic exit from the Sun and magical appearance in the Star, could this be the beginning of the end for the suburban weekly? The jury’s still out, but certainly combined with everything, a case could be made it may be.

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7 Responses to Hearne: Does Steve Rose to the Star Mean Death to the Sun?

  1. craig glazer says:

    Good move
    Steve Rose is a good writer and a sharp person. I like it.

  2. harley says:

    good for steve
    the star has brought one of the best/forward thinking people in this
    area into it’s ranks.
    Instead of giving space to gossip columnists and forgotten sports
    writers, the star has finally realized what true talent is.
    Good luck steve…your dad is probably turning over in his grave
    but this gives you a great venue to express some outstanding

  3. mark x says:

    … too funny
    …"Steve Rose is a good writer and a sharp person. I like it." -Glazer, I thought you gave up drugs… oh, I get it, sacasm …right? ……………. ………….. ………… Rose at the Star, how appropriate

  4. The Independent Rage says:

    Unless that’s an old picture, dude has procured a second outfit. Good for him.

  5. John Altevogt says:

    Good choice
    Rose has a following. I’m betting The Sun has less ta half the traffic it had when Rose was on the front. Matters not whether you agree with him, or not, he draws a crowd and some folks revere his opinions.

  6. John Altevogt says:

    While we’re at it
    Note that Bob Sigman, The Sun’s editorial page editor just got an "award" from an organization dominated by JOCO’s sleazy establishment. What kind of punk journalist accepts an award from the people he covers? What a complete whore.

  7. Rainbow Man says:

    Rainbow Man
    That is a pretty good hire. Rose has a following. It will be a fun 1-2 years.

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