Starbeams: Johns and Bristol Palin

A prostitution sting in Johnson County has led to 29 men being arrested and 5 women for promoting prostitution. Most people don’t associate Johnson County with prostitution You know, these stings average 10 arrests per day.

We put the "John" in "Johnson County."

Johnson Drive west of I-35 is being closed for 5 days to repair the railroad tracks. If you think commuters are pissed, you should see the train engineers.

North America’s share of the tallest buildings in the world is currently at 80 percent, but that will fall to just 18 percent by 2012.

That’s okay because we still have a monopoly on the world’s tallest grain bins.

The FCC has received dozens of complaints about the just-wrapped season of Dancing with Stars. Most were about supposed rigged voting and Bristol Palin as viewers claim Republicans voted for Palin because of Sarah and because of that Tea Party online campaign.

Hey, you could always have the Supreme Court settle it!
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2 Responses to Starbeams: Johns and Bristol Palin

  1. chuck says:

    put the "John" in Johnson County.
    heh, heh.

  2. mark x says:

    So why do you think …
    .. they call it ‘Johnson’ county?

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