OTC: Bowls Bids Serving Mostly Cold Oatmeal


“If the only reason MU’s bowl announcement has been delayed 90 minutes is to enhance ESPN drama, then MU should tell ESPN where to go.”
Mike DeArmond, Twitter
GH: The only reason there are most of these nondescript who-care bowls is because ESPN/ABC is willing to pay billions to televise college football. If ESPN wants 90 minutes, they can have their 90. It ain’t 1974 anymore, Mike. Cool your jets and enjoy the trip to Tempe and the paycheck.
“These are exhibition games! They don’t count! The game doesn’t matter.”
Kevin Kietzman, to a Mizzou caller complaining about the bowl matchups, 810 AM
GH: True, kind of, but we sure do spend a lot of time discussing these meaningless exhibition games. Read on.
“One theory is that the Big 12 helped persuade other bowls to look more favorably on teams that are remaining in its conference, one reason the Insight might have chosen Missouri instead of Nebraska, which is leaving the Big 12 after this year for the Big Ten.”
Bob Condotta, writer, Seattle Times
GH:  Dan Beebe’s job is to do whatever is best for the Big 12. While Nebraska remains an active Big 12 member through June, the reality is that the Huskers deserve no love from Beebe or the conference when it comes to the bowls selection process.
“Now, did the Big 12 have something to do with this? Well, sure. Absolutely. What, you think that Commissioner Dan Beebe wants a three-hour infomercial on ESPN Dec. 28 on all things Big Ten? This is what life’s going to be like in the Big Ten next year, Kirk. Yeah, isn’t it great, Brent? This is where Nebraska belongs. Of course the Big 12 office politicked to keep the Huskers out. And, of course, the Insight Bowl listened.”
Tom Shatel, Omaha World Herald
“This was a decision based more on merit. We looked at the rankings. Too many times bowls are criticized for making decisions based on hotel rooms and things like that. We looked at the (BCS) rankings. The gap between 12 (MU) and 18 (NU) is pretty significant."
Andrew Bagnato, a long-time national college football writer who now works for the Fiesta/Insight Bowls, Omaha World Herald
GH: As a Nebraska fan, I don’t see where the Huskers have much room to bitch about their Holiday Bowl invite…except for the ridiculously awful rematch with the hapless 6-6 Washington team that NU beat by 35 at Washington in September. But blame that pairing on all the bowl contracts between conferences, not the Insight choosing Mizzou.
“But, of course, all of this could have been avoided. Had Nebraska beaten Oklahoma.”
Tom Shatel, Omaha World Herald
GH: Amen. Hold onto that 17-0 lead over the Sooners and the Huskers are headed to the Fiesta for an equally ugly matchup between UConn. Not sure that one would excite me much either.
“Told by Iowa school official that Hawkeyes have sold 3,500 tix to Insight Bowl as of (Tuesday) morning. Mizzou at 4,000 yesterday… First 72 hours of sales considered crucial.”
Dave Matter, Twitter
GH: Reports out of Nebraska had the Husker fans purchasing 5,500 tickets to the Holiday Bowl as of Monday afternoon. Yes, Nebraska fans are fanatical when it comes to following their football team.
“Nebraska fans don’t think their poop stinks. Well your poop does stink! It stinks worse than any poop I’ve smelled!”
Bob Fescoe, who was upset that his father was harangued by a Nebraska fan during a recent flight, 610 AM
GH: My favorite Nebraska slam this week was from Kevin Kietzman. While discussing the Big 12 championship game and Oklahoma’s win over Nebraska, KK refused to say the word “Nebraska.” He referred to them as “that other team.” It will be fun to see how long KK can keep this self-imposed ban up.
“It’s one of those games that really sounds better than it is.”
Kevin Kietzman, on K-State’s bowl at Yankee Stadium against Syracuse, 810 AM
GH: And it sounds pretty bad. This has to be the worst bowl season for matchups since Wheaties was first poured into a bowl. Mizzou gets a good matchup against Iowa but there aren’t three other bowls that I am clamoring to watch. Maybe these Doberman games will finally end the hype that the bowls must be preserved. But it’s more likely UConn will upset Oklahoma or Utah gives Boise State a game.
“I assume this is the first time this has happened.”
Barry Switzer, with his tongue very firmly planted in his cheek, on the Cam Newton controversy of his father shopping him to the highest bidder, Sporting News Radio
GH: Switzer was funny in this interview but made a comment that surprised me. He said he has no love for the Big 12 and feels nothing toward it. “I never coached in the Big 12 and it means nothing to me,” he said.
"From talking to key folks around the (Big10) I got the sense that the presidents and chancellors are thrilled with the addition of Nebraska in June and didn’t see a need to actively push forward for other members. …  The Big Ten made a big splash with Nebraska. No need to spend time in the kiddie pool." 
Adam Rittenberg, ESPN
GH: I’m not so sure conference realignment is over. I had hoped the Big 10 would add Missouri and Kansas but KU’s alignment with K-State may keep that from ever occurring.

“Is this the last we hear about Big Ten expansion? No way. TCU just joined the Big East, and other moves could be coming. But unless a major player decides to change its position — looking at you, Notre Dame, or maybe you, Texas — the Big Ten will stay put at 12 members.”
Adam Rittenberg, ESPN
GH: I expect Mizzou and Notre Dame to be the next two members added to the Big 10. And I expect them to be there by 2015 if not a lot sooner. Mizzou can help their cause by nailing down a few more 10-win seasons in the new Big 12. One reason Notre Dame may opt for the Big East instead is that their football program continues to slide. A schedule packed with Big 10 opponents might complete the Irish’s transformation from last century’s Four Horsemen to this century’s Four Donkeys.
“I dare say this is going to be the make-or-break move for Dayton Moore here in Kansas City.”
Soren Petro, on the pending decision of the Royals’ GM to trade Zack Greinke, 810 AM
GH: This line made me chuckle. Can a Royals GM even make a make-or-break move? Where would he be breaking or making from – the cellar? I just don’t see Greinke’s presence here in KC or the prospects his trade brings to be all that make-or-break to one of baseball’s annual disappointments.
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22 Responses to OTC: Bowls Bids Serving Mostly Cold Oatmeal

  1. bschloz says:

    Bowl Pairings Weak This Year
    Couldn’t believe they paired NE v Wash zzzzzzzzz———-Boise V Utah another wasted choice———– I do like Wisky V TCU……Stan V VA Tech…………OSU v ARK…….. They jammed OU and OKS………..How bout LSU -1 v TEX AM–CHOO CHOO BACK UP THE TRUCK!

  2. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Yep, bowl selections suck. Not news.
    What is news however, is how the typical idiot college football fan makes a big deal about who gets the Insight vs Holiday. It doesn’t matter. After the BCS Bowls, all you have is a bunch of football games with jackoff corporate sponsorship. The Beef O’Brady’s Bowl??? Fucking seriously??? NU fans are just doing their usual arrogant act of being all butthurt when they don’t think that NU is getting special treatment, or at least the treatment they THINK they deserve. And really, what did they expect when they spent this entire conference season torching all bridges? Seriously, Bugeaters…GTFO!!! What would be great is if the Big 12 can somehow nut up and pick off Arizona and Arizona State. Reform the league as the Big 12 with East & West Divisions

  3. Uncle Dick says:

    Smilin’ Gary
    Very appropriate for Iowa and Missouri, two little programs that want to be much bigger, to get envited to The Enzyte Bowl. Should be a swelll match-up.

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Seems like Uncle Dick has an obsession
    with the male genitalia. Combined with his oral fixation, paints a very ugly picture.

  5. Cliffy says:

    Funny …
    I was thinking the same thing but wasn’t going to say it.

  6. Uncle Dick says:

    you must enjoy it
    Coming from a guy whose last post included "jackoff" and "nut up", I’d say you’re the one doing the banana day dreamin’.

  7. Cliffy says:

    That Fescoe!!

  8. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Funny stuff coming from a guy…
    with "Dick" in his moniker. You’re entire existence on this website is to make dick and fart jokes. So go back to attempting to fellate yourself while trying to imagine a way have one of your ribs removed.

  9. monkeyhawk says:

    It’s a conspiracy, I tells ya!
    Really unattractive bowl games. But they’ll be the only thing to watch when other channels play "A Very Special ‘Two and a Half Men Christmas."

    So live with it.

    It comes back to that perennial suggestion: the Toilet Bowl.

    Pit two 0-12 teams together to give at least one of ’em a chance to win a game. It’d be a better match than Oklahoma v. the Little Sisters of the Poor.

    Put it on Comedy Central.

    Pay each school a million buck and they’ll show up in Fargo for a bowl game. And I’d probably watch.

  10. MoCrash says:

    Insight > Holiday
    Whether the games are any aesthetic value or not, the Insight Bowl ranks considerably ahead of the Holiday, a $3.325 million payout to $2.15 mil. Outside of the BCS bowls, this is how you rank bowls.

  11. harley says:

    Nebraska blew it…Mizzou deserved it…
    Nebraska got outcoached..outplayed and looked terrible
    saturday night. enough said …plus their vanunted fan base
    aint all its cracked up to be. If I lived in Nebraska…i’d want to leave
    as often as possible too! Wait til nxt year…traveling to pennsylvania
    in november…right! To Ohio state or Michigan….sure. They
    showed their colors recently by their fans in the stands and dr.
    tom. Now lets see how great they are in basketball against ku/mu
    and k state and the wonderful welcome they can expect to receive
    in kc as we say goodbye to these corncobs.
    And as I reported today on another blog…mu had a chance to go
    to the big 10 but the money to get in and get out wasnt going to come
    easily and the powers that be asked for a special allocation that was
    refused by the legislature in missouri. Remember mu wouldh ave
    to pay to leave and pay to enter another league.
    But mu deserves this bowl…although i am predicting right now
    they will get beat by iowa. My brain says iowa is too good and pinkel
    has proven he can’t keep his team motivated for 4 weeks of non
    games until they play against iowa. Until pinkel can figure a way to
    keep his kids motivated for a month of off time…mu will perform
    poorly in big bowls against good teams that have big offensive
    weapons like iowa.
    So I’m getting ready for the big KCC party on the 20th. Just bought
    some new slacks and gettin all spiffed up for some ball busting
    times at jardines.
    stay good everyone…i will be reporting new news as it happens
    for my fans/disciples and readers….

  12. harley says:

    dayton moore is a breaking loser
    in baseball terms this guy is outin left field…..hell will freeze over
    before the team breaks 500.
    Bring in a big time manager and coaches…it worked for the
    chiefs…it will work for this team of vagabonds.
    Miracvles do happen…just come out to arrowhead and see
    a miracle right before your eyes!

  13. Uncle Dick says:

    OK Sybil
    I can always tell when you change into one of your many personalities, harley jo. Nice use of punctuation. No need for fart jokes here, if someone wants to hear from an asshole, they can read one of your posts. Used to feed dipshits like you to the hogs, but stopped because it made the bacon smell like pussy.

  14. theKCeye says:

    Trading Greinke may be right call
    Soren didn’t say make-or-break move for the Royals, or "one of baseball’s annual disappointments", as you call them, he said make-or-break move for DM. And he’d be correct in that assessment.

  15. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Please, Harley…
    Yeah old Pinkel sure couldn’t keep his kids motivated for a month in 2007 or 2008 could he?? Yeah, that Arkansas team in the Cotton Bowl didn’t have any NFL studs on it or anything. Pinkel is 4-3 in bowl games at MU, swifty. Before you make idiotic comments, try checking the facts first. And Iowa’s all time receiver just got suspended. Looking better for MU by the day.

  16. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    miscount on my end…
    Pinkel is 3-3 in bowl games. This will be his 7th bowl game in 10 years at MU.

  17. harley says:

    to: guy who says what others sh*t…..
    wrong again padre…..according to former players/analysts….
    such as corby jones….chase daniels….the biggest problem the team
    had was staying focused on football with out playing the game.
    corby jones mentioned it to me at sol cantina one night and said
    pinkel had problems with this. Other teams do great . Other coaches
    don’t. corby said oklahoma had a tough time keeping players focused
    for 4-6 weeks without actual game time.
    Last year….after losing to navy?…mu watchers said that pinkel said
    that there was so much other stuff going around during the off time
    that he had a terrible problem getting mu players back into "game"
    I guess you work. Think about taking 5 weeks off work. then coming back
    after a long easy goiong vacation. then come the first day…you’re hit
    with tons of work…intense day…its hard to get back into the motion…
    I made the comment based on those close to the program……
    hopefully they will keep focused….but i was at the mu/arkansas game…
    arkansas was asleep…no emotion…no passion…they were dead from
    the first kickoff and their coach put the blame on himself for
    not getting his team ready after the layoff.
    so for a guy who says what others thinks…heres something to
    think ab0out…..shut the fuck up when you don’t know what you;re
    saying and don’t know what others think….wrong again!

  18. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Uhhh no.
    Who gives a frog’s fat ass what Corby fucking Jones thinks or says? The only thing that dude knows is that Andy Katzenmoyer’s facemask tastes really good and what it feels like to lose to KU multiple times. The whole point was that Pinkel does a decent job getting his guys ready to play in bowl games. I never stated that it was tough to keep kids focused for a month at a time. They are college kids. They have a tough time staying focused while eating lunch. You said, motivated. Different thing. Now, go back to fisting yourself, and be sure to let us know what Corby Jones’ ass tastes like the next time you’re sniffing his jock at Sol Cantina or wherever. And implying that Pinkel shouldn’t get credit for the coaching job he & his staff did in getting his team ready for Arkansas in 2007, is total horseshit. You can’t bag on him for not having his team ready to play in 2009 (or any other bowl game they lost), but not give him credit for the time Mizzou has come out on the winning end. That’s bullshit. Teams that get a month off from live games action come out rusty sometimes, regardless of how great the coach is. Even the great Bill Snyder has had his team come out and spit the bit in bowl games.

  19. JimmyD says:

    Harley gets clowned
    once again. Nice name drop. Corby Jones. Haha

  20. harley says:

    hey dumbsh*t….
    he’s makeing big bucks as a lawyer and top attorney and on
    national tv. What do you do numbnuts?
    Tell us….and jimmy d…..when you understand football…maybe
    you’ll get a chance to call in and speak with kk.
    And dumbshit….your arguments circular….I like pinkel but he’s
    3-3 in bowl games and was favored in all those games….so whats
    the problem with him. the same thing thats been his problem
    all the years at mu…when the spotlites on the guy usually wilts…
    hence the last 6 years he’s lost all the big games that mattered.
    and ad dumbshit…don’t aruge with me about mu football…i think i
    know a little more about that than you do….
    he loses the big games to oklahoma (2007)…last year to nebraska and
    2 other games….2010 (nebraska.texas tech)….I love mu ….and
    I think pinel has done a great job…but fact remains that when he’s
    favored in bowls he’s only batting 500……seems bad to me….
    but next year they are contending for bcs big time….if gabbert doesnt
    fall apart orv get injured…..
    now stop talking to an expert on mu footbal and go back to your
    fantasy league.

  21. JimmyD says:

    Sorry Harley
    I didn’t realize you were a MU football expert. Wasn’t it you that posted continuously that MU was leaving the Big 12 day after day after day? So long suckers…and all that stuff? Some expert. Please keep telling us how much you know about everything and maybe you’ll get something right. Who ya gonna name drop next? Maybe you jerked off Justin Gage at Blonde a couple years ago. Lern to spel also

  22. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Ahhh, Harley. The largest self-aggrandizing douche-nozzle on the internet. You’ve proven to know nothing more about MU football than the average fan. Gary Pinkel could be cornholing your troll of a wife, and you’d still know no more than anyone else. So name drop all you want, it doesn’t make your point any more valid. My original argument was that Pinkel doesn’t have a problem keeping his kids motivated, which is what you originally said. Then you changed it to focus, which is totally different, since your original point was bullshit anyway. Then the name dropping begins. Oooh, so you chatted with an ex MU player from over a decade ago while noshing on some bean burritos. Big freakin deal. "My point is valid and correct because Corby told me so." PFFFFFFFT. You think most of us haven’t bumped into a former MU player from time to time and chatted about Mizzou sports? Let me clue you into something…players insight and opinion varies just as wildly as the fans do. You’re "opinion" carries no more weight than anyone elses. And neither does Corby’s (God bless him, True Son of Missouri). I’ve also had the opportunity to be in his presence and he bagged on everyone from Chase Daniel to the defense. So pardon me if I don’t put much stock in what his opinions are. Wake up and smell what your shoveling, Harley. Or go wash out your mouth with a revolver. Either way, none of us care.

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