Donnelly: KC Loses Out on World Cup…to Qatar?

It was announced last week that Russia will host the 2018 World Cup and Qatar (seriously) will host in 2022.
Russia beat out the likes of England, Netherlands/Belgium and Spain/Portugal, prompting some to wonder if the tallying of the votes was accidentally done “golf-style,” where the lowest score wins.  Of course, allegations of corruption surfaced immediately following the announcement, prompting Russian officials there to reply, “In Russia, mob influenced corruption turns blind eye to you!”
Really though…

Who would want to sit around Portugal drinking wine, eating, and hanging out on their spectacular beaches anyway?
We move now to the 2022 World Cup, which was awarded to Qatar over the US, South Korea, Japan, and Australia, thus crushing the noble local efforts to make Kansas City one of the host cities. 

Apparently, it is so hot in Qatar in the summer that all the stadiums must be air conditioned (average temperatures from May thru September exceed 100 degrees). 

Add to that the fact that alcohol is only legal in certain approved hotels and clubs, and they still practice kafeel, which is akin to modern-day slavery where a worker may not enter or leave the country without their sponsor’s consent.  And oh yeah, Sharia Law is explicitly practiced there.  But hey, women can legally drive!
Maybe, hopefully, for the sake of all drunken football fans everywhere, Qatar will get all N’Awlins on that and simply let everyone do whatever they want in public for a month and a half during the World Cup.
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