Hearne: King Kong (Zuroweste) Joins Forces With Godzilla (KCFX)

It was a match made in butt-kicking radio heaven…

Or hell – depending on your perspective. Like if you’re working for the competition.

Former Entercom hard charger Bob Zuroweste has come to terms with Cumulus Kansas City and will hit the ground running next week when he takes over as the head of sales for KCFX-FM, The Fox.

That on the heels of the mega win by the Kansas City Chiefs yesterday seemingly catapulting themselves into a home playoffs game at Arrowhead.

The Fox carries the Chiefs on local radio. Combined with the station’s skyrocketing ratings under Arbitron’s new people meter ratings system, landing Zuroweste and riding the football team’s rising popularity, makes for a hefty one-two punch.

Summed up, Zuroweste brings to the table experience in Kansas City radio management and sales, his godfather-like stewardship of fellow classic rock radio station 99.7KY in its hey day and his anxiousness to return to home.

"I’m very excited," Zuroweste says. "And the more I think about it, the more excited I get. It’s home. It’s where I want to be. It’s where my wife wants to be. And to get this job at KCFX right after I left Clear Channel is divine intervention. A guy couldn’t be any luckier."

Zuroweste returns Monday – almost four years to the day after departing KC for the wilds of Ohio.

"And part of the reason I’m so excited is that KCFX  has been doing so well," Zuroweste says. "It’s been No. 1 in total listeners for the past three months and at or near No. 1 in adults 25 to 54."

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One Response to Hearne: King Kong (Zuroweste) Joins Forces With Godzilla (KCFX)

  1. craig glazer says:

    Welcome Back Bob
    Bob glad to see you back in the saddle, God knows they need you at Cumulus. Once a proud station now not enough going on there. I know you want to offer me the morning show somewhere there. Don’t want to bump my pal Brian or Niki but maybe somewhere else. If Dare lets me, Hmm…..thats when you beomce program man there. You are a winner Bob good luck my friend. See you around the campus. Oh for now I am barred from the building, something bout wanting to punch out….donna will fill you in, hah.

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