Glazer: The Chiefs Art of Winning Ugly

It’s DEFENSES that win championships!

Like Raiders owner and general manager Al Davis says, "Just win baby." That applies to the Chiefs win over Denver Sunday at Arrowhead.
The good news is the Chiefs Defense was the best its been this year.

At least that applied to the pass defense. Giving up just six points to Denver was awesome. Holding Kyle Orton one of the league’s best passers to less than 100 yards, really nice. The Chiefs got all the stops they needed in the second half to win.

Big plays from Tamba Hali and Javier Arenas pressured Orton all day. Jamaal Charles provided nearly all the offense the Chiefs needed to overcome few big misplays from the passing game of THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel and company.

Yes, it was disturbing that Matt couldn’t hit Dwayne Bowe at all and had no other dependable receiver other than Tony Moeaki, the tight end. Yes, he can hit Jamaal and Dexter McCluster here and there, but we need more than that to win from this point forward.

Another major area of concern is the Chiefs short game – especially in the red zone.

We don’t have one to speak of! I have mentioned this all year. Our backs can’t pick up more than one or two yards inside the ten almost ever.  So as I have stated this is a big issue. We are forced to throw and miss out on sure points near the goal line. We saw this Sunday again.

I believe the Chiefs will find that big running back somewhere for next season.

Now about the Chiefs’ Todd Haley, the likely "Coach of the Year" if the Chiefs win the West. Todd clearly made a huge mistake going for fourth and two at the goal line Sunday. A sure field goal would have given KC a two score lead in a tight game. The situation was not right for the try. Our backs had been shut down near the goal again and our passing game was out of rhythm.

I hope Todd learned not to do that again in the future unless our ground game is just killing.
The Chiefs were handed an early Xmas gift from Oakland.

As everyone now knows they jumped the Chargers and beat them in San Diego. This is what I spoke of last week, the Chiefs needing some help. The Raiders did just that. And with a two-game lead over Chargers and Raiders we are in decent shape. However a win at San Diego just about seals the deal. A lose and we could still be in some trouble.

A lose at San Diego would give us a one game advantage, but we still have a road game at St. Louis. They are a very good, well-rounded ball club. And yes, they could beat us. With that and hoping to win out at home, the Chiefs would finish 10-6. That might tie us with the Chargers, then they would likely win the west on tiebreakers.

The Raiders could come to Arrowhead with a shot at us, but they have a tougher schedule and likely will lose their 7Th game before they get here. Even if the Chargers beat KC Sunday, another loss for them likely would end their chances to win the west.

So things look pretty good.

It seems after a close one at home the Chiefs will work even harder to get their mojo back for San Diego.

Hopefully, the Chargers will have their heads down a bit after being beaten by the Raiders and we can jump on them. I think next week will be exciting. This would be our biggest win since the Chiefs with Joe Montana defeated Houston and Warren Moon in 1993 to send the Chiefs to the AFC title game against the Bills.

It feels like it’s our time doesn’t it?

Again, this has already been a great year for this program. Haley and Pioli inherited a mess and in two short seasons with no stars since they got here, we’re on the verge of the playoffs.
PS: The Chiefs could still be a wild card if Baltimore loses a couple more and we either have the better record or win the tiebreaker. This is less likely as they are a solid team and should win two or three more.

Nice to be in this spot at Xmas!

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8 Responses to Glazer: The Chiefs Art of Winning Ugly

  1. oliver says:

    Right On The Money Again
    Love your Chiefs posts Glazer. Used to hear you often on 610 with Nick, not as much now. You too busy or is he? I think the Chiefs will make the playoffs. You make a strong point about the running game. It does suck when we get close to the goal lines.

  2. Kerouac says:

    by the MIRAGE aka kcinderella… they were dominated on offense by a 3-9 team ranked 28th in the NFL – but 1 td, and that courtesy an official-assisted phantom call on their only ‘drive’ of the day. And per the duffer’s usual, yet another bonehead move which resulted in more points disappearing. Champ Bailey was so into bowe that he probably has carnal knowledge of him now. ___________ The Chargers still look good to take the West & this Sunday SD should clean up on kc who is not OAK with the physical defense, same one that strangled kc out in OAK recently. ___________________________ I look for the Chargers to rebound big v us, and tho I would place SD as a 17 point favorite healthy, as they may be without both Jackson & Sproles, take 2 tds off the board and call it a 3 point win, at minimum (or maybe as much as 35 points if those two Chargers play.) I expect kc to lose another 3 games this year/finish 9-7 in 2nd place and home for the Holidays sans playoffs (tho in truth would love to see them get to the post season & get hammered by legit competition, which, when they’ve faced said 2010, they are winless; would be a fitting end a sloppy season NFL and precursor to a totally football-less 2011…

  3. harley says:

    right on? I say no way
    Glazer: "san diego goes unbeaten" WRONG! Glazer:" chiefs lose to
    denver" WRONG! gLAZER: "cASSELL IS A DOG!" wrong!
    Glazer: "chiefs miss playoffs" WRONG! Glazer: "bowe smokes
    too much weed" WRONG!
    Glazer: "Chiefs will have a bad season" WRONG!
    Sorry but I’m never going to vegaswith you. Just tell me in adv ance
    your predictions and I’ll be a millionaire Betting the other way!
    Glzer: "chiefs are a wild card" WRONG…CHECK THE SCHEDULES..
    gLAZER: "CASEEL COULDN’T HIT BOWE" wrong! Read my
    post before the game. Champ bailey is the best db in nfl and once bowe
    plays against good backs he fades away. He’s good against weak
    defensive backs…but against playoff conteder backs he just
    faes into the game……as in oakland game to come (provided they don;t
    have any injuries"
    Glazer: "chiefs have trouble with short game" wrong! Chiefs have #1
    running attack and they can run against almost anyone.
    Glzer: "chargers win tie breaker" even if chiefs go 10-6 (2-2 in last
    4 games) they win the tie breaker with san diego…even with loss to
    san diego …WRONG AGAIN.
    Now that we’ve gotten the minor things out of the way…lets move
    to whats really important….
    Did you nail the female comedian with the hocky player husband?
    Wheres the porn star party details…..we’ve all been anxiously awaiting…
    Wher’s the hotties this weekend? I’ve got clients in town to party
    and don’t know wher e to go….
    Enjoy your comments and columnz about nightlife in kc….please…please…
    do more in that area…we miss those…………..

  4. MrOlathe says:

    Christmas Party?
    Whoa! I’m in!

  5. chuck says:

    Sam "ACE" Rothstein Kerowhack’s
    STDiego Chargers just rushed for 21 yards, IN AN ENTIRE GAME (Forrest fuckin Gump could start for STDiego (Run Forrest RUN!), while choking on that famous San Diego Chicken bone. STDiego’s recievers dropped more balls than Jenna Jamison in a gang bang video. I wouldn’t throw my kids to those receivers if my house was on fire.—————–I can hear the inspirational Norv Turner at halftime, "Now get back out there and rest on your laurels!!" ———————So, I guess we have no shot, and will lose by 17 to the Chargers next week.————Kerowhack’s predictions were a little off this last weekend, and while I do think the Chefs will have their hands full on the coast, there is some hope, if only because Kerowhack says they will lose by 17.——–Who the fuck names their kid "Norv"?

  6. oliver says:

    What the F
    Who is this Harley dude? Harley what are you smoking? I want some. Glazer as far as I can read didn’t say most any of that shit. He has backed Cassel,explained that the Chiefs wouldn’t win the tie breaker and said its far from over dude. Learn to spell.

  7. bschloz says:

    stats are for kerouac
    "may be without both Jackson & Sproles" yep they got their cocks punched yesterday–happens all the time in NFL——Just like comedy the NFL is all timing and chemistry–NOT STATS— One week we’re blowing Indy and Tenn and the next we wouldn’t pick em in a 10 point teaser. Kerouac I don’t really know if you’re US or not but when DEX MAC was cutting against the grain– US was screaming at the TEEVEE —He’s Gonna Take It To The Fucking House!!! See We Got The New Sproles……..8-4 with our 1st playoff game next week…..KC lives for this shit….watch parties…full sports bars……SD ain’t no football town.—————————–@ Chuck lmao————–@oliver he be da "The BlogFather"

  8. Rainbow Man says:

    Freaky Circumstances
    Do you realize how well Pioli will do in the draft next year knowing we already have a franchise QB, All Pro Receiver, Great TE, Carr, Flowers, Running backs…

    All we need is a few more linemen, one linebacker, another receiver

    It may not be this year… But we are going to a Super Bowl. Pioli can draft, Haley can coach, and Weis and Crennel are the best at what they do.

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