Hearne: Rumble in the Jungle, Joe Miller Takes on 2011 Elections

Remember Frankenstein‘s monster?

And how before Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers and countless other never-say-die cinematic creepers it took years for Hollywood to reincarnate villains snuffed in earlier film forrays.

Then again, how many times did they (seemingly) kill off Godzilla? Lon Chaney, Jr.? For that matter, how many times did the Pitch and Kansas City Star kill off Clay Chastain?

The list goes on – real and imagined.

Speaking of real: Add Pitch heavy hitter, turned acclaimed author, turned mayoral mastermind, turned family man, turned turncoat, turned online observer, turned novelist and college prof Joe Miller to the KC Confidential journalistc slagheap.

That’s right…


Jolting Joe Miller, if you will.

The man who turned a poodle into a rock star, a geek into a head of state and a fledgling career at City Hall into a political firestorm and an excuse for talk radio, Tea Party types to hate his guts.

Which brings us to the here and now…

Miller, one of Kansas City’s most feared and respected, loved and hated political pundits has agreed to kick out the journalistic jams for KC Confidential in the upcoming elections. YThe ones with Kansas City mayor Mark Funkhouser and the Kansas City Council

Think wild, whooly with the kind of inside baseball political smarts sure to strike shock and awe into all involved.

Hyperbole? Of course.

No way KC Confidential would unleash a beast of this magnitude without some kind of ritualistic, pagan frenzy.

So buckle your seatbelts, extinguish all combustibles, have a sip of Jager and hang on. ETA; midnight!

On that note, let’s get ready to rumble!

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