Hearne: Help Wanted, KC Confidential Reaches Out

KC Confidential is looking for a few good women (or men)…

The mission: Where to begin?

We’re looking for people to layout online ads, photographers intertested in showcasing their art and/or roving the city in search of interesting people, places and viewpoints.

But please…Pitch Street Team bimbos need not apply. We’re not interested in fielding hotties to trick drunks into giving up their email addresses.

Writers? You tell us.

Interested in covering the fine arts or Kansas City’s burgeoning art scene? Bring it. Got a nose for news and/or views? Same. Cartoonist? Maybe. Got your own warped idea of what makes for news? Step right up!

Wanna launch a career in ad sales and/or promotions and marketing? Let’s talk.

Hit me at hearne@kcconfidential.com

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11 Responses to Hearne: Help Wanted, KC Confidential Reaches Out

  1. Isaid says:

    ""Pitch Street Team bimbos need not apply. We’re not interested in fielding hotties to trick drunks into giving up their email addresses.""_________________________________ YEAH!!!!!! NO TRICKING DRUNKS!!!! ______________________________hehehehehe, nice. Keep on keeping on Hearne, the Star is sucking air, maybe you can be the next quality KC news service.______________________________ but please bring back paragraphs.

  2. harley says:

    . obviously you’ve been drinking too much…because the day the star
    closes and hearnes small website becomes a newsite is the
    day I win the nobel prize for literature!

  3. harley says:

    If you don’t want those pitch hotties
    sned them over to stanfor and sons…I’m sure glazer would love to
    hire them.

  4. chuck says:

    Glad to see the progress.

  5. harley says:

    If you read my comments…you find…
    1. I know more about sports than glazer, curtis kitchen(who is this
    guy?) and hall. Readmy comments and you’ll see I’m more right about
    predicting sports than these guys. Expecially read the lastvpost
    by glazer where he said san diego goes undefeated…chiefs out of
    playoffs and read what i said…i was 100% in my writing about this
    weekends spots.
    2. I know more about wahts going on in the city. You tried to
    make me look stupid in a post about the kid killed in westport.
    On my first post I said it was murder…you said no…and made it out
    like I was way off base and saying something that was completely
    wrong. Read your comments…read your stories and read my
    infoermation and see I was the first one to give evidence that this
    was not an accvident…but a homicide……..and what happened
    this weekend…..they pronounced the inicdent a homicide.
    3. I don’t hang out in low rent bars but have a pulse about the city
    that few people have. No i can’t say where the hottest babes are
    in kc…but i can tell you whats happening with the movers and shakers
    in this city….sorry no stories about strippers or bank robberies or
    drugs….or sex….and most importantly no stories from exhaust fumed
    plaza garages about how many people go to the plaza lighting….
    hire me…i’m cheap.

  6. Isaid says:

    BWWWWAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Wheeee!!!!!…. thanks dude, I can always use a good laugh about this time of day. I have to go back to work but you can feel free to finish that bottle of Bacardi you ware working on…… then maybe post some more comedy.

  7. eric says:

    harley needs a job
    Hearne glad to see you building this website up. I have enjoyed reading your stories for over a year on the blog and website. Really like Tony, need more of his stuff. Greg Hall is so good, you and Glazer keep us up on the good gossip around town. Thank you.

    Harley you might think about not putting down the editor and owner of this website if you want a job with him. I have read your comments, you mostly complain about how stupid Hearne or Glazer can be. Try putting up a story instead of putting everyone that writes on this site down. Like Isaid wrote, ‘are you serious?’ By the way Harley try spell check. All your rants have misspelled words in them. Just sayin.

  8. harley says:

    i only
    put these writers down because they are off base on eveything.
    their predictions are off…mine have been on target…and I’m nto
    getting paid to write this stuff.
    So I’ll keep informing my fans/readers and disciples of what the
    truth is because the writers on this blog have no idea whats happening.

  9. maria says:

    Just sayin’
    I agree with eric.

  10. kcredsox says:

    Keep Up The Good Work
    First of all, Harley is a douche bag, I wouldn’t hire a moron like that unless you want to end up like the falling star, flailing and on life support. I agree paragraphs need to be brought back, but if you want to become big time, create an app for the iPhone and Android. Also, love all the Cornhusker bashing, makes me proud to be a part of a fan base that everybody else is jealous of. GO BIG RED!!!

  11. maria says:

    I agree with kcredsox, insofar as the Android and iPhone apps.

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