OTC: If You Don’t Hate NU Yet, Read This OTC And Get Lathered


“Nebraska fans have accused the conference of picking on them because they’re jumping to the Big 10. They’re a bunch of paranoid——you fill in the blank. I have to believe these savages are in the minority when it comes to Nebraska fans. I’m sure, there are good and decent and civil Cornhusker fans out there, somewhere. But there are still enough of these hooligans, dressed in red, and on the loose.”
Jack Harry, nbcactionnews.com
GH: I know a handful of “good and decent” Nebraska “savages” myself. Nothing like a savage or two and a pile of corn to get a helluva meal going.
“Nebraska self-importance comes in constant references to past success, in seeing Big Ten acceptance as license to slam a group that’s been good enough for them for decades, and, most of all, in the inability to recognize that the whole thing is wrecking a reputation of class and dignity that took so long to build and promote.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Those uppity Huskers! Thumping their corn-fed chests over past successes. Just disgusting. Who in the hell do they think they are? They need to be taught to brag about their future successes like Mizzou fans!
“First, the administration blamed Texas and conference leadership. Then some fans blamed Mizzou and, in the last month or so, have come close to losing their collective sanity.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: Just curious how one loses their “collective” sanity? Is this a Borg thing?
“They see the league’s suspension of a backup linebacker as proof of conspiracy, harass referees, flood the conference office with threats of violence, then whine when nobody shows up to present the North Division trophy.”
Sam Mellinger, Kansas City Star
GH: What part of the term “fan” does Sam not get? What fan base doesn’t have some overzealous face painters infecting the gene pool?  Call me calm but none of these indictments are really anything we haven’t seen from every school with a football stadium.
This is college football’s classiest fan base? In other words, they’re not who they claimed to be. They’re a whole lot like everyone else.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Okay. Maybe so. I happen to think a road trip to Lincoln for the opposition is a world apart from just about any other BCS school but we can differ on this point if need be. So if we’re like everybody else, why are we getting shit on like young Jamal under the outhouse in Slumdog Millionaire? The answer is simple — because we’re leaving and you’re staying.
“The rest of us aren’t mad they’re leaving. We’re annoyed they’re acting like jerks on the way out.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Try the Big 10 shoes on that Husker fans are now wearing and you’ll see they fit your feet in exactly the same arrogant ways. Yes, many Husker fans are dancing way too smugly in their new shoes. But would that dance be any different in Columbia, Lawrence or Manhattan? I think not.
“However, whatever, just beat them. Send Nebraska to the Big Ten, or whatever name E. Gordon Gee decides to slap upon that league, with a big fat reminder that their Big 12 legacy was never all that impressive and they will barely be missed at all. Remind Nebraska why it was never the bellwether team of this conference and why it will not be in the Big Ten. Show the Huskers what Wisconsin and Ohio State and possibly Michigan (if Jim Harbaugh replaces that slimy little RichRod) will do to them.”
Jennifer Floyd Engel, columnist, Dallas Star-Telegram
GH: Nebraska won a national championship as a member of the Big 12…and two more the two years before the conference formed – which played a huge role in why the conference was formed. They played in another national title game as a member of the conference and lost. They had a QB win a Heisman. A nosetackle won every national defensive award he could win…and was a Heisman finalist – as a nosetackle! I’d say the Huskers’ Big 12 legacy was every bit of “all that.” I understand the venom being spewed by those left behind – especially a Missouri gal like Jenny who had designs on her diploma getting a free upgrade if Mizzou was Big 10 bound. I just don’t get those who want to pretend what happened didn’t happen. As for what will happen to the Big Red hoard in the Big 10? Let’s just say I’m confident there will be a Big 10 for the Huskers in which to to succeed or fail. Not so sure about the old neighborhood.  
“They’re not even in my conference. My college world is different.”
Soren Petro, saying he has no feelings about the Oklahoma/Nebraska game, 810 AM
GH: There is only one mistake a KC area sports talk show host can make during this week of unbridled passion, hatred and scorn for the corn. That would be to shrug and claim no feelings for what boils the blood of all around us. Petro has many faults as a radio personality; his worst failing is Kietzman’s best attribute – knowing what topics will drive his audience and how to steer the car. Petro often ends up in a ditch covered with minor league WHIP stats.
“For the Big 12 Conference to take that moment of celebration away from our players in the locker room… They ought to be ashamed of themselves that they couldn’t get somebody to come up here with a trophy. Dan Beebe didn’t do his job because he didn’t allow the players from Nebraska to have that moment together. … We’re having people in suits making decisions like children. This game is supposed to be about the players. It’s supposed to be a pure game. I think there are grown men who have influenced the league this year and it’s unfortunate.”
Matt Davison, Nebraska radio analyst, in a passionate interview on The Border patrol Friday morning, 810 AM
GH: Davison was pissed and he didn’t bother covering up his ire. He came very close to basically calling out the Big 12 for conspiring against Nebraska’s football team and working together to prevent a Husker title. Kudos to Nate Bukaty, Steven St. John and Jake Gutierrez for having Davison on their show. One thing that has been lacking on KC radio the past four months is any semblance of balance on the Nebraska bashing. Davison didn’t pretend to play nice in this interview. It was real and it was good – no matter what side of the football you line up on.
“I think it was classless of the Big 12 to deny the Nebraska players that moment. I don’t think it was right. I just thought I’d say that to you on the air right now.”
Nate Bukaty, during his interview with Davison, 810 AM
GH: Bukaty and St. John didn’t hit Davison as hard as they could have or I would have liked. Both have bashed Nebraska, the Flying Pelinis, Osborne, the color red and corn all season. I would have enjoyed them being as free with their opposing thoughts as Davison was with his.
“I’m sorry, we will not be podcasting it. If you missed it, sorry.”
Jake Gutierrez, a Kansas fan who I’m guessing did not agree with what the Nebraska radio analyst had to say, 810 AM
GH: Jake was one of the few Border Patrol members to not get soft on his anti-Nebraska stance. He didn’t like what Davison had to say and he sure as hell didn’t want to provide a venue for him to repeat it. But Jake knows good radio and the former goal keeper relented and refused to let this one-timer slip past him. You can listen to Davison’s Border Patrol interview on 810whb.com here.
“Kevin Kietzman has just torn his shirt off ala Hulk Hogan in his office.”
Steven St. John, after the interview with Matt Davison, 810 AM

GH: Any chance we can get Davison on the air live with KK Friday afternoon? Now THAT would be good radio.

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22 Responses to OTC: If You Don’t Hate NU Yet, Read This OTC And Get Lathered

  1. hammy says:

    you sum up the issue within your own statement "I happen to think a road trip to Lincoln for the opposition is a world apart from just about any other BCS school but we can differ on this point if need be. So if we

  2. hammy says:

    and Davidson
    I love in the interview when he is FREAKING out that aTm only had 2 penalties called on them all game so it had to be a B12 conspiracy. Um, ku had 2 penalties all game last week at Arrowhead. So should Mizzou fans be screaming about a conspiracy?

  3. Cliffy says:

    C’mon Greg …
    Sure, all fanbases have their share of crazies. But you have to admit Nebraska seems to have more of them than most. When I read about Boise St. fans threatening the placekicker after their loss to Nevada it reminded me of the similarities. Idaho and Nebraska are sparcely populated states with little else to keep their people occupied. Therefore, adults allow their self esteem to be determined by a bunch of 19-20 year old kids. Sure the media folks are taking shots at Nebraska … that’s kind of the way it works these days, isn’t it? You’re certainly not above making some pretty dumb comments sometimes. But … the University of Nebraska has not been able to rise above it all. In fact, they make it worse. ¶
    It’s fairly early in the day. You think you could squeeze in one more column about Nebraska this week?

  4. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Another NU column? SNORE.
    STFU about the jagoff Fuskers and their backwards assed, red striped overall wearing freakshow fans. Yesterday’s news. No longer relevant in KC. NEXT!!!!!

  5. Gavin says:

    Well, at least you finally admit you’re a homer
    Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but by finally calling Nebraska "we," at least you’re admitting to being biased. I think it was always pretty obvious that you were a giant Nebraska homer and it’s not as if this space has ever claimed to be a haven of journalistic ethics or balance, but it’s nice to see you admit it.———————————————————-Also, I just love it when someone acts like a tool and then justifies it by saying "Hey, you were being a tool first!" As if that somehow means you aren’t acting like a tool. Would MU or KU fans be acting like Husker fans if we were the ones leaving? Maybe. Hell, probably. But do you know what that would make us? Tools. Don’t use a hypothetical reaction to an event that never occurred as an excuse to be a dick. If you wanna be a dick about it, just sack up and say "fuck yeah. I’m gonna be a dick and I don’t give a shit what you think" and quit with the "we’re better than you but we’re only acting like this because we think this is how you’d react if you were us. Which you aren’t. Because you’re not as great as us. If you guys WERE as good as us, we’d TOTALLY never acts like dicks. Honest."

  6. bschloz says:

    Greg Hall is a NEBRASKA FAN!!!!……..Full Story @ 10:00

  7. harley says:

    i said it first and again…
    if MU was leaving…the same claims would be made. Nebraska leaves..
    not as the classy/dignified scholl the once were thought of…but
    as the disgusting/low lifes/paranoid/egotistical/garbage mouth school and
    fans they have been made out to be by the media.
    H ad lunch with a nebraska fan thisv week….he expressed surprise that
    people hate nebraska. but they are leaving…and MU is not far behind.
    Nebraska got a better deal…10 million more bucks….more prestige…
    more research and developement money….the chance to move up
    academically in a more academic environment…a more equitable cut
    of money…and the chance to focus on where they do the best
    in recruiting.
    They are not animals…just fervent fans for a very succeesful atheltic
    program (remember volleyball)…and its a shame that they leave with such
    a bad taste in the mouth of most lesser school’s fans.
    It was disgraceful what happened in lincoln and the fans there should be
    ashamed of their costumes and actions.
    but shit happens and they are leaving.
    goodbye and good luck…but we’ll see your ass in march in kc
    at big 12 tournament…and if you thought lebron got shit on him last
    night…just wait til the cornhuskers come to kc to play ball with 3
    or 5 top rated bball teams.
    take care dr. tom…us mizzou fans wish it would have been us going

  8. Gavin says:

    You’re right. It’s not news that Hall is a Husker fan. But it is unusual for him to not at least try to put a sheen of balance on all his Husker slurping. For him to just come out and admit it so blatantly, and rip other schools in the process, pretty much destroys whatever pretense he had toward balance or fairness. And, again, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  9. ryanm1988 says:

    Who said we are arrogant?
    Greg, you missed Mellinger’s best line…of course, you were busy validating it.

    "If history is any indication, Huskers fans will lash back at being called arrogant by e-mailing about how great they are."

  10. Greg says:

    Arrogance is colored Red
    I don

  11. JP says:

    It’s not arrogance Greg it’s delusions of grandeur
    Cliffy got it exactly right. There is nothing else to do in states like Nebraska and Idaho, so the fanbase lives their lives literally through a bunch of 19-21 year old kids. As to Nebraska fans, they think they are the capital of College Football and that everything flows from their team’s "alleged" greatness. Greg, do you know the last time Nebraska won a Big XII Championship. I’ll give you a hint, the number 2 was not the beginning number of the year they won. 1999. I have no idea why they are so arrogant. Please leave the Big XII, this area will survive. BTW, don’t think the Michigans, Ohio States’ and Wisconsins are going to bow down to your great team, those fans make the Missouri and Colorado fans look like Woodstock attendees. Good luck with your one sport Nebraska, and get the Hell out of our conference!

  12. MoCrash says:

    Beebe’s a tool
    I detest Nebraska with all the loathing a good Missouri boy can muster, which is considerable, but Beebe was wrong to not be in Lincoln with a trophy for the Cornhuskers. As Commissioner, it’s his responsibility to respect all Big 12 Conference members — at least until they are no longer so. But I guess Beebe didn’t get the go-ahead from the Teasips, so had to stay home.

  13. theKCeye says:

    A bit assumptive, aren’t we Greg?
    You’re missing the point Greg. The Nebraska fanbase, as a whole, has always seemed to come off as more arrogant and cocky than the rest of the fanbases in the Big 12. I think you’re reaching a bit to think this would all be the same if it were Mizzou, K-State, or whoever else leaving….As a Mizzou fan, I’m disappointed the Big 12 is not continuing on as it has for the last decade in a half. If it were Mizzou leaving, even with it possibly being a better opportunity for the school, I would have been disappointed (I felt this way when it looked like Mizzou was going to make the jump). I think a lot of fans from the KC area are/would have been disappointed if it were any of the North schools leaving………………………………………………….Also, what’s your beef with Soren Petro? You say you think journalists should openly be fans, yet you commend KK for playing politics and put Petro down for being brutally honest with his emotions toward Saturday’s championship? To me, that does drive the car as his show is broadcast to the KC area

  14. Kerouac says:

    football to basketball and it’s six of one/half a dozen the other… you couldn’t fit the heads both in the same room at the same time and that includes the fans of each. Alas, truth be they’ve earned the right to be proud (tho I draw the line at being nauseatingly haughty.) When I think Big 8/Big 12 football/basketball, will always be Nebraska the former & Kansas the latter with apologies Oklahoma FB & couple others BB. ________________________________ As for all the local yokel scribes, hairdos & tin throats, I’ve two words for you: sour grapes. That’s the result aft too many corn & wheat enemas applied via the Huskers & Jayhawks upon their victims… ENVY is one of the seven deadly sins. ______________________________________________________________
    How fitting the last true Champion former Big 8 now Big 12 thereaft Big Nuttin’ football conference will be the Cornhuskers or Sooners. Personally, I think NU kicks the bejesus out of OU (I’m a fan of neither so it matters not to me per se.)

  15. Ptolemy says:

    KU arrogance in basketball is about rivalry and competition. MU arrogance is about their air-blast-money-shot flirtation with the Big 10. Texas’ is about how much money and clout they possess. NONE of the exchanges any of the Big8/12 Nation has had with those schools’ fans has come close to the violent arrogance and WE-ORDER-YOU-TO-RESPECT-US behavior of Nebraska Nation these past few months. GH, I luv ya dude, but you are coming across like moderate Muslims unwilling to call-out the Radical Wing of Islam for their Fatwa. Then again, given the apparent desire for the worst of them to actually want to do violence to their detractors (re: the red-clown I witnessed throwing down on a dad for objecting to them pushing his 4-yr old boy out of the way of the Family Restroom in Manhattan), perhaps I understand why you are all of a sudden being so biased for once.

  16. Hal says:

    Let’s be clear on a couple of things. One is that the Husker’s have a rough road ahead of them, as every Big Ten team will be gunning for them. More importantly, the ‘kers are are a class act, academically quaified, and welcomed with open arms to THE conference. The Nebraka fans are going to love their new family and quickly develop broad rivalries.

    P.S. Not to be redundant, but one of the main reasons Nebraska is in and Missouri is out is academic credibility. Some of those making the anemic slurs are no doubt proud of their Missouri sheepskins, which in fact, may not be worth much.

  17. Rainbow Man says:

    kk is avoiding the real topic
    The real topic is the future of the Big 12. They just had a limb amputated and they are in temporary remission. No kidneys are matching their blood type. Sorry for the stark analogy but it is true. They need an organ donor. They need a big score fast. There is really nowhere to look but east. Offer Notre Dame everything. Let them keep their own TV package if you have to. Maybe Louisville? Now that would be a basketball conference. Kentucky? Those two would actually have something to gain. They have football programs that could use a boost. We really need to do something earth shattering.

  18. Tim says:

    Greg, will you be going with them?
    I must admit, i used to enjoy reading your posts/articles but the past month you have really taken to the dark side with this ‘us against the world’ attitude. Your bias knows no bounds when you call out Haley for poor sportmanship but love the intensity of Pelini. Yes, every fanbase has it’s bad bunch but NU takes it to another level. Care to know why everyone hates NU? 1) arrogant fanbase 2) slimeball coach 3) dirty play. Let’s face it, they are the Oakland Raiders of the big 12 and Bobo is whatever loser flavor of the month coach they eventually fire and Tom Osborne is Al Davis. Isn’t funny how CU is also leaving and there is no controversy there??

  19. pucKChaser says:

    Nope, not a world apart
    GH: I happen to think a road trip to Lincoln for the opposition is a world apart from just about any other BCS school but we can differ on this point if need be."

    Here’s the thing, Greg. You are an NU fan, therefore you are not qualified to make that statement. As a KU fan, I’ve been part of the opposition traveling to NU, OU, Moo, ND, aTm, Baylor and Tulsa. Nebraska is about the same as every other place. Most fans, the mature ones, are cool and glad you are there. Others, the immature ones, are a-holes. NU has the same number of a-holesas anywhere else. Except for OU, where the fans were the most cordial, sportsmanlike I’ve ever encountered. Typical Nebraska fan…over-inflated sense of self from living in the isolated bubble of that state. NU fans aren’t special…most of them have never been anywhere else, so, therefore don’t realize how un-special they are.

  20. harley says:

    last night in dallas
    bo pellini made larry smith/al onofrio/herm edwards/ all look like
    geniuses. Bo pellini is everything we’ve said he was…
    ego maniac…dumb fuck…poor play caller….bully….terrible motivator…
    horrible attitude…..and more importantly a terrible coach.
    Glad this dick is leaving. He’s an idiot who’s in love with himself…
    what a jerk.
    And hall…you take all your long drawn out nebraska stories…your
    remembrances of "the good ole days"…your emotional recalling
    of playing in the nebraska snow…your constant defense of
    little "bo peep" and his worthless coaching skills….yourv demand
    that we respect this goon and bully and put it all where the sun
    don’t shine…
    I’m glad the big 121 didn’t present the corn dogs a trophy….they
    are the most miserable/mean spirited/low life fans I’ve ever
    seen or witnessed. Now let the dress up with their blood and
    knives when they go to some worhtless bowl game.
    Good bye corndogs….you have lost all respect in the midwest and
    take bo peep with you. What a bunch of dogs.

  21. Merle Tagladucci says:

    The reader comments are better than the column
    And that says it all. This one is extra primo good…………

    Greg, you missed Mellinger’s best line…of course, you were busy validating it. "If history is any indication, Huskers fans will lash back at being called arrogant by e-mailing about how great they are."


  22. Doog says:

    I hate this layoff…..
    Why can’t the BCS be altered so a playoff format can be built into it?? Utilize the BCS to determine slots 1 thru 8, have them play in the four major bowls, and then you’re working with a plus-3 model (two semifinals, one championship). As it stands now, the Cotton Bowl at JerryDome is when…Jan 7th? 10th? Start the quarters on the closest thing to New Years’ weekend (the other bowl games can be great time-filler entertainment as you recover from booze and/or food indulgences, and three weekends later, mid-January, a champ is crowned. Before the second semester begins for many of the potential schools involved. Viola! Potential solution. And for anyone bitching about any separation between the eighth and ninth slots in a scenario like that, just make a fist and punch yourself in the balls right now.

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