Starbeams: ALL CAPS and Sayonora to Cyber Monday

Traffic signs are changing all over the metro.

The new signs will feature upper and lower-case letters instead of all upper-case. The reason? Older drivers have trouble reading letters that are all upper-case.

Plus, younger drivers view all upper-case as SHOUTING.

Cyber Monday is over so we can all get back to using the internet at work for what it was intended for.

Meeting hot babes in Asia.



The Armour/210 interchange is finally open in the northland….just in time for me to take my shortcut to Worlds of Fun. I don’t know how many times I’ve taken that exit and wound up in the parking lot of a grain bin.

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One Response to Starbeams: ALL CAPS and Sayonora to Cyber Monday

  1. Johnny Utah says:

    all caps indicates rudeness. not just young people think that.

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