Shauna: What Not to Wear to the Christmas Party

The holidays are here – as in now…

So bring on the decorations and the never-ending Christmas songs about mythical characters who make it cool to pack on the few extra pounds. It’s that one time of year where it’s justifiable to splurge on a shopping excursion.  Just as long as you remember to bring home a couple of presents to wrap for the rest of the fam.

Then there’s the most infamous tradition of all…the holiday office party! 

But remember, between the eggnog chat sessions and fruitcake jokes, make sure YOU don’t become the focus of next year’s,  "OMG, can you believe what (insert name here) was wearing!"

  So here are a few things to avoid wearing so your fashion reputation stays in check this holiday season:

1. Tree Trimmings and Wrapping Paper colors for clothing:
Try to totally avoid that ultra bright red or green dress.  Even though it’s not totally shameful, stay away from pairing the two colors.  Remember, haul out the holly and the decorations for the office itself, not you!  Keep the color palette of your holiday wardrobe clean and simple.

2. Avoid serious clevage:
It’s always fun to show your co-workers a different side of you,but  just remember, you have to work with these clowns for the next year or two.  So if you’re planning on climbing the corporate ladder, steer clear of an over indulgent, plunging neckline!

3. Holiday Sweaters:
Unless you’re Bill Cosby, this should never be an option. EVER!

4. Don’t opt for super casual:
Would you wear jeans and your old college T-shirt to work?  Then why wear it to your holiday office party?!  Unless the party’s been moved to a paint ball course somewhere, jeans and T duos are a no-go!

5. Stay away from too sheer, too tight, and too short:
Remember, you’re not dressing to impress your favorite DJ at the hottest club in town. You’re rubbing shoulders with your boss and your peers.  Limit your clothing options to "PG".

6. Holiday costumes or costume-like attire is always a no, no:
Avoid antler headbands, Rudolph-like noses, bright, flashing holiday necklaces and joke mistletoe garments. This isn’t a Halloween costume party, it’s a Holiday party. Keep your Santa inspired train wrecks at home where they belong. 

Above all, remember: photos will be taken!

Shauna is a fashion buyer for Hobbs in Lawrence.

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