Glazer: How Illegal Drugs Fuel Our Economy and Will Always Be Illegal

Since this is a post, not a novel, I’ll keep it brief…

I could write a book on this subject because, like it or not, I’m an EXPERT. I’ve been a state agent on loan to the feds (DEA, FBI), an outlaw and a Federal Prisoner. I have been through two federal trials. I have been through two state trials, including a murder trial. More importantly, I’ve sat in on many national and local law enforcement meetings on this subject.


The reasons are not what you may think they are.

Our government must control over 300 million people. Soon 400 million. In today’s fast paced, headache, scary world, that’s not easy to do. Education of the overall population is now very poor. We are now a minority-based nation with a vast number of people either out of work or working for low income.

And most of this will only get worse in the next several decades.

People need to let off steam – they always have – with  booze, drugs, sex, entertainment. And while safe replacement drugs are and have been available for some time, i.e. for heroin and cocaine, they have never really been pushed or offered up by the US Government. Why?

The sale of illegal drugs is the backbone of the underbelly of the American economy.

People who hardly work or have small incomes count on selling "a bag" here and there to pay rent, electric bills, car payments and so on. That’s maybe 30-40 million people. They’re not big dealers; they buy and sell in their neighborhoods or among their friends and family. Weed, coke, X, so forth. Not kingpins, just poor people.

Sadly, many college students are in the same boat.

Nobody said this is a good thing, its just life. The government is well aware of this fact. So making "weed" legal or replacement drugs from doctors destroys the value of street drugs and where will these people make the extra BUCK?

That means more serious crimes would come next.

Yes, the government understands the violence around drugs, gangs, drive-bys and addiction. Their word is it’s "for The Greater Good." Sorry if you don’t want to hear this, but this is the real scoop.

Whoever told you that the government’s priority is your well-being? It’s YOUR SURVIVAL and theirs.
Going along with the above, there are more then 1,000 agencies and thousands more law enforcement agencies dependant on the illegal drug trade for their business. YES, POLICE WORK IS ALSO A BUSINESS. Why are there DUI’s? Money that’s why.

Now here’s something you aren’t suppose to know or think about folks.

The Federal and State courts take billions and billions of dollars in on FINES handed out and collected by convicting everyone from the local coke guy to doctors and investment bankers on drug cases – even banks. Guess what? None of that money is reported to the public anywhere. You have no idea what that amount is do you? Federal criminal courts are closed to TV or radio. In fact, many are simply CLOSED OFF. There are men at the doors of the court with automatic weapons to keep everyone out. Under the guise of "protecting a witness."

The third reason is employment.

As much as 25% of US jobs are dependant on these laws: prison staffs (most are privately owned now), halfway houses, millions of law enforcement officers, customs, IRS, DEA, FBI, Border Patrol, a large per cent of US Military and Navy, Air patrols, doctors, lawyers, US attorneys, local city and state attorneys, judges, clerks, staffers maintaining all the legal, state and federal buildings.

All that costs big bucks and much of this comes from court imposed fines.

They are huge, sometimes many millions per case. Remember homes, cars and bank accounts are taken in conspiracy cases and the RICO act. Even in fairly small cases. So drugs are a trillion dollar industry for all these reasons.

Now you can see why "Let’s just tax it" doesn’t work. Are you serious? That pales in comparison to what I’ve just explained.
Look, the federal government has done a great job protecting us from ourselves and outsiders. They have. That comes with a cost. Sometimes it’s part of our freedom. You lived through the best of times – the 60’s,70’s,80’s,90’s and 2000. We were blessed. Those free days will not come this way again. The world is a much different place today. Growing a population without education and a strong economy comes with a price tag. Feedoms are diminished and taken away. All "for the greater good."
Let me give you an example that’s easy to understand.

Not many years ago the US government gave Sammy The Bull Gravano full immunity to testify against mob boss John Gotti. Sammy admitted to murdering 16 people himself. Murders. A paid serial killer. Gotti was going down anyway. They freed this guy to talk "for the greater good."

But you have stood in front of a judge in traffic court and heard, "We need to make an example out of you so others……blah,blah,blah"  Rules are for you and I. The government plays a different game. One of need, one of power. It’s hard to argue with them.

We are the most powerful country on the planet. We have no equal. We don’t have to pay our bills cause we have the only full military on earth. We in many ways rule this planet. I’m not saying it’s fair or right or moral. It’s just the way it is. That’s why drugs will always remain illegal and why there will be little or no effort to fix those who have a problem with them.

It doesn’t benefit the "greater good."

By the way I am on the board of Ren West in Kansas City. It’s for those who need help with drug and alcohol addiction. We run KCMO’s housing to help these folks. We get little funding and less charity. Nobody cares. Unless it’s them or a family member. Life is about trade outs. Isn’t it?

P.S. I have total respect for all our federal agencies working hard

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16 Responses to Glazer: How Illegal Drugs Fuel Our Economy and Will Always Be Illegal

  1. chuck says:

    Whoa…Now there is different take—
    So Glaze, your premise is, that the 800,000 folks arrested every year for Marijauna offenses ( and the 1.2 Billion Dollars a year it takes to incarcerate, ajudicate, process and parole said offenders, along with legions of other drug offenders, are the Federal Governmets coin of the realm.———(Just trying to get my arms around this, not being a smartass.)——-There are now, 4,500,000 people in the US Correctional population (——They are therfore, you say, supporting a jack booted Federal Govt, who knowingly preys on, like a giant black robed Remora, the great mass of poorer middle class Americans. In addition, the criminalization, ostrafication and marginalization of those same Americans, which in turn leads to an indeleble scarlet letter, preventing job aquisition, social advance and increasing recidivism, is justified by the continued human oil provided for the mechanical movement of the American metasystem. That same system, complicit, convicted, criminal by deed’s, existance is justified by the very deeds it perpetrates.————-Now there, there is fuckin American Requiem, sung at a High Mass for the LIVING fuckin Dead.—————-A disgusting dystopian disgrace!!!——-I love buddy, but FUCK THAT!!!

  2. luke says:

    Glazer, brilliant, simply put. This is the best answer to the question I have ever read anywhere. Thank you. This is why I check in on this website.

  3. clark says:

    the real world
    this is a hard story to believe. But I think its close to true. Makes too much sense not to be true. Oh brother what a world.

  4. Johnny Utah says:

    Rigged votes?
    so… are the public votes on legalizing marijuana, which keep failing, rigged? it would seem to support this column’s conclusion. I think more and more people would agree that pot should be legalized, regulated and taxed, but it woudl seem to mean less money for the Feds this way. Thus, votes fail and pot remains illegal.

  5. craig glazer says:

    Nobody said it was nice or near perfect
    Chuck, enjoy your comments. This is my opinion based on what I have seen and lived through. If it were about taxes or what seemed to make sense, then at least marijuana would be legalized. You can see from this brief explanation why that doesn’t really work in the current system.

    I never said the elections were rigged. As I pointed out, the system works better at every level with drugs being off the table, legalization.

  6. Robertoe says:

    Look to a higher level!
    I’m onboard with you here but I think you left out one of the biggest components. We’ve got a massive no-checks, no balances black op sub-government thats in drug trafficking and has been for decades. The large scale drug running finances lots of covert operations. Who questions there was a big game of arms going south and drugs coming back during the Contra game in Central America? If you want credible confirmation on this:

    You don’t need to go any further than the book above or you can chat with the author- Terry Reed. He lives at Lake Lotawana. I’ve dined and drank with him. He’s prob the only local guy who has a better story than yours. I’m really surprised he’s still alive! Advice: work on his movie next. I’ll introduce ya.

    Plus there’s dozens of other credible sources including

    I don’t buy all of Ruppert’s 911 contentions but he’s been very prophetic on financial predictions. He’s spot on on peak oil and high level drug running.

    He also opened my mind to how much corporate America is involved. Not directly in the drug running but the money laundering. Why do you think Enron had 700 offshore corporate structures in the Caymen Islands? Offshore money provided very cheap international project finance capital. You pay 2 or 3% cheaper loan rates and you are talking much bigger profits and bonuses! Well guess what the source of that money is? Drug trafficking! predominately.

    So its not just the low level stuff you are citing here or covert government run amok. Corporate America is in bed too with half of the big time drugs for money game.

  7. chuck says:

    Depressing Glaze-u mite b rite
    "Bleed, bleed, poor Country! Great tyranny, lay thou thy basis sure, For goodness dare not check thee; wear thou thy wrongs, The title is affeered"——————-Robbertoe is right, there was a documentary called Dark Alliance (, about Freeway Ricky Ross and Iran Contra (Gary Webb, the original author and catalyst committed "suicide", …ahem.)————That documentary is killer and reveals the close ties of the then CIA, Olly North and Crack Cocaine being sent by the ton into LA.———–This is sick, sick twisted behaviour, that we incarcerate people every day to the tune of LIFE SENTENCES. ———These shitheels all got pardons.————-This is NOT my father’s America. ———That America, that idea, that city on the hill bullshit we all, when younger, believed was true, well, its gone. ——————Now, our politicains, our priests, our gurus, our rabbis, our captains of industry, they fill the breach with American dead, and pry the fillings out of their teeth on the way into a castle we were born too poor to EVER enter.———-I say fuck ’em.——The top 1%of wealthy Americans owns 34.5% of the wealth. The top 10% of wealty Americans owns 70% of the wealth. Glaze is probably right. Shit I never thought about it, but those stats are valid over the last 15 years, pretty much the time Glaze is talking about, I think.——What a fuckin coincidence.——That transfer of wealth, in conjunction with the destruction of our middle class, is killing America and turning us into a Rupert Fuckdoch oligarchy. A Third World country with a dramatic disparity between the rich and poor. A Plutocracy.—–Maybe Glaze is right, and part and parcel, the engine of that Prison Industrial Complex (Whic, of course, is being privitized and traded on the big board-disgusting.) is the unspoken, or maybe soken agreement to continue the incarceration and persecution of Americans to sustain it.————Maybe we should just start building pyramids for the fucks too.

  8. Isaid says:

    Bad Karma
    If this is all true, then how can anyone, ANY OF YOU, dream that this country is anything but a corrupt shithole, which the world accuses us of? If this is true, how can anyone, ANY OF YOU, argue that this corrrupt piece of shit country deserves to continue to exist? How can any country, any of its citizens, HOW CAN YOU, allowthis treatment of our own citizens to go on in plain view?

    Who could be proud of a corrupt government system which allows this type of shit to go no? WHO COULD SING THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, WHEN IT IS ALL A LI E?? Even the assholes who are in charge of this corrupt system must know that this is bullshit. How can any of you be proud Americans knowing this type of shit is going on?

    How can anyone, ANY OF YOU, doubt that this country will not be crushed under its own bad karma. I t is inevitable, and if we allow this type of shit to continue then we deserve it.

  9. chuck says:

    I don’t think we are all ready to throw the baby out with the bath water. Lennon said, you tear the system down, I will build around it. That was John Lennon, not Vladimir Ilyich Lenin.———————Information, I hope is power. Crossing keyboard swords with entrenched power, may, we can hope change things.—–Watch this. ———FUCK FOX NEWS- THEY ARE LIARS!!—See? there is still hope.

  10. Isaid says:

    "IF"…. I said "if"

  11. Isaid says:

    btw- "The pen is mightier than the sword" refers to how it is easier for members of the corrupt system to steal land by using legal tactics than by using blunt force. ______________________ Read this story about land being taken from a man who has no charges being filed against him ____________________________

  12. craig glazer says:

    Not Saying The Government Is Wrong!
    Let me make this clear. I am not coming down on the Federal government for their position here. Yes it is not fair. But from their eyes, it is needed for the control and economic safety of the nation. I’d like to find a better way, so would they. Its a cross between bill paying and jobs. Sadly many people lives could be improved if we could give care instead of enforcement. For now that is secondary when it comes to THE GREATER GOOD. Its a tough pill, but we all have silently gone along for along time. This would best be fought from juries in the courtroom. That is the only place we really have a voice.

  13. Isaid says:

    Bubbles pop
    ""I am not coming down on the Federal government for their position here.""
    How the fuck can you NOT come down on them for their position here? __________________________Are you afraid of them or do you think they are correct? _________________________Do you think this type of system is OK? Do you think it is OK to run law enforcement as a profitable business? Do you think it is OK for the government make money locking people up? Do you thinkit OK to keep something illegal just so they can do that?? ____________________ I ASK- What is worse for a family? a guy who smokes pot, and it is legal, or a government that locks people up for marijuana….. How can we support a government that arrests Willie Nelson… and threatens to put him in jail for 2 years?? FOR WHAT CRIME??? ______________________________ I would be interested in hearing one police officer or one judge or one congressman admit your stated theory. I would be interested in seeing this be stated as the OFFICIAL POLICY…… This USA government that is supposedly based in the home of the free, truth, justice and the American way….. WHICH IS IT???? WHAT IS THE TRUTH? ___________________________ Am I in danger of having my IP tracked and being arrested in my home for typing this????_______________ IF SO …..THEN LET THEM STATE THAT AS THE OFFICIAL POSITION___________ WHAT IS THE TRUTH?? Wether you like or hate Wikileaks at least they have shown how the government reacts when someone shows the truth. They invent some rape charge, get interpol to issues arrest warrants and shut down the website servers which are on American soil……. Wikileaks did not tell military secrets, they did not tell how to buld a nuke or they did not go public with military secrets, they simply published boring emabassy cables, and if you have watched The Associated Press has printed many many of the cables and what they said. SHOULD THEY THEY SHOULD SHUT DOWN THE AP TOO?? ______________ IT IS TIME TO BE HONEST ABOUT HOW THINGS REALLY WORK….. WHAT ARE THEY AFRAID OF??? ARE WE SO FAR GONE THAT IT WOULD POP THE BUBBLE???______________________ History shows us that Bubbles pop, and the sooner they pop, the better. History has shown that the sooner we work this out the better. If officals have done nothing wrong, then they have nothing to worry about.__________________________________________________________________________________________ and what the fuck is up with no paragraphs here?

  14. Isaid says:

    That was a question
    ""I am not coming down on the Federal government for their position here."" _______________________________________ <b>How the fuck can you NOT come down on them for their position here? </b>_____________________________________ btw- That was a question.

  15. Isaid says:

    ""I am not coming down on the Federal government f
    Ho w can you not come down on them? Are you saying that you agree with, and you support, and if you were in charge, you would keep this system of keeping drug illegal only to make money locking people up for mostly non violent offenses?

  16. Isaid says:

    No back bone?
    If you will not answer that simple question, maybe you will explain what was your objective in writing this article? Was it to rub our faces in your bullshit system? Was it to show us that now that you are part of "the system" and you are above the law side by side with all of your freinds in law enforcement and inside connection, now you can tell us proles how fucked we are? WHAT WAS YOUR OBJECTIVE?

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