OTC: TCU Heads To Big East While B12 Coasts

“Texas didn’t want TCU in the Big 12 so Dan Beebe didn’t invite them. It’s that simple, right?”
Nick Wright, 610 AM

“Big 12 has been pretty steadfast in its no-interest stance re: TCU. Not sure why so many fans feel like it missed out on something here.”
Curtis Kitchen, Twitter
“TCU was never an option for the Big 12.”
Bob Fescoe, after TCU accepted an invitation to join the Big East, 810 AM
GH: Fescoe and Josh Klingler echoed the familiar refrain that the Big 12 doesn’t need more schools in the Dallas/Texas market. I would argue that quality football programs no matter what their zip code add power, prestige and money to your conference. I think TCU would have been an exciting addition to the Big 12 on the heels of losing two of its original members. As it is, the Big 12 again resembles a Yugo on the NCAA Autobahn.
“The Big 12 has no interest because it already owns the D-FW area TV market. The gulf between the haves and have-nots continue to widen. The Frogs had to jump.”
Kevin Sherrington, columnist, Dallas Morning News
GH: Unfortunately for our local schools, the “have-nots” Sherrington is referring to are Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and yes, even Missouri. The Tigers get drug down to the other north schools’ depth simply because they reside outside the state of Texas and therefore wield zero power within the Big 12.

“To be honest with you, Kansas could have been making the same announcement today as TCU did. And Kansas State could have been right there with us. The Big East would have came and got us and K-State and Missouri.”
Bill Self, on how close the Kansas schools came to joining the Big East if the Texas schools would have followed through with their threat to join the Pac 10, Hawk Talk
GH: Not sure Mizzou is all that happy with the KU basketball coach deciding on where the Tigers would have ended up if Armageddon would have taken place last summer. I’m not so sure MU would have gone to the Big East. I think we would have seen them heading to the SEC with maybe A&M.
“ESPN has told conferences with ESPN TV deals there won’t be more money if they expand. Big East/ESPN TV deal up in 2012, when TCU arrives.”
Chip Brown, of OrangeBloods.com, Twitter
GH: Does the Big 12 need to add two teams to allow for a future football playoff game or can they make it as a 10-team league while the other BCS conferences continue to grow? It all depends on what Texas wants. My fear is that Texas will always do what’s best for Texas at the expense of their Big 12 brothers.
“It appears the University of Texas has found another cash cow. The proposed Longhorn television network could be worth more than $10 million a year and perhaps as much as $15 million a year under a long-term contract that UT officials are negotiating, sources with knowledge of the discussions say. … If the proposed Longhorn network brought in an additional $15 million annually, that would lift the university’s total annual broadcast revenue into the $35 million range.”
Ralph K.M. Haurwitz and John Maher, American-Statesman
GH: This is the television contract money that Nebraska tried to get Texas to agree to share with the other Big 12 schools during last summer’s meetings in Kansas City. Texas said no and that led to Nebraska’s departure to the Big 10 – and a whole lot of nastiness this past football season.
“That’s as good as any group of quarterbacks returning as any conference in the country next season. … I think the Big 12 will have at least three teams in the preseason top ten.”
Ed Cunningham, listing the number of quality quarterbacks scheduled to return to the Big 12 next season, ABC
GH: Except for Mizzou’s Blaine Gabbert, every one of the QBs ABC listed will be suiting up for B12 South schools. Kansas, K-State and Iowa State will once again be in quarterback hell next season unless a miracle happens in recruiting. That is a recipe for another year of no bowls or forgettable bowl invites for three of the four orphans. The fourth orphan, Mizzou, looks primed to dominate its northern brothers for the next decade like Nebraska did in the 80s.
"I’m not going to rehash much from Saturday’s one-sided Border War, which really is probably an injustice to the word ‘war.’ It was more like Border Pillaging or Border Spanking. From their fans to their players, the Jayhawks seemed only mildly interested in the 119th edition of whatever you want to call it. Missouri, meanwhile, played with a purpose, like a pack of wild animals who knew they had to back up their bark with some bite. (Well, make that T.J. Moe’s bark."
Dave Matter, Columbia Tribune
GH: If you’re a Kansas fan (even if you’re only a basketball fan of your school) that copy has to sting. Get used to it. The pillaging and spankings in the new B12 will be just as Quantrill-like.
“We have 50,000 more alumni in the Pac 10 footprint than we do in the Big 12.”
Mike Bohn, Colorado’s AD, on the Buffs move to the Pac 10, ABC
GH: Almost no buzz over Colorado’s departure but we have death threats in Nebraska. If there is a worse fan base than Colorado’s in any BCS conference, I have yet to experience it. But yet it is those damn Huskers who everyone is upset with. It just goes to show you can only really hate the ones you love.
“Head to head results are important, but at some level, a poll voter has to step back and ask him/herself…whom do I think is better?”
Seth Davis, CBS college basketball analyst, attempting to support his decision to rank Michigan State above UConn despite UConn’s recent 70-67 win over the Spartans on a neutral court, Twitter
GH: This tweet still makes my head hurt. So the result of a head-to-head game is not as powerful as the opinion of a sportswriter? Can Seth make it rain too?
“Who was in (Frank Martin’s) doghouse when they played Duke?”
Todd Leabo, with more than a bit of sarcasm in his voice on the thought Martin is rotating starting KSU players in and out of the doghouse, 810 AM
“This is about Duke. Duke is great! I clapped for them at the end of that (KSU) game.”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
GH: Careful, KK. You’re starting to sound a lot like a Nebraska fan with that post-beating hand clapping for the conquering opponent.
“A lot of talk has come out of the K-State mouths that they’re better than Kansas in basketball this year. Well if they are, their All-American better come out. He let his team down (against Duke) with poor body language and a lack of effort.”
Bob Fescoe, 610 AM
GH: I haven’t talked to a lot of KSU basketball fans this season but it appears to me it is the national media who has been promoting the Cats as better than the Hawks much of the early season. It is far too early to know which is best. Maybe Mizzou.
“KU (basketball) has played nobody! They’re having no fun this year.”
Kevin Kietzman, on Kansas’ soft non-con schedule, 810 AM
GH: KK made this comment before Kansas took on Arizona, a worthy opponent but far from a top 10 team. While I would agree KU’s non-con schedule has been Snyder-esque, it should heat up some the next month with UCLA, Memphis, USC, Cal and Michigan. While those team names may look better on a marquee than the court, I’m guessing they’ll offer the Hawks a test or two.
“Kansas isn’t going anywhere. They’re going to win another 30 games again this year.”
Jay Bilas, ESPN
GH: K-State fans would be fine with that as long as they get to hang two losses on their in-state rivals. Mark down January 29th in Lawrence and Valentine’s Day in Manhattan for the two most-anticipated B12 hoops game this season. I can already imagine some of the headlines for that second match-up.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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16 Responses to OTC: TCU Heads To Big East While B12 Coasts

  1. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Heady times at Mizzou
    Top 15 BCS team headed for their 6th straight bowl, and a Top 10 ranked basketball team. Just wish the local hacks would give them more credit for not being a one trick pony like the KU, and to some extent KSU and NU atheletic departments are. Oh and by the way Greg, any nastiness that Nebraska has received was brought on by the big mouths of Harvey Pearlman, Tom Osborne, Bo Pelini, Carl Pelini, and their insufferable fan base. Had they attempted to leave the conference with any sort of decorum or class, they wouldn’t be getting the bum’s rush. But they’ve torched all their bridges in the Big 12 like Julius Caeser after crossing the Rhine. The Colorado Buffaloes will be looked upon much more favorably by their former B12 brethern than NU will. NU will be reviled by all remaining conference members. And it’s no one else’s fault but their own.

  2. nick says:

    Not Writing Off Gill
    I like Turner Gill’s conviction, morals and positive nature. His decision to play Opurem at LB is looking pretty good. So is moving MacDougald to safety. Gill has matter-of-factly stated that next year’s team will be faster and more athletic. A handful of talented players will be healthy next year. A couple of this year’s redshirts will play. KU’s hot on the heels of a good juco QB and I’m sure they’re targeting others. I’ve talked myself into the possibility that, over the next couple years, Gill and his staff will get the team to at least a Mark Mangino-like level….which is essentially the level Pinkel and MU are at. The Tigers football program is good, but c’mon Greg, you make it sound like the "3 orphans" are permanently in the dust. Guess we’ll find out the next couple years..————————————————————– AWESOME QUOTE by Leabo. Bet the house that there will nobody in Frank’s doghouse on Jan. 29th or Feb. 14th.

  3. olathecat says:

    Count me as a K-State fan that is skeptical of our national ranking. We may be one of the top five teams in the country, but who knows. We’ve beaten everyone we’re supposed to have beaten and a couple of them are pretty good teams. I still get the "something is not quite right" feeling when watching our team play. The potential for improvement is enormous, which is why I think we might be as good as a team like Duke by the end of the year. But we’re sure as hell not there right now. I’m glad we don’t have to play KU until January.

  4. Uncle Dick says:

    Not so much
    Nebraska didn’t have a lot of luck with their proposed Cornhusker Network. ESPN said until you have over 37 TV’s in the state, they aren’t interested. The Big 12 wants to add Graceland to the conference, thinking it would be cool to have Elvis’ alma mater. Missouri would be wise to join the SEC, Arkansas would be a natural rival for football and sisters. Between the two schools, the Dental school would have a complete set of teeth to study. K State thought about joining the Mountain West with Boise State, but had second thoughts when they found out Boise wasn’t a state.

  5. Cliffy says:

    I have accepted the fact that we will never, ever
    have paragraphs again. BUT … how about rimshots in between Uncle Dick’s posts?

  6. Redfan says:

    Take my wife…
    please! Be sure to tip your waitresses folks. – Uncle Dick

  7. kylerohde says:

    Nick, how does the decision to move Oporum to LB look good? That lasted about two weeks before he was moved again, to DE. That decision doesn’t look bad though.

    Greg, Seth Davis works for Sports Illustrated and CBS, not ESPN.

  8. Johnny Utah says:

    Mizzou’s participation trophies
    For all of MU’s recent success, they still lack big accomplishments like a BCS bowl or a conference title or a final four. When KU is good, we win BCS games and National Titles. Oh, and we have plenty of big 12 conference banners too for basketball. Keep hanging those big 12 north banners and ncaa tournament appearance banners.

  9. Cliffy says:

    Hey Johnny U …
    Thanks for those thoughts! Very original … I can tell you’re a real thinker! Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the future. Any Mizzou fan who reads them is bound to start feeling bad about themselves. You really put them down good!!

  10. hammy says:

    Johnny U
    that BCS game as vaulted your football program to new heights!!!

  11. harley says:

    We will continue to kick your ass in the one and only important sport
    ….football…and that will continue for at least the next decade.
    We are gaining on you in bball…andvonce self leaves you will be left
    with crumbs….we can already see the decline of the ku basekball

  12. scoob says:

    Big 12-Kansas
    GH, good to see you’re on top of the TCU thing. Here is California, it wasn’t even news. But to me, it shows that the Big 12 isn’t looking to grow – which means it probably won’t be around long-term. TCU would have been a good addition and would have replaced Nebraska – good football, crappy basketball – nicely.

    Geography should still matter in terms of conferences. Who in the Midwest/Texas wants to have to send all of their various teams (not just football and basketball, but all sports) to Syracuse, UConn, S. Florida, etc? It’s too much travel.

    That said, if the Big 12 is at the mercy of UT and destined to dissolve, as a Jayhawk, I hope KU will be proactive and not get caught off-guard again. If I were running things at KU, I would have been telling the PAC-10 to take my school over Utah. That would be a lot better than going to the Mountain West with K-State. Now I’d be telling the PAC-10 to take KU and add another school to get to 14. I don’t think TCU to the Big East is written in stone yet. How about KU and TCU to the PAC-10? The PAC-10 gets a basketball power, a football power, open season recruiting in Texas and adds Missouri/Kansas and Texas as TV markets. TCU and KU get to be in a more attractive and stable conference. And KU gets open season recruiting in California since it will be playing games there every year. Who loses in that deal? (Aside from the Big 12, which has shown it doesn’t care about KU anyway?)

  13. Guy Who Says What Others Think says:

    Scoob…no one gives a shit about basketball
    This is about football. If KU wants to improve it’s position in the conference hopping wars, try fielding a competitve football team. Basketball means dick.

  14. Rainbow Man says:

    harley is right on that one– and ku to the valley
    I could see MU as an eventual Big Ten school. I was stunned they did not get in this year. I think they had their chance and showed some cold feet. With the Illini already in place… the Big Ten then owns St. Louis.

    This sounds crazy but why not let KSU and KU be the big boys in The Valley. They could reinvent that conference. There is some talent in that league and there are large markets affected by them.

  15. Cliffy says:

    The Big 10 does not "own" St. Louis.
    Illinois has to pay to get their football games on radio there.

  16. scoob says:

    Basketball-Football-Big 10
    Having an elite basketball program and a below average football program is better than being mediocre across the board. How’s that working out for MU? Keep begging to get into the Big 10. Like it matters, anyway.

    I hate to break this to NU and MU fans, but the Big 10 is on the decline. Further, NU screwed itself because it cut off its recruiting lifeblood (the state of Texas) by going to the Big 10. NU is going to be nothing special very soon.

    My guess is that the Texas/PAC-10 merger will still happen at some point. It just makes too much sense. The two best recruiting pipelines (Texas and Cali) in one conference. Very few of those recruits would ever leave the conference to go to the SEC or Big 10 or anywhere else.

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