OTC: Bowe Show Makes Emerald City Look Like Munchkins


“(Dwayne) Bowe is the new leadership’s masterpiece, the face of a transition from punks to playoffs, the shining example of the organization’s emphasis on character, and the knucklehead receiver playing like an honest-to-goodness MVP candidate is a dream come true. So long as it doesn’t turn into a nightmare.”
Sam Mellinger, columnist, Kansas City Star
GH: Bowe was another washout underachieving top-draft-pick LSU bust King Carl and Herm Edwards. He made little progress on that resume with his “importing” quotes this summer. But the past three weeks Bowe’s production has gone fantasy football fanatical. The question Sam Mel is asking is the same one we all want answered. Where does the Bo Show go now that it’s a hit? Read on.
“Those are blank pages I can’t answer.”
Mitch Holthus, when asked how he thinks Bowe will handle his recent success, 810 AM
GH: History tells us Bowe will do something stupid off the field, drop a key pass or two or just plain disappear from the Chiefs’ offense. It would be one helluva ending to the season if those blank pages Holthus’ refers to were filled with more of what we saw in Seattle. Bowe was the Wizard in Emerald City and his play made the Seahawk DBs look like Munchkins.
“Dwayne’s World”
Headline in Monday’s Kansas City Star
GH: Grade: A++++ (in honor of Ralphie’s theme paper in A Christmas Story).
“My job is to keep my head down, run, block and catch.”
Dwayne Bowe, in a postgame interview, Kansas City Star
GH: I don’t mind Bowe being a showman on or off the field. I like that he flashed three fingers to the camera after his third TD catch. Personality is a good thing in a star player. Could we be watching the most successful resurrection project in Kansas City since Mayor Carol Marinovich broke ground at The Legends and turned KCK into KC$$$?

“They’ve got the weapons.”
Dan Patrick, accessing the Chiefs’ offensive scoring explosion the past few weeks, CBS
GH: Patrick is a respected national media voice who knows the NFL. Having DanPan christen the Chiefs as a team with “weapons” is heady stuff. Read on.

“It is obvious the Chiefs are growing up faster than the Seahawks. At 7-4 they lead the AFC West.”
Steve Kelley, writer, Seattle Times
GH: Even more confirmation from afar that the Chiefs are becoming more than the Chargers’ handmaid. This season might be too soon to expect a postseason run. But the signs are there that Scott Todd’s magic is starting to work – at least enough to make December an interesting month for Chiefs’ fans once again.
“I’m proud of Jamaal Charles. I’m glad that guy’s on our side.”
Todd Haley, Fox 4
GH: Bowe’s stats and TDs are what everyone will focus on but JC is my pick for this team’s MVP. Bowe’s catches almost looked routine he was so wide open at times. The reason is Charles’ talents as a running back makes the defense backs play very honest. Charles’ lithe style is breathtaking. He moves like spaghetti through the defensive line and is just as difficult to tackle.
“I’m happy. I smile every time they play well.”
Herm Edwards, on the satisfaction he gets from Dwayne Bowe’s and Jamaal Charles’ increased productivity, 810 AM
GH: Charles rode the Chiefs’ bench behind Larry Johnson under Herm and Bowe was almost invisible much of the time. Maybe we should thank him for keeping the two fresh and hungry for this season’s run.
“(Jamaal Charles) is way tougher than people give him credit for. He’ll stick his noise right in the potato dish.”
Mitch Holthus, 810 AM
GH: I’m unsure what a potato dish is or why sticking your nose in it would exhibit toughness. Now, if Mitch substituted those potatoes in that dish with a big batch of wasabi roots, I’d get the visual.
“We’re not going to call (the Chiefs) road warriors yet but…”
Al Wallace, after the Chiefs’ second win on the road, Fox 4
GH: The Seattle win was big for a number of reasons but uppermost was that it was a road win over a division leader. A crapola division leader, but a division leader nonetheless. Winning on the road is what playoff teams must do.
“The Chiefs’ offensive line (showed) absolute physical domination.”
Richard Baldinger, Metro Sports
GH: Baldy gets overly emotional when he talks about his O-line brethren and he might have stretched the truth here some. One thing that was not debatable is the improved pass protection the offensive line is now giving Matt Cassel. This is the single biggest reason Cassel and Bowe have been able to go from ‘Who dat?’ to ‘Dat who!’
“I gotta throw some bone out to those guys.”
Mitch Holthus, mentioning the fine play of the Chiefs’ offensive line in Seattle, 810 AM
GH: Not sure the offensive line is wanting any of Mitch’s bone but it will make for an entertaining drop on WHB’s The Border Patrol.
“Against Seattle on Sunday, Matt Cassel transformed from a liability into a weapon.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: Cassel put on a dream performance in front of Pete Carroll, his former college coach – the guy who never thought he was a starter. That was pretty cool.
“He only had 15 minutes to take (the Wonderlic) while everybody else had 30 minutes.”
Bill Macatee, NFL play-by-play voice for Chiefs/Seahawks game, CBS
GH: The Wonderlic is an intelligence test that has a 12-minute time limit. If the NFL is giving players 30 minutes (which I doubt they are), those low scores we hear about every year should be even lower.
“This (Chiefs) football team’s having fun. They’ve really got a good group of players. They really love competing.”
Rich Gannon, CBS
GH: It was sure a lot more fun group than the guys who flew to Denver a couple of weeks ago.
“I don’t want to fuck somebody over.”
Todd Haley, while talking on the sideline to Romeo Crennel just after the two-minute warning, CBS
GH: I didn’t get what Haley was talking about but I took his comment to mean he didn’t want to show up Seattle with a late score. Read on.
“The crowd doesn’t like it but they don’t need any more injuries.”
Bill Macatee, as Seattle surrendered the final 1:10 of the game by taking a knee on successive plays, CBS
GH: Watching Seattle give up in this way was disheartening to me as an NFL fan. It may have been Carroll’s way of acknowledging Haley’s retreat. I just wish teams would play hard to the end and not worry about whose feelings might get hurt. How about somebody being concerned about the season ticket holder who didn’t pay thousands to watch his team take a knee while losing?
“The truth (about the Seattle Seahawks) came from Kansas City, as harsh as a Canadian cold front, as real as the final score. This 42-24 Sunday punch from the Chiefs was the unvarnished truth. The Hawks didn’t need to wait for Monday’s replay reckoning to understand just how bad this game was. They got a 60-minute dose of the truth from Kansas City. … The truth? The Seahawks are flirts. A team that is toying with its fans’ emotions.”
Steve Kelley, writer, Seattle Times
GH: When I read these comments from Kelley I immediately thought how they echoed my own thoughts of the Chiefs. Thoughts I am not yet prepared to completely banish. That 0-35 Denver score is still too fresh in my noggin.
“It still makes me sick and a little bit nauseous what we’re seeing from the Chiefs’ special teams.”
Danan Hughes, Metro Sports
GH: The Chiefs won by three touchdowns despite awful special teams. Bad kick returns, a blocked field goal and a blocked punt for a Kick Six. Yikes the NFC West is bad!
“That TD:INT ratio 22-slash-6 is Brady-esque.”
Mitch Holthus, on Matt Cassel’s numbers, 810 AM
GH: I am sure most listeners had no trouble decoding Holthus’ stat rap but I’m guessing a few fringe fans were wobbling.
“I’m complimenting Matt Cassel, having a nice online convo with Kevin Kietzman’s son, I feel like I’m about to start liking @kentbabb’s hair.”
Nick Wright, tweeting during the Chiefs/Seahawks game, Twitter
GH: Disturbing is the best word I can use to describe this tweet from Wright. Why he would want to publicize to his 4,000 followers and the Twitter world that he is engaging Kevin Kietzman’s son in an online conversation is more than a bit creepy. Needy also comes to mind. As well as unprofessional, sophomoric and something one dad would/should never do to another dad.
 greghall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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25 Responses to OTC: Bowe Show Makes Emerald City Look Like Munchkins

  1. Kerouac says:

    Will get to #82 in a moment, but first – it bears reiterating – kc is now 0-1 vs a winner (HOU)… 2-2 vs .500 teams (IND, OAK, JAC, SEAT)… 1-1 vs sub .500 teams (DEN, ARIZ)… & 4-0 vs winless teams, just like every other team played them to thence. They are nigh on a 4-7 team, losses to SD, CLEV & BUFF as easily as 7-4. The cumulative record kc’s opponents before each game is: 21-38 .356 as in M-I-R-A-G-E. The aforementioned facts speak the truth: they’ve beaten no one, played no one and impressed no one who is objective. _____________________________________________________ Next week, another 3-8 cupcake – yet the same team thoroughly dominated/ embarrassed kc, easing up near 50 points in response kc’s cry ‘uncle’ – had they desired a 70 point total, it was theirs for the taking. Next Sunday at the home of the mirage, a ‘w’ might be the expectation and hope, but another ‘L’ would not surprise anyone. A’great team, a good team – even an average team – does not a) lose and b) by 3 scores to a 2-6 team… kc did. I rest my case for the moment. ____________________________________________ Meanwhile, the rompin’ stompin’ Chargers dominate INDY in Indianapolis, same place kc was beaten by two scores. It’s going to be some kinda beat down by SD on the faux chiefs comin up shortly. Pray for rain, pray to Providence, beg official misconduct the zebra-stripes… the AFC West will once again belong to the SD SUPER-CHARGERS. ______________________________________________
    Now to Bowe ~ ~ "Bowe was another washout underachieving top-draft-pick LSU bust King Carl and Herm Edwards" – opinions vary, memories too; Bowe was nigh on twice 1000 yard receiver under Herm, on an old team that was turning into dust & then on the youngest team in the NFL the season after. In ’09 he regressed under the duffer, while circa 2010, he is more than anything like his teammates benificary another draft and more talent around him – it’s a team game _______________________________________________ ~ ~

  2. TigerVIP says:

    Schtick Wright….
    Guy is becoming more and more laughable by the minute. Yesterday he was patting himself on the back for the accuracy of his injury report from earlier in the week. Hey, Schtick…that’s your job.

    Wait a minute, the Mailman just delivered the mail to our office and celebrated with the Dougie dance.

  3. Kerouac says:

    The Seahawks are the 30th overall ranked NFL defense – 19th rushing and 31st passing… DEN is much better yet was shutting out KC 35-0 until the Broncos let off the gas and ca$$el & Bowe put up their (in reality) hollow / meaningless #’s. ARIZ? Ditto. The march the tomato cans continues (and continues to make kc’s offense look better than it really is.) Reality checks are so demoralizing, huh…

  4. Kerouac says:

    ‘NOT’ much better, yet was shutting out kc. Spellcheck? We don’t need no stinking spellcheck? Paragraphs? Think Wendell Hayes. Paragraphs! Paragraphs! Where’s (Wendell Hayes) paragraphs?

  5. Doog says:

    Hey Greg,
    Seattle gave in at the 1:10 mark because of injury, not the white flag, as you suggest. Look it over again. On the previous play before the 1:10 mark, #65 Spencer, the center, got up gimpy and was assisted to the sideline. It’s very reminiscient of the San Francisco game, where Singletary continued a drive in the final minute, with the Chiefs up multiple possessions…and on the final play, a SF player got hurt. As a coach, and in Seattle’s case, a team in the playoff hunt, shut it down, avoid injury, and play for another week when the contest is decided. I was surprised when Carroll continued to run in offensive plays in the final :90 seconds.

    Also, I was at the KU-MU game Saturday. I caught a look at a picture of the Mizzou radio crew in the game program, and holy shit, John Kadlec is a dead-ringer for Mr. Magoo, right down to the squinty eyes.

  6. bschloz says:

    Listened to the game driving home yesterday…Holthus really is a trip…when Smith scored the "6" he yells "Go To The Kitchen And Get A Sandwich" classic stuff. Then D.J. makes a tackle and he says "DJ covers him up with dirt" ….my wife asked me what that means…..hell if I know. He had about 3 others that I had no Idea what he was talking about…must be some kind of farm shit?………….@Kerouac……this is why they set a betting line every week for geniuses like yourself to pounce on. Don’t fight the tape bro! Just a Few seats left on Chiefs bus— 8-4 sounds good to me!

  7. monkeyhawk says:

    The Chiefs are not a very good team
    But then, no one’s got a very good team this year.

    So Kansas City’s still in the hunt in December. This is the goal of the NFL’s parity policy.

  8. JP says:

    Enjoy the Ride People
    It amazes me the lengths people are going to try to discredit the Chiefs this year. Mind you this team went 5-35 from November, 07 through December, 09. Now they’ve started to find an identity. They are not perfect, and have benefitted from an easier schedule. I will grant you that, however they have taken advantage of their opportunities and will sit in first place on December 1, 2010. Yes, they have some deficiencies and need another pass rusher. But most of the experts were picking Seattle to win and doubting the Chiefs could win on the road. They found a way to win and if you look at the stats, basically dominated this game. Take away the long pass in the fourth quarter and the blocked punt, the game was more in the 42-10 range. Relax, enjoy the ride. Even if they don’t win the division, they are making San Diego earn it. This has been a much better season than the previous 3 seasons.

  9. harley says:

    The real massacre
    was at arrowhead saturdya….an asswhipping for the ages…a kick
    ass game that set ku basketball back 30 years….
    MIZZOU 35………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….KU 7!

  10. harley says:

    The real massacre
    was at arrowhead saturdya….an asswhipping for the ages…a kick
    ass game that set ku basketball back 30 years….
    MIZZOU 35………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….KU 7!

  11. Kerouac says:

    kc’s bum of the week show continues
    "Kerouac" – yes, what is it now bs?___________________ "this is why they set a betting line every week for geniuses like yourself" – do not mistake mine genius for mere talent: the latter does as it can, the former as it must. _______________ "Don’t fight the tape bro!" – don’t drink the kool-aid: it’s artificially flavored / reverts back its original state – pumpkin juice – end of kc’s missed the playoffs by THAAT much 2010 season, January 2 ______________ "Just a Few seats left on Chiefs bus" – just a few games (5) left kcinderella’s season __________________ "8-4 sounds good to me!" – have those auditory appendages examined – you’re tone deaf. DEN 49 kc 29 still resonates with me 3 weeks later. That sound grows louder and louder by the week is not the rain comin’ – be the SD SUPER-CHARGERS!

  12. Kerouac says:

    "look at the stats, basically dominated this game." – look at the cupcakes stats; the 30th ranked defense in the NFL, 19th vs rush & 31st vs pass.________________ "Take away the long pass in the fourth quarter and the blocked punt" – take away the 2 ints SEATT & their dropped passes and exchange "if’s & buts" for candies & nuts & viola! ____________________________ "the game was more in the 42-10 range" – perspective as beauty be in the eye the beholder, every hindsight comes in living 20/15 acuity rear view. For every kc fan says we should have beaten OAK, HOU, IND- hey – why stop there – everyone for that matter, we should be 11-0 – fans in SD, CLEV, BUFF say the same thing. To borrow from Linda Ellerbee, "so it goes."

  13. bschloz says:

    Kerouac do you post wearing your Daryle Lamonica pajamas? There isn’t one God Damn team that could come into THE NEW ARROWHEAD and deal with Chiefs attack. We already beat the Eff out S.D once…..what was wrong with that? To many raindrops? Just answer this question…Are The Chiefs Getting Better? Is Their arrow pointing up or down?—- We all know Seattle is a real pushover up there—hell everybody loves going to Seattle. You can have Orton and Gradowski —- Give me Cassel//Bowe baby the new Dawson//Taylor hookup. Go Chiefs! Bandwagon Officially Full!

  14. JimmyD says:

    I’m Pretty Sure..
    JP hit the nail right on the head. Excellent post

  15. Rainbow Man says:

    Bschloz nails it on the head
    "Just a Few seats left on Chiefs bus" is the comment of the day. The bus is filling up fast boys and girls… and we may have to let people stand in the aisle. Was anyone thinking 10 wins in August? It is VERY likely we will have at least 10 wins. I pity Denver.

  16. Rainbow Man says:

    these are a few of my favorite things
    1. Haley is the only person in town that has an excuse for the beard and pseudo mullet. If he keeps coaching like this… he can go get a stud earring. I will buy it for him.
    2. KU, KSU, and MU are all three in the top ten in hoops. We now live in the epicenter of college basketball. Who needs college football… we have The Chiefs, and we have college basketball.
    3. Boulevard is 21. Thanks Lord for Pale Ale.

  17. Rainbow Man says:

    Scratch the earring idea
    Maybe not. He may start looking like a tall version of Glazer.

  18. theKCeye says:

    Wright is pretty bad
    In my very limited time listening to Nick Wright, I’ve discovered the discussion of how incompetent/ill-prepared he is is just about as much of a waste of time as is listening to his show. Besides, anyone who makes KK the by far and away best on radio has to be bad……As for the Chiefs, Cassel and Bowe have looked unstoppable to date, it will be interesting to see if they can keep it up…check out my blog at kceye.blogspot.com on the tandem……Keep ’em coming, Greg.

  19. Kerouac says:

    Daryle could throw the ball more than 20 yards down the field – and in the air even _______________now to your furtive pleas mine rejoinders: bs bs’d – "We already beat the Eff out SD once" – we did? I thot we outswam them. A rain-enabled fluke punt return, several dropped passes by a SD team that still DOMINATED kc outgaining them by almost 200 yards? A SD team had an 37 to 22 minute edge in time of possession? A SD team sans its best WR Jackson and starting LT McNeil? A SD team within 3 yards a game tying or winning td with the rain pouring down & clock running out? All that equates kcinderella beating the Eff out of SD? I thot Carlin was dead. ______________________ "are The Chiefs Getting Better?" – till they play let alone beat anyone, no, they are not. Until they can do better than an 3-4 record against 2 sub .500, 4 .500 & 1 winning team, they are a below average team as said indicates. I remain unimpressed. ________________________ Una vez mas: they have played no one, beaten no one & impressed me not as such.

  20. chuck says:

    Ok, ok, ok, jeeze Keourac—-a little balance
    "I had nothing to offer anybody except my own confusion

  21. JP says:

    I’m wondering
    Is Kerouac really Danny Clinkscale in disguise? Danny is one reporter who seems to find every fault and deficiency with the Chiefs in the most minute places. Also, somebody remind Kerouac that this is the NFL and that every game is tough. BTW, by Kerouac’s logic, The Buffalo Bills should be 5-6 as they had the Ravens, Chiefs and Steelers beaten in OT, but ended up losing. "If ifs and buts were candy and nuts…"

  22. dp says:

    Sorry Haters- Cassel, Bowe and Charles are All Pro
    This team is having a great year. When the year started I thought best case was 8-8. We are in first place on December 1st. We are playing meaningful games in December. I had to pay for tickets for Sunday (unlike the last 4 years when people couldn’t give December tickets away). To the haters- sorry that we don’t play the Eagles and Patriots every week and are not 1-10. Sorry that if the season ended today Cassel, Bowe and Charles would all be Pro Bowlers. I really wish we could have Herm, Tyler Thigpen and Jerrod Page back. Sucks that our QB is a Top-5 passer with 22 TDs and 4 INTs and 99.7. Love how the squares like to blame Cassel for us being down 35-Zip in Denver. Should TD passes not count if the team loses? This team has a top 10 offense (yards and points). The defense gives up 21/game….better than Minny, New England and the Giants. Not to mention this is the best rookie class in 10 years for the team. Keep hating….

  23. Kerouac says:

    Release the angst! Pary the insecurity, discharge the pent up self-doubt be part & parcel chiefs fandumb the nascent, the uninitiated, the petrichor game one mirage. Neither deliverance or affirmation: simple vainglory. We shouldst recommission 2010 season "Gullible’s Travels" (sub-title, ‘There’s One Born Every Minute’.) __________ The truth is marching on and it gives no quarter nor pause consider whistle-stop kc. Choice is not static: naught relegated a matter groupthink or lock-step – no eins, zwei, drei vier marching, Marching, MARCHING football glory! Will be none. As Tom Bodett offers remedy weary traveler, Kerouac case the fallen auspices paper tiger raimented chiefs will "leave the light on for you." ___________________________ *ADDENDUM* While prefer Lamonica, by George even an dusty Blanda be better than the building of a ca$$el in the sky…Chargers by 17 over our duffer’s plowboys.

  24. Paul says:

    "I’D RATHER HAVE LAMONICA AT QB THAN ca$$EL" -spewed by Kerouac

    Please stop posting, douschebag….you’ve proven without a doubt that you know nothing about football.

  25. Kerouac says:

    loves it when they beg… more to come.

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