Hearne: King Kong Returning to Kansas City?

This just in…

Word on the street is that former Entercom and CBS radio heavy hitter Bob Zuroweste is back in town and up for the general sales manager slot at local classic rocker KCFX FM.

Could be dangerous…

It’s well known that Zuroweste – who recently parted company with Clear Channel in Ohio – has been itching to get back here to his hometown. He lorded over the local Entercom stations during the broadcast group’s pre recession hey days and he’s got an iPhone well-stocked with advertiser and marketing connections.

As well he should…

When it comes to selling classic rock radio in the Cowtown, Zuroweste has few peers. He all but single handedly ressurected former classic rock mainstay KY102 after its previous owner killed it off. But Z didn’t just bring it back. He nursed the station back to ratings and financial glory before Father Time (and The Fox) took a toll on KY’s long-in-the-tooth air staff and Entercom re-killed it off.

That was then.

KCFX has been the beneficiary of huge ratings increases since Arbitron abandoned its outdated diary system and went with people meters this past year. Combine that with Zuroweste’s knowledge of Entercom’s playbook and it could make for a killer combination.

Stay tuned.

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5 Responses to Hearne: King Kong Returning to Kansas City?

  1. chuck says:

    How does the "People Meter"
    work? ???

  2. Doog says:

    He would want to come back and work for the Dickey’s and Cumulus? Hope he’s able to negotiate a solid contract that prevents the Dickey-Doo’s from meddling with him.

  3. nick says:

    KY-102 Morning Show was AWESOME
    Your article made me remember the KY morning show with Max, Tannah & Moffet (CJ Price & Slacker contributed greatly also). For overall entertainmet, it may be the best radio show ever in KC. Max’s sense of humor was so funny. I miss hearing those guys. I’ve listened a little to the morning team on 93.3, one of the top-rated shows, and it’s NOTHING like MT&F….so bad. Thankfully we can still hear Slacker and Skid Roadie on 101.

  4. craig glazer says:

    Bob would be better than great…hope he goes there…they need him…super guy. Smart.

  5. jon says:

    Oh Nick, did you forget?
    Hearne’s Jack goes confidential was also part of KYs morning crew through the years except it was called Jack goes to the movies. That’s before morning radio turned to shit in this town.

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