Glazer: Humble Scribe Flaunts Chiefs Win

Think guarded optimism…

Chiefs quarterback Matt Cassel, the Franchise, and all pro wide receiver Dwayne Bowe have given  the team a real shot at winning the AFC West. Despite virtually everyone picking San Diego. In fact most pun dents still feel the Chargers have a shot at the Super Bowl. NFL anchor Terry Bradshaw even named the Chargers Phillip Rivers as the "number one quarterback in the NFL under 30." 

In fact Bradshaw’s Top 10 list did not even include Franchise Matt Cassel, who may be an All Pro this year.
Cassel now – without question or any doubt – is the Chiefs best quarterback since Len Dawson.

As this humble scribe wrote seven weeks back, "Matt is the Franchise." End of story to those who say, "What does Glazer know?"

Trust me, I know. 

Allow me to be even more humble…

D Bowe – for sure an All Pro this year with every receiving record a Chiefs wide out can have – benefited from my post about cooling it with the green and other things.

He has done just that. Cassel to Bowe is now like Montana to Rice. In fact the Randy Moss record of 23 touchdowns is within Bowe’s reach.
But lets not get too excited just yet.

The Chargers overall are much better than the Chiefs. They have a better defense while ours is still below average. And many more go-to receivers. We have one. And maybe a half with our tight end at times. Our running game is better. So it’s up in the air.

But we have a bright future.

Todd Haley has done a nice job. Thank you, Todd.
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16 Responses to Glazer: Humble Scribe Flaunts Chiefs Win

  1. chuck says:

    I am choking on crow feathers.
    He is a stud.

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    Thank You Clark Hunt, Scott Pioli, and Todd Haley
    Ahhh… The Chiefs are in good hands people. We have some serious talent…. and I am including the front office in that category.

  3. Kerouac says:

    kc now 0-1 vs a winner (HOU)… 2-2 vs .500 teams (IND, OAK, JAC, SEAT)… 1-1 vs sub .500 teams (DEN, ARIZ)… & 4-0 vs winless teams, just like every other team played them to thence. They are nigh on a 4-7 team, losses to SD, CLEV & BUFF as easily as 7-4. The cumulative record kc’s opponents before each game is: 21-38 .356 as in M-I-R-A-G-E. The aforementioned facts speak the truth: they’ve beaten no one, played no one and impressed no one who is objective. _____________________________________________________

    Next week, another 3-8 cupcake – yet the same team thoroughly dominated and embarrassed kc, easing up near 50 points in response kc’s cry ‘uncle’ – had they desired a 70 point total, it was theirs for the taking. Next Sunday at the home of the mirage, a ‘w’ might be the expectation and hope, but another ‘L’ would not surprise anyone. A’great team, a good team – even an average team – does not a) lose and b) by 3 scores to a 2-6 team… kc did. I rest my case for the moment. ____________________________________________

    Meanwhile, the rompin’ stompin’ Chargers dominate INDY in Indianapolis, same place kc was beaten by two scores. It’s going to be some kinda beat down by SD on the faux chiefs comin up. Pray for rain, pray to Providence, beg official misconduct the zebra-stripes… the AFC West will once again belong to the SD SUPER-CHARGERS. _____________________________________________

    Keep pumpin’ that narrative kool-aid down the pipeline a gullible kc fandumb – but remember: will only make the final football pratfall even more devastating. This is Kerouac, fresh off the road again, signing off for now.

  4. mark x says:

    ….you’re not funny, man
    "Cassel now – without question or any doubt – is the Chiefs best quarterback since Len Dawson." …………….. Craig, still smoking dope I see.

  5. rjb702 says:

    Cassel isn’t close to Len
    or even better than Green. Lets be real. This isn’t to say he can’t be, but he isn’t there yet.

  6. harley says:

    Pointing out…
    1. …Green…trent green…..cassell has not proven he’s even close to
    trent green…although time will tell…. Matt’s still at his first step…long
    way to equal green/dawson
    2. Cassell won’t be all pro…too many good qb’s in afc….rivers…
    brady….manning (although look bad last nite)…and probably one or two
    other qbs who get teams into playoffs like sanchez. Read the paper
    before making predictions like this.
    3. San Diego is….don’t think anyone can stop them now…
    chiefs just need to play their games and improve…still one game up
    on san diego….don’t know what happens if they tie san diego…
    but the chargers are on fire…ciefs might hope for wild card.
    4. You’ve changed your position on the chiefs and casdell more times
    than anyone … week he’s great…next week he’s awful….don’t
    take caredit for this one…..and like everyone else you only jumped on
    the bandwagon when he did good….if he loses to denver I’m sure youll
    be saying he’s no good…

  7. media man says:

    Glazer Is Correct
    I have read all your Chiefs posts. I am also in the media covering the Chiefs. Craig you are THE ONLY media guy to stay on board with Cassel. I get what you meant after his first four, you still thought he was very good, just not wanting to be in KC for many reasons. You were correct. Craig I also remember you and Nick Wright on the air when the Chiefs signed him, you said "he is the best player to make this team a winner we could get." Right again.

    I am always amazed when people attack you sir, your thoughts are usually pretty accurate. We all get upset with the Chiefs cause they are not totally there yet and have big letdowns. As you also pointed out the Chiefs defense is not too great yet. You have stated that all along. I also found it of interest to go with your thoughts that our short run game was poor that Haley, maybe he reads your posts, put in the D lineman Sean Smith in for the one yard touchdown run.

    None of us can be perfect on our calls, but after reading your posts you and Sam Melinger of the Star are the closest to being on target. So those of you who keep wondering if Glazer knows football. I’d bug off the guy is very sharp. Again nobody is perfect but Glazer only you, and nobody else in media stayed with Cassel. Like Petro said, "the chiefs are winning despite their quarterback." Early on. They all downed him but you. I like it the franchise. Yes he will be our best quarterback, barring injurty since Dawson. He is better than Trent Green right now. Nice work Glaze.

  8. Morman says:

    Cassel Has Become A Star
    Yeah Glazer all the media will have to eat dirt now. Matt is so cool. Now we will hear much more from him in the press. Love your posts. What about your "answer to the drug problem" story? Was waiting on that one, from your Cocaine Crazy series. But agree with you on your Franchise boy, he is super good. Yeah San Diego will likely nip us, too bad. But we are on the way to greatness. Go Big Red.

  9. Fogel says:

    Glazer with super hottie
    Saw our boy Glazer out at Midland last week. I was at the Jackyl Concert on Wednesday night. My pal pointed out Dare and Glazer on stage with the band. Is he, Glazer, really 50! My God he looks like at most 40. His date or girl he was with, holy moly, six foot bloned with giant boobies. Maybe 25 years old, hey Dares girl was no slouch. Johnny looks pretty young too, maybe 35 or so.

    Glazer want to be you when I get older brother. Rock on my crazy radio guy.

  10. hearne says:

    Face it
    You just won’t find a much humbler guy than Man Craig.

  11. hearne says:

    And he did not say that…
    Cassell was as good or better than Dawson. He said Cassell was the best Chiefs QB SINCE Dawson.

  12. craig glazer says:

    Humble Yeah Thats The Ticket!
    You go Hearne. Humble is my middle name.

  13. roger carson says:

    glazer is best sports guy in kc
    Ok. I’m now convinced you are best sports guy in KC, media. At least with pro football. I give up you win. Have a great holiday Craig and Hearne.

  14. pellboy says:

    Let’s Not Get carried Away
    Look, Cassel may indeed be the real deal and despite much criticism, the Chiefs coaching staff seems as though they knew what they were doing in bringing him along slowly, but let’s keep in mind that although somewhat solid and more importantly, generally mistake-free this year, Cassel’s only been really good for the last 2 1/2 games against some less than stellar competition. Got new for you, Craig, he has zero chance of becoming All-Pro this season with the near record-breaking, MVP-like season Philip Rivers is having.

    The TD passes have been great, but I think he earned even more points with his teammates when running down field the looking for someone to block. Always liked his toughness and leadership qualities, but wasn’t sure about his talent and skill level until recently. Seems like it’s all starting to come into sync.

  15. harley says:

    bullshit writers of comments
    I’m no journalist…and i don’t profess to be one…but in glazers
    posts there are always some suspcious writers who commend
    glazer to no end.
    Like media man…whoclaims he covers the chiefs but writes worse than
    me. He can’t help and stop himself by drooling over all of glazers
    "correct predictions" (which aren’t true) but I’, starting to notice these
    phony comments being placed that make no sense.
    Come on hearne…the phony posts are so stupid that even I can
    see thru them.
    I will show more. Stop them now.

  16. craig glazer says:

    Cassel is tough
    I spoke to a friend of mine at Woodside. His dad coached Cassel in high school. Said Matt started out as a safety and hit like a hammer. Very tough guy Cassel.

    No Matt will not be an All Pro, as in THE GUY. He likely if things keep up will be on the pro bowl team of the AFC. Likely it will be Tom Brady, Manning and Matt Cassel. Sure the Jets quarterback could figure in as well. They like to bring in a fresh name, that would be Matt. Bowe is a near shoe in, and maybe an All Pro. Same with Jammal Charles, all AFC possible All Pro. Lots of football left.

    Harley or is it Jo Jo, I have an old dog you might want to kick in your spare time.

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