Glazer: The End of Nightlife as We Know It


Hearne hit on a sad but strong point. Nobody was at the Plaza for the lighting ceremony.

Let me enlighten you further. Nobody is out at all, except shoppers on Black Friday. For the most part, the crowd going out for drinks and partying anymore is nonexistent. Sure, there is an okay Saturday here and there, but overall, it is d.e.a.d.

I hate to be the one bringing you the news you know but don’t want to hear. But the days of going out and looking for a hottie are pretty much gone. There are a handful of happy hour places in Johnson County that have a small crowd at times. But, you drive this city from 9 p.m. on any night of the week and it’s lookin’ pretty Monday night.

The holidays used to be a time when the college kids would flood the Plaza, Westport or now the Power & Light District. Or somewhere. College kids don’t really do that anymore. The bust on fake IDs – the DUI checkpoints – it’s all working because the city is dead.

The economy is a big reason. And, with today’s age of technology, who needs a nightspot when you can go download all the action.

I find it tragic.

Fortunately, this doesn’t apply to comedy as much since people still like to do that with dates or the wife or out-of-town guests. But still, it makes it harder.

I went out the night before Thanksgiving. I was headed to see Johnny Dare’s event at the Midland. Man, the night before Thanksgiving used to be a HUGE bar night when I ran Stanford’s in Westport. HUGE!

Kelly’s had lines to get in and so did we. That was only seven years ago!

On my way to the Midland, I went through the Plaza – empty. Westport – small crowd. Power and Light – quiet. Hit the Midland – they were packed. Sold out.

Thanks to Dare, post-show, Westport and Power and Light got kinda busy for an hour or two. Those 3,000 fans leaving the Midland helped 100 percent.

I guess in time we’ll see the demise of movie theaters and most nightclubs. Only commercial or fast food restaurants will remain, with curfews set at 10 p.m. for your own good.

But…we’ll have 5,000 movie channels and 69 football games on the tube. And we will all be in our own little prisons.

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9 Responses to Glazer: The End of Nightlife as We Know It

  1. Rainbow Man says:

    craig….there is another reason
    Craig– The average salary for educated women women under thirty now exceeds that of men under thirty. They also outnumber men in college.
    Women aren’t out there waiting for Mr. Right to buy them a drink anymore and the men have withered into "Fantasy Football" nerds. Now it is the women doing the hunting and they are doing it at work, online… whatever… But they are controlling the process.

    The men have pretty much given up. I am glad I came through Westport before this trend… Man it was fun. They really do not know what they are missing.

  2. harley says:

    Wrong again glazer…
    Should have come to waldo…or brookside. Imade my annual trip
    to hoopers and it was packed. Out south places were packed.
    And to inform you because you have no family…wednesday is
    a travel day in this nation when most people are headed to thanksgiving
    family gathering. I heard that the new labodega in op was jammed to the
    wall. Westport is dead…its been dead for years…plaza…it shut down
    all the places for young people including reverse…so why go to the
    plaza except for kona grill?
    Once again…you showhow old you r. Most people don’t hang out in
    bars anymore. For many its an expense that doesnt make sense.
    And if you think you’re going to find a wife there in thosebars or
    in a titty bar that you frequent I hope you’re not expecting a lasting
    You really need to stop trying to read the young people’s mind.
    And stop with the good ole day stuff. Its old and worn out.
    "the days of going out and looking for a hotties are long gone"…
    did you fail to realize this 4 or 5 years ago? Yes, Dui’s….$8 drinks
    and a down economy…especially for the 21-30 year olds have caught
    up with bar owners.
    Now let me fill you in on some things…
    Movie theaters will be a thing of the past….heard of netflix? Now why
    pay $8 a tic at theatre when 4 months later you can watch/download
    it at home for $7 a month. And popcorn and hot dogs don’t cost
    $8 each!
    Went to plaza 3 last week. Food was atrocious. Steak horrible.
    But you get free carrots/celeery! We could have bought 2steaks
    at mcgonigles…and wine and potatoes and salad for 2 people
    for $25…and saved $100. What do we need to drive to the plaza
    for food thats bad.
    Talked with my nephew who said p and l gets packed on weekends.
    Glazer times have changed. Kids are not doing what you did 40
    years ago running thru the city. One in 5 relationships start at the
    internet. And there are other things to do than hang out in bars!
    Small house parties….gatherings of friends….wine tastings at
    different retailers….it’s not like what it was during the 60’s when
    you were in your 20’s.
    things have really changed i guess….but the down eceonmy
    is really taking a toll on businesses like yours. People are not
    going out…very simple concept….money is tight and the nation
    is on an austerity kick.
    Watch the number of high def tv’s sold this xmas. People are staying
    at home more….there’s so much on tv you don’t have to go to
    out anymore…

  3. bschloz says:

    The BlogFather Is Back
    Welcome back jojo….I was afraid you lost your momo there for a while——Plaza Lights? I don’t get what the expectations are for this—Its not like its a festival or there is entertainment to support a night out to see Katie Horner or Bryan Busby..another words what did you expect………Sadly the Entertainment $$$ has become out of reach for most family’s and young adults. I’m shocked with the escalating and unsustainable path we are on….KC instead of trying to be like L.A. should strive to be more like Branson. $30-$50 for great entertainment and another $25 for food and drinks……Its was a great Holiday weekend lots of family and sports etc….brace yourself for a Volatile as fuck next two months. Eurozone USA trying to paper over all our problems ain’t gonna work….TBTF and TBTB ….tension in NK….ya’ll go out and get that new IPAD/Flatscreen. Peace.

  4. harley says:

    bschloz was at the broadmoore in colorado springs and didnt
    take me….thats my favrotie spot in the entire nation….beaufitufl
    scenery and resort….

  5. chuck says:

    Its the economy Craig. Still…
    Harley’s comment, " in 5 relatinships start on the internet…" I don’t know if it is true, but it is depressing. Welcome to Metropolis. —————-Smartman is gone, I think Harley killed him and will be up for murder soon. I hope he can still post in prison. What a fuckin hoot!————Somewhere, in the Inferno, in a circle even Virgil dreads, sit, at the bottom of a well, in stygian gloom, pederast grammer teachers, armed with pen lights in their teeth, up to their necks in Harley’s posts. They read, they check, they grade. They read, they check, they grade. They read, they check they grade…

  6. dogman says:

    Harley Is A Moron
    Brother, you say Glazer is wrong, then argue his points for him, why? He only explained as you did why its so dead out. He is right. I went out this weekend as well, yeah a few places were kinda busy for a minute in Brookside. The rest of KC I saw, very quiet Wed through Saturday night. Not like the good old days of the early 2000’s, not long ago. Yeah no young folks for the most part. I am 28 so not that old.

    Harley if Glazer was in his 20’s in the 60’s hed be like 65 plus. I read his book he is like 50 something. You sure hate him. I find you funny but kinda stupid as well. Good post Glazer.

  7. chuck says:

    I am gonna have to eat some crow Glazer-
    Cassell lit it the fuck up.

  8. harley says:

    I don’t dislike glazer
    in fact i think he’d be a blast to party with. And i’ve said before in
    comments that this is one guy with guts and a never say die
    attitude…which you hardly see in america today.
    The guy gets knocked down and gets back up again and again and
    again….how can you not love this guys attitude.
    I think he needs to do strong research before writing his columns.
    They are sometimes based on poor factual backgrounds.
    The guy blows his own horn (not the way you think) but because noone
    else in this town will give him any credit he goes out and creates his
    own persona and deserves kudos for it.
    we may disagree on the things he writes…but the guys got guts…
    more than anyone else who run this area.
    He’s a dreamer…and it’s probably too bad that most people don’t listen
    to some of his ideas because he has some good ones.
    but we agree to disagree and his attitude about talking about the
    good ole days is obsolete. In todays world the good ole days
    was 5 days ago the way things change so quickly. Kc is a big
    town…notice i didnt say city….and is dropping on the list of cities
    based on population. Lets get back to what made kc great.
    When the city fathers made the decision to run off the agricultural
    companies with their "prime time" campaign and try to make kc
    cosmopolitan it killed this city. We could have been the agricultural
    center of the world with hundreds of major ag companies located here.
    Instead we ran them off. And with the huge profits now being seen
    in the ag arena we could have been the most important city in this
    area in the world.
    We chose not to. Bad decision. We are what we are…a great city
    with a great lifestyle and great people. And we don’t want the rest
    of the world to discover us…because then they’ll come and ruin our
    great city.

  9. harley says:

    read my comments…i don’t knw how old the guy is…but from his
    writing i believed he’s in late 50’s. But age is a thing of mind over
    matter….if you don’t mind…it don’t matter.
    I write to entertain you people. I am not an author or news reporter
    but do have some smarts from personal and business connections.
    But this town and it’s people are who they are….in my long winded
    post i said what others have been saying and what i’ve seen.
    I know some bar owners and many business owners in kc
    and thats what they tell me.
    Times hae changed….kids do things different….they don’t converse
    with each other…they text (horrible). Can’t stand texting…pick up the
    phone. But these are our future leaders when me and glazer are
    sitting at john knox village. So that’s life.
    I am opinionated…i do research and scour the web for news and info…
    and love discussing current events and happenings.
    take all of our writings with a grain of salt…all of us…inclduing glazer
    and hearne and tony and maria are really just amatuers when we’re compared with the really professional/resourceful/intelligent/fact based writers on the
    internet today. thanks and happy holidays.oe

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