Tony: Demand More Than Local Leftovers

Now’s the time when trite sentimentality dominates the news cycle at the expense of every other kind of news.

Luckily, online readers know that challenging the status quo during the holiday season is the best way to bring everybody down and spoil so much corporate propaganda.

For the most part local mainstream news coverage is just a minor interruption from advertisements to keep people buying things they don’t need. But with the ongoing downward economic spiral, I’m hoping that local plebs will start pushing back.

Therefore, let’s look at a few mainstream media news cliches that demonstrate local reporters are phoning it in:

Black Friday and X-Mas Retail News – Yes, people are going to spend money they don’t have this holiday season. But that really doesn’t impact the rest of the year as much as people initially reported. For instance, last year featured somewhat optimistic returns for the Holidays but the mass layoffs and the "jobless recovery" continued long after the weather warmed up.

Remember that the new economy includes a China and India and they don’t really make a big deal of X-mas, not even with all those American jobs.

Good Deeds Done Dirt Cheap – Charity is great and it helps ease the lingering feeling of white guilt that dominates popular culture. However, so many people this year advocated for less healthcare for the poor, tax cuts for the rich and continued support for TWO WARS that no longer have any clear objectives. Put simply, it’s time to debunk the notion that people can spend most of the year being complete bastards and then work it all off by donating a few nickles.

Hope For The New Year – Change starts now no matter what local newsies report. Most people know that New Year’s Diets fail along with all the rest of their resolutions. Waiting for a time or date to start anew puts hopes and dreams on a false time-line.

There’s no time like the here and now.

And waiting a month to gorge on bad holiday food or getting liquored up during X-mas parties just doesn’t make sense. I encourage everyone to start their resolutions sooner in order to get the failure out of the way quicker.

For my part, this holiday season, I’m gonna be even less cheerful.

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2 Responses to Tony: Demand More Than Local Leftovers

  1. chuck says:

    I’m gonna go throw up.
    Botello is right.

  2. chuck says:

    There has been, in the last ten years
    an astonishing transfer of American wealth.——% of US Population % of Wealth Owned
    Top 1% 38.1%
    Top 96-99% 21.3%
    Top 90-95% 11.5%
    Top 80-89% 12.5%
    Top 60-79% 11.9%
    General 40-59% 4.5%
    Bottom 40% 0.2%

    This website is so fucked—I have no idea how this will look, Herne, do you actually care what people have to say here?—–Check out Edward N. Wolf, this site will not let me quote.————Wall Street fucks like Lloyd Blankfien, shit heels at Morgan Stanley, all traded in Mortgaged Backed Securities WHILE FULLY KNOWING the deleterious effect it would have on the Amercan economy.——-Google this shit. Bush’s 2 trillion dollar war, in combination with no tarrifs and sending middle calss jobs overseas, in combination with Patrician elite fucks have killed our country.———–Killed what America was. _________Killed what hope any middle class American had for their children’s future.———–In China, they line guys like Lloyd Blankfien from Goldman Sachs up against a wall – and they shoot the fucker dead.————Iget fuckin exorcised with this shit and type too fast but goddamn those greedy fucks to hell.——I have so many friends out of work and trying to feed the kids, it jsut makes me fuckin sick.———–America my fuckin ass. Pat Buchanan was and IS right.—We need tarrifs and shitload of inflation.—-Fuck Wall Street and fuck US bank, Bank of America, and Bank of who gives a fuck—-FUCK EM!!!!———–Just got off of the phone with a buddy who has moved his family into his Grandmothers basement.———–FUCK BANKS AND FUCK WALL STREET!!

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