Hearne: Beatles Reunion Tonight at Thanksgivingstock in Waldo

Do not – repeat, do not – miss the band 5-Play tonight at The Well in Waldo…

Those are strong words, but Well main man Chris Lewellen says he’s standing firm behind them.

And he’s got stronger words where those came from – just wait!

"No one’s ever heard of them but they have this cult-like following of Catholics from like 15 years ago," Lewellen says. "And they stopped playing together like three years ago but they reunite every Wednesday before Thanksgiving and they bring so many people in. For us, it’s like the Beatles. I’m not kidding you.

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3 Responses to Hearne: Beatles Reunion Tonight at Thanksgivingstock in Waldo

  1. Ross says:

    I can’t believe it….
    So, once you become an advertiser on here, you get automatic editorial promoting your businesses? I can’t believe you have the nerve to call The Star out on on anything they do when this site is just one big f*cking advertorial.

  2. chuck says:

    You could do a lot worse than promoting
    Andy and Chris L. Good guys.

  3. hearne says:

    Nice hyperbole, Ross
    Let me get this straight, you want to buy an ad?

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