Glazer: Death by Deer, Drunks Gone Wild & Coulier Does Jardine’s

Not everything that goes down in the comedy game is a laughing matter…

Far from it.

Last week Stanford and Sons hosted the national Laughing Skulls Comedy Contest. I had just gotten back from LA, so I wasn’t there to be a judge but Channel 4 sent a reporter to judge, XM Radio sent a DJ and my father Stan Glazer was judge number three.

And 10 comics from all across the nation did their thing in front of a good-sized crowd.
What happened next was both weird and sad.

The two winners go to Atlanta for the finals in a few weeks. And to win this contest is always a career builder.

Then the young lady who came in second, but still made the finals, Andy Erikson, was called to the stage to accept her win.

And she got a cell phone call on her way to the mic and she began crying on the stage, My brother, Jeff, thought they were tears of joy. Wrong! The call was to tell her that her father had just hit a deer on the highway, it went through the windshield and had killed him.

 That didn’t leave us with much to say in front of a packed house with no idea whatsoever was happening.

Man, what an unreal moment. My brother said she took it hard – very hard – but  thanked the judges and audience and told them how proud her father would have been. How awful of a thing to happen to such a nice person. What a horrible situation for Andy. We wish her well.
Then last weekend we had comedy star Dave Coulier, of the television show Full House fame. Dave was Uncle Joey on the show with Bob Saget, the Olsen Twins and John Stamos, who now stars on Glee. Dave had that well known line, "Cut it out!" and was Mister Clean Cut.

Similarly his comedy show is clean as well, no  foul language. Mister nice guy.

The first show Saturday was sold out, nice upper crust crowd. But two people there – a man and his girlfriend – came in singing the theme song to Full House. The customers at the bar asked them to please be quiet but they didn’t.

And when the show started the lady, who was a nice looking well-dressed 30s sort, kept yelling out "DAVE COULIER!" over and over while he was on stage. So much so that Dave had to ask her to cool it. She continued to disrupt the show and Dave and he said, "Miss, please be quiet or we will send people over to throw you out!" 

Finally two doormen came over to her and asked her to pipe down. She didn’t, so they wanted her to leave.

Next thing I know, she came flying up to me at the outside bar telling me that people were trying to jump her, – she meant the doormen. They hadn’t. She was blind drunk. Her man came out with her later and was also speaking oddly. I told them to please be quiet and either watch the rest of the show or go home.

They cussed me out and he got very loud and threatening.

So I took off my jacket and said, go ahead and take the first shot at me. That way I’d  be defending myself and I would not be the guilty party – he would be. I yelled at him; he yelled back. Then we got out in the walkway outside the club. But he really didn’t want to fight.

Figures, he just wanted to scream.

Luckily only a few people were out in the bar area to see or hear it. Of course they found it entertaining, seeing me go off and the drunk people yelling at me. The cops came and the guy – turns out he was from England – told the cops the American flag on their shirt was shit. Then English dude pushed one of the five cops. That was it. Next thing he was on the ground handcuffed. Meanwhile his girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs the entire time the cops were arresting him. What a nightmare ending to their Full House Night.

Never expected that at a Dave Coulier Show. Dave never saw it, he was still on stage being funny. Strange.
Afterwards Coulier and I took a couple young ladies to Jardine’s to listen to some jazz. It must have been around midnight. Hearne had told them we were coming and the band started playing the Full House theme after we walked in.

This time things went much better.

Coulier got out his trusty harmonica and did a set with the band and the crowd loved it. Dave is a talented guy. He directed two commercials for this year’s Superbowl. Hope they don’t’t use the Full House Theme for background music. Or that nutty lady’s screaming for that matter.
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8 Responses to Glazer: Death by Deer, Drunks Gone Wild & Coulier Does Jardine’s

  1. chuck says:

    Sounds like a Twi Light Zone episode.

  2. bschloz says:

    Craig this is what blogging is all about…thanks for sharing……………………..
    Stumbled on this doc. on Netflix —-great little flick..……..I think I might be addicted to this….……..Happy Holidays To All!!!

  3. harley says:

    regardless of who starts a fight in a bar…you could get in serious trouble.
    If you hit someone who you know is drunk you could be in trouble.
    Especially if they hit you first and you have a chance to walk away.
    And mot important is someone who is drunk…and you hit them…and
    they fall and get serious injuries…you cold have some serious
    legal issues.
    Best things to immediately call police or get them out of your club
    and onto common area or public area then shut the door and keep
    them from coming back.
    Hav ing worked as a doorman wee were given instructions on how
    to handle losers…especially drunks.
    One thing to remember….NEVER GET INTO A FIGHT WITH SOMEONE WHO
    IF something bad happens you have everything to lose and the
    drunk is probably a fucking loser and has nothing.
    Be careful…the law is so fucked up about these kinds of things.
    Hitting a drunk can turn out to be a horrible ending.
    take care…..

  4. harley says:

    one other thing…
    if you incite someone to hit you…such as saying "come on hit me" you
    could become liable for damages. Just get people like that out ofyour
    club…shut the door…call the police and let them handle things…
    you have to much to lose..
    and if something should happen…like you hit the drunk guy and he
    falls on his head and dies…you have problems.
    Keep a cool head….it’s not worth losing everything over this fucking

  5. bschloz says:


  6. craig glazer says:

    Good Point
    Well for once Harley is not attacking me, good advice. BShcultz is always on target. Thank you for your opinions and I do agree. I try and stay out of this crap these days for that reason. Stanfords has very few problems, cause we are a comedy club not a nightclub. So rarely is there an issue. I think in four years here at Legends thats the thrid time we’ve had to call security to come and handle a problem person. You hate when it happens cause like you said no good comes of it. In the future I will have security called quiker. I like giving people a chance to be cool, but usually it doesn’ work out, they want attention.

  7. Robertoe says:

    the perpetrator
    yeah well JoJo told me he wasn’t drunk, Dave wasn’t funny and you started it!

  8. craig glazer says:

    You Got It.
    Busted! Hah.

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