OTC: The Bo Show Embarrasses Nebraska & College Football


“Should be a pleasant week for Nebraska football. No pressure or anything. No hot debates about (allegedly) slanted officiating. Pass the cranberries, and cover up the little ones’ ears.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: If you’re a member of the media who has even a passing interest in covering or commentating on Nebraska football, the holidays got kicked off a bit early for you after Bo Pelini’s nationally televised out-of-control, embarrassing, f-bomb dripping, Martinez ripping, projectile spitting, referee hitting performance on the Nebraska sideline at Texas A&M on Saturday night.
“Let’s talk Big 12 conspiracy. I’ve heard from everyone but Mel Gibson and Oliver Stone on Sunday. I’m still not buying it. But I’m willing to listen. Here’s my problem: I despise using the referees as an excuse. Sure, I admit, the zebras can drive you nuts. Late in Saturday’s game, when a Big 12 ref threw a flag on Texas A&M and picked it up, I said out loud, ‘Can Nebraska just go to the Big Ten right now?’ … Here’s what I think the real conspiracy is: It’s the Big 12 officials vs. Bo Pelini.”
Tom Shatel, columnist, Omaha World Herald
GH: I agree. Referees do not conspire together to job one team over another…not at the BCS level. Many Nebraska fans will disagree with me on this point and there are plenty of stats (and a few videos) to back up those Husker fans’ arguments. The far bigger problem for Nebraska when it comes to referees is how Bo Pelini garners zero respect from the zebras – and in my opinion doesn’t deserve any.
“It’s not very often that I think a coach dictates the outcome of a game by his actions but I think that happened in Pelini’s case. I really think that team became discombobulated on the sideline because of Bo’s anger. I’ll guarantee you that that created a ripple on that football team that affected if they were gonna win that game.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
“Judging from my e-mail bin, Nebraska fans are debating: A) If Big 12 game officials deliberately are trying to put the screws to the Huskers on their way out the Big 12’s door; or B) If officials merely are tired of Pelini’s sideline ranting and raving, and are cutting him and his team no slack.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: Good to hear that not all Nebraska fans think this is just the Big 12 sticking it to the Huskers. Many think they are sticking it to the Huskers because of the Bo Show.
“Texas A&M’s victory Saturday night over Nebraska seems to be the gift that keeps on giving when it comes to good copy and interesting video.”
Chuck Carlton, reporter, Dallas Morning News
GH: Click here to view two videos from the NU/A&M game that Carlton makes reference to in his article. In one, it is fairly obvious that Nebraska’s tight end Ben Cotton is seen having his testicles repeatedly grabbed by an A&M player. Cotton reacts by kicking toward the offending player. Cotton was flagged twice after this play for a total of 30 yards. He was also verbally assaulted by Bo Pelini as he came to the sideline. Cotton is the son of Barney Cotton, Nebraska’s offensive line coach. Cotton should have reacted with more poise but how can Pelini expect his players to show any poise in the heat of a game when his own in-game actions resemble Jack Nicholson in The Shining?
“We don’t know if that’s true or not but we’ve heard it from a lot of people.”
Nate Bukaty, stating that the reason Pelini was so upset with Martinez was that the quarterback texted his father at halftime that he was going to be alright, 810 AM
GH: The rumor, and that is all it is at this point, is that Martinez told the trainers to wait to treat his injury until he was done texting his dad. This supposedly is why Pelini went All-Star Wrestling mad on his redshirt-freshman quarterback. If Martinez was my son and I witnessed how Pelini treated him and how Martinez stood strong and took it, I would be proud of my son and embarrassed that Pelini doesn’t possess near the composure as my 20-year-old son. I also would not be sending any more sons to play for the Flying Pelinis.
“Martinez, you could just see it in his eyes that he didn’t really give a care (after he was verbally reprimanded by Pelini).”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: I don’t agree with Barnett on this count. I didn’t see anything from Martinez in the second half that indicated he didn’t give a care about winning at A&M. He just physically wasn’t able to do what he needed to do because of his ankle injury. Rather, I thought the kid showed some real heart.
“He’s still on the team.”
Bo Pelini, when asked to respond to rumors that Taylor Martinez had quit the Nebraska team, Omaha World Herald
GH: The Twitter world was abuzz Sunday night with rumors that Martinez had quit the team. It appears Martinez remains a member of the Huskers squad but I’m not so sure those rumors were false. Nebraska sources say Martinez did walk out of a Sunday meeting and quit the team. Apparently, he is now back.
“I’ll tell you one thing, it wasn’t the referees who lost that game for Nebraska!”
Aaron Swarts, 810 AM
GH: There is little love for Nebraska on 810, 610, or even in The Star. Nebraska is leaving the conference and most of the local media is damn happy about it. Pelini’s performance on Saturday was like an early Christmas present – even for the Jewish members of the local media.
“If I was a Nebraska fan, I’d be angry too.”
Todd Leabo, 810 AM
GH: There isn’t an ardent fan who would not be upset if it was their team who was flagged 16 times to A&M’s two and had crucial call after crucial call go against their team allowing A&M to gain a 9-6 win. It’s just what fans do when they perceive injustice. Same as fans who revel is Nebraska’s meltdown. It’s part of being a fan.
“Granted, you could make a case that Nebraska lost its second game of the season because of bad officiating. But great teams rise above bad officiating. Great men rise above it instead of letting it consume them. Bottom line, Saturday night was bad publicity for a proud athletic program, a proud university.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
GH: What he said.
“(Harvey) Perlman (NU’s Chancellor) said he felt uneasy about the numerous camera shots of Pelini’s outbursts. The chancellor said that he spoke Sunday morning with Athletic Director Tom Osborne about Pelini’s conduct and that Perlman, Osborne or both would talk to Pelini about his decorum.”
Mitch Sherman, writer, Omaha World Herald
GH: I am a guy sitting in Kansas City and I was uneasy with Pelini’s rants. I can only imagine what the Nebraska Chancellor was feeling.
“Bo has a lot of passion for his football team and there is a strong upside to that. But again, overall, the conduct was unfortunate last night.”
Harvey Perlman, Omaha World Herald
GH: Lot of speculation as to what Perlman will do today. Suspend Bo? Spit on him? Make him coach the basketball team and trade faces with KSU’s Frank Martin?
“Bo couldn’t have been more distracted taping his weekly coaches show Saturday nite (aired Sunday). Hard to watch, yet I couldn’t look away.”
Rich Kaipust, Omaha World Herald writer, Twitter
“I guarantee you that (Colorado game) is going to be a tough game for Nebraska to win, even though it’s in Nebraska. I would pick Colorado to win this game with all that stuff going on.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: The Buffs and Huskers meet in Lincoln for the final time on Friday. There will be very few fans outside the Nebraska family rooting for the Huskers. Pelini has made Nebraska that much of an enemy that even nomad Colorado is a favored son.
“If the Huskers do get in the last word (on who is the final Big 12 champion), I’m guessing it’ll be of the four-letter variety, at least from the Pelini camp.”
Steve Sipple, columnist, Lincoln Journal Star
“Nebraska is the best-coached team in the league.”
Mike DeArmond, two weeks ago on PowerMizzou.com
GH: If you want to know why Nebraska puts up with the Bo Show and the Flying Pelinis, here is your answer. Winning makes us blind to what all others see.
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24
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25 Responses to OTC: The Bo Show Embarrasses Nebraska & College Football

  1. bschloz says:

    Ghost Of Woody Hayes
    Bubble Gum Boy went freaking psycho in Prime Time–
    "Winning makes us blind to what all others see" NE football is royalty…your suppose to win up there………. Sorry but I don’t care what Martienez did or didn’t do, at the end of the day he is an injured 19 yr old….Fuck Trapeeze boy for that ass chewing on National TV. Also big mistake putting him in in 2nd half…Frankly I thought that turned the tide……..On a positive note, I would love to coach 22 players named Burkhead!

  2. Mitch Cumstein says:

    Armageddon at Arrowhead
    Mizzou: 14 penalties for 141 yards
    Kansas: 2 penalties for 26 yards

    Final score: Mizzou 36, Kansas 28

    Just sayin’.

  3. Cliffy says:

    The Pelini buffoons …
    No specific mention of Carl here but he makes Bo look worthy of a GQ cover. Anybody have access to the Neb. lockerroom to confirm whether or not he has a tail?

  4. mark x says:

    …this just in from Mark Mangino:

  5. axel says:

    little brothers (MU&KSU) are jealous…
    …that Bo Pelini is not at their program competing for b12 titles. Sure he gets pissed and yells at kids and officials alike. We’ll call this passion to the nth degree. Do his players have his respect….just look at the team’s record since he took over for that answer. he is a helluva football coach who gets loose sometimes…who gives two shits? he’s not cheating, he didn’t have to kick a digital penetrator off the team…so what if he yells at his players?.. As for the refs, 16-2 pentalties including a picked up flag is a little suspect. But if the offense could score a friggen touchdown, we win, game over, refs can’t take that away from you. Go Big Red.

  6. Tim says:

    So GH…
    What should happen to Bo in your opinion? Curious to see how it lines up with our thoughts on Haley.___Husker fans should be embarrassed of this turd and his brother. What was once a classy program has now desperately resorted to this win at all costs doosher for a coach. Sad

  7. Greg says:

    GH: What would I do w/ Bo?
    GH: If I was Tom Osborne I would have gone down to the locker room at halftime of the A&M game and told Bo he was done for the rest of the game. I would have named one of he assistants (not Carl) as the acting head coach for the remainder of the game. I would have explained to the team that everyone is accountable in this program including the head coach. It would have sent a message to college football that we do things differently at Nebraska and it is time for Pelini to understand that. I then would have then met w/ Pelini to decide when he would again be reactivated as the head coach. His understanding of how embarrassing his actions were Saturday night would have dictated my decision on when he would return.

  8. Gavin says:

    No, I’m not jealous that you have Pelini. Don’t get me wrong, I’m jealous that you guys are competing for the league title and, if push came to shove, I’d accept Pelini’s boorish show if it meant a significant uptick in the performance of our team, but the guy is a joke and an embarassment and you should be embaraassed by him. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————-You set up a false dilemma where you make it seems as if you could have either a classy coach OR one that wins, but not both and that’s just not the case. If you want proof, look back to Tom Osborne. I disagreed with a lot of the guy’s decisions (playing Lawrence Phillips chief among them) but Osborne didn’t have to go around spitting on people and acting like an amped up fuckwit to win his games. if that’s the only way Pelini knows how to win, then he won’t be doing it long. One day he’ll stroke out or make a bad decision in the heat of the moment and it will cost him a lot more than one game.———————————————————————————————————————————————— I also think it’s interesting how you (and apparently all of Big Red Nation) wave this off with the tacit agreement "We’ll call this passion to the nth degree." Oh, we will, will we? Acting like a jackass is just "passion" to you? OK, but I thought winning well and being classy were supposedly the hallmarks of Nebraska’s football program. i recall wanting Nebraska to win once upon a time because every other good program (Miami, Oklahoma, Florida State) all seemed to be populated by cheaters, thugs and miscreants. Now I know that it was just "passion to the nth dgeree" and that makes everything okay. You can have your passion to the nth degree, but you can’t have Pelini and have a classy program too. You can still have classy fans and an electric gameday atmosphere, but as long as Bo is your head coach, a truly classy-from-the-top-down football team will always elude you.

  9. mark x says:

    RE: Greg 02:12:31 PM – Mon. Nov 22. 2010
    Bwahahaha …. now that’s funny! ________________ (yes, I realize that’s a joke) St. Thomas of Lincoln was/is no saint himself.

  10. MrOlathe says:

    There is a correlation here with Bo and Mangino. After MM went after the officials re the Texas bullshit call (which he was entirely correct) he did not get the benefit of any calls.

  11. Tim says:

    Agree with you Greg
    But lets face it, Tommy O is more concerned about winning than dicipline. Larry phillips is the perfect example of that. Nothing has been done nor will be done as expected.

  12. axel says:

    Oh Gavin, so much you have to learn
    Your false dilemma comment makes no sense.

    Bo won’t be coaching long eh. Such a telling comment from a rube. The man has been coaching since 1994, at the Pro and college level; been apart of Super Bowl champions and NCAA champions. He has a proven record of being a winner. Yes, he is/can be a hot head. Does that define the man?

    Then you compare Free Shoe University and Thug U Miami to Nebraska because our coach yells at people. Nice correlation there fella, rock that GED.

    non-sequitor. Look it up….. It applies to your ramblings.

  13. Redfan says:

    Damn…as a Husker fan
    that was brutal. Yeah, they got jobbed on way too many calls (including a highly questionable if not flat out wrong late hit on Courtney Osborne that basically decided the game) but Bo has got to change his tact on this shit. It’s like the guy who constantly yells at his kids…eventually, they tune you out. Taylor looked real upset over the ass chewing he got huh? I don’t think I’ve ever seen a different facial expression out of that guy, good or bad………………..BTW, Greg, I had a couple football coaches in grade school back in Omaha who could put Pelini to shame with their tirades:)

  14. Redfan says:

    Breaking out the LP references all over the place.

  15. Mitch Cumstein says:

    I’m not Gavin …
    … but it takes a dipshit of a higher level to trash someone’s intelligence and then misspell the word you’re attempting to trash them with …
    It’s Non-Sequitur. Maybe you should have looked it up … Here, let me help you … http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/non+sequitur

  16. Gavin says:

    If you want to make fun of me by using a Latin term, it might be funnier if you actually knew how to spell it. It’s called "non sequitur." Look it up yourself. I already know what it means.———————————————————————————————————————————————————–
    As for Pelini coaching a long time, absolutely he’s en excellent d-coorindator. And that schtick he has wears well for a guy like that. Look at Gunther Cunningham. Same general attitude but without all the saliva. How was he has a head coach? And he’s an absolute pantywaist in terms of stroke-inducing attitude compared to Pelini.—————————————————————
    What I don’t understand is why Nebraskans feel so defensive about this. You guys are winning and may go on to take the league championship and that’s great, but why not just admit that Pelini goes too far? Instead it’s all "KU fans would kill to have Pelini" and "K-State fans are just jealous!" Pretty much everyone around here has had an embarrassing incident the last year. KU has had the double whammy of it’s morbidly obese coach getting run out of town on a rail for acting, well, like Pelini added to the misery induced by Lew Perkins. K-Sate fans have had to deal with the Ron Prince buyout and Mizzou crapped the bed by trying to get the Big Ten to take them instead of you guys. The most hardcore, be-true-to-your-school fans on here (Cliffy, the otherwise loathsome Ptolemy, and, immodestly, myself) have all admitted some embarrassment, but you Nebraska fuckers just can’t admit that maybe Pelini has a problem and should shut his fucking mouth. Why is that?

  17. Cliffy says:

    Axel …
    … it’s pretty obvious you’re no matchfor Gavin. Give it up. ¶

  18. Cliffy says:

    Oops … meant to add another paragraph.
    I have no problem with you Nubs clinging to Bo. No big deal. He wins. But quit making excuses for him. His actions are indefensible. Just stop. It’s embarrassing.

  19. axel says:

    my bad on Non-Sequitur….
    But you rubes got the gist…..Cliffy, didn’t your step-mother teach you that jerking off others in public is usually frowned upon? Keep that garbage to yourselves.

    – Gavin, G Cunningham was an NFL coach only read that again, NFL only, no college experience. The college game does not translate to the pros (see Bill Callahan, Nick Saban, Spurrier). Kids are playing for passion, not paychecks….a little bit of a different motivator.

    I’ll be the first "Nebraska Fucker" to say he is a hot head. Yeah, he yells. Yeah, 2 years ago Dr. Tom told him to tone it down….and he has. And this game got to him and he cut loose. So what? No, a replica of Dr. Tom he is not; that is not a bad thing. God Bless Turner Gill, but not all coaches have the ability to teach a college age kid without a little yelling and fire breathing.

    Go Big Red. Enjoy the Texas 10 little brothers.

  20. Cliffy says:

    Hey Axel!!
    Any more non-sekwiterz? Enjoyed your little fit. You and Bo have something in common.

  21. Rainbow Man says:

    Pelini is on the clock
    He is toast. Not only did he embarrass Husker Nation… He blew a chance at the national title with an inexcusable loss to crummy Texas, and his conduct blew the A&M game.
    I believe he is done.

  22. newbaum turk says:

    Bubba Starling
    Pelini is making that decision for Starling to play pro baseball easier and easier. You think he wants to pass up 5 or 10 million bucks to go play for that guy for free (or whatever Nebraska players get paid)?

  23. pucKChaser says:

    Good teams overcome
    Ohio State 8 pen – 73 yards, Iowa 4 pen – 25 yards
    Ohio State 20 Iowa 17 — OSU on the road

    Arkansas 8 pen – 49, MSU 4 pen – 29
    Arkansas 38 MSU 31 — Ark on the road

    Penn State 5 penalties, Indiana none
    Penn State 41, Indiana 24 — Penn State on the road.

    Guess what Husker fan. Get used to it. You aren’t going to get any calls your first few years in the Big 10, either.

    Perhaps if you had a disciplined coach who acted with some dignity you could overcome little things, which are part of the game, like penalties.

  24. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Read Martinez’ lips

  25. W Jones says:

    GH: There is little love for Nebraska on 810, 610, or even in The Star. Nebraska is leaving the conference and most of the local media is damn happy about it. Pelini

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