Hearne: KU’s Ticket Scandal King

The poster child for KU’s now-infamous ticket scandal?

There are so many – five at last count and counting – but for most people with ties and connections to KU sports, it was Williams Fund honcho Rodney Jones. The party boy was everybody’s best friend when they needed a ticket schmooze and nobody’s after the you-know-what hit the fan. Jones even hung with KU basketball great Danny Manning, says one source who asked not to be named.

There’s more…

"Rodney ran with a lot of people who would probably say now that they didn’t run with him," adds another. "I know that everybody at KU loved Rodney because he was the one guy at KU where if you needed tickets, you could go to Rodney. Rodney was the guy everybody went to – I mean everybody – I don’t care if you were Mark Mangino. Rodney ran with everybody – Rodney was Mr. Fun for a lot of people. He was friends with Bill Self and (interim KU Athletic Director) Sean Lester. "

When KU assistant coach Kurtis Townsend needed basketball tickets to schmooze porn star Samantha Ryan earlier this year, "Rodney was the guy," says the source. "I’m not throwing Rodney under the bus…All I know is that Rodney was one of those guys people trusted. He was the discreet guy people could go to and say, ‘I met this hottie at the Granfalloon and get her four seats’ and he would do that and people trusted him to be discreet. Rodney knew how to let Monica Lewinsky in the back door without tellinbg anybody."

What’s that expression about absolute power?

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3 Responses to Hearne: KU’s Ticket Scandal King

  1. harley says:

    Bill self……going down
    I really like bill self…but from the rumors and talk going around
    (including marias post here)I think he’s opening up a can of worms
    with what he’s doing.
    Eventually, he will go down. there’s too much crap going on around him
    not to know what it is. He’s allowing hoodlums into the bball program…
    letting in marginal kids because theyu can play….one and gone players
    with problems that once they go to the nba the problems linger.
    I have heard that this bball program is on the downslide. self has
    gotten into the mud with the restof the crappy coaches and recruiters.
    Look for him to have an out….and that out is to move to stillwater.
    it’s coming and I hate to see it. Self has to clean up the image and do
    it quickly. Storms are gathering and when this ticket thing is done and
    the indicted people start singing instead of doing jail time…its not going
    to be pretty.
    Maria…tell us more about the rumors you heard. They probably are

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    harley has a point
    There has been a preponderance of hood rat in the Self lineup…. The fight with the football team got erased.. Collins was a little weird in his departure.. more tats, russians, twins… Morningstar’s dad, Chalmers’ dad, and now we are supposed to celebrate the arrival of Selby… after a violation… It is a tad flaky…

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    winning cures all ills

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