Glazer: Cassel – the Most Valuable Player on the Chiefs

The Chiefs Franchise quarterback, Matt Cassel is on his way to the top of the NFL.

As you know, I dubbed Matt THE FRANCHISE about six weeks back. Guess what? He now is just that! Matt Cassel is THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ON THE CHIEFS, PERIOD. He is worth the paycheck he receives. Ranked number 8 in the NFL overall and 2nd in touchdowns to INTs. The guy is simply, "Very Good."

For those of you who said, "Glazer knows dick about football," hmmm. I only doubted him early due his headcase problems. The guy didn’t want to be here for a season and a quarter. It showed. Now he has accepted the team, the coach and the city. Likely we will hear much more from THE FRANCHISE in the media as time rolls forward.

Dwayne Bowe is even closer to being an All Pro. His numbers are now simply huge. He has surpassed both Otis Taylor and Chris Burford as the Chief with the most touchdowns through the air (tied with Burford).

For the first time since Otis Taylor, the Chiefs have an elite wide out.

Nice. Looks like D-Bowe may have put the pipe down on game day. Good for him. Yes, his drop against Oakland to win the game may end up costing the Chiefs the division, but he is a talent right now.

Let’s look at the reality of the Play-offs for the Chiefs. It’s still uphill.

Because our defense is still awful!

Not the offense, which is all we hear about. No, our running game is NOT the best in the league – those numbers are still a bit phony. Thomas Jones has been badly slowed down the last month; his short game is poor and no big runs anymore. Jamaal Charles is still very good, but fewer big plays have come from him lately. D-Bowe is our big play man and the Chiefs are now becoming more of a passing team.

Dexter McCluster has to come back to give us a chance to win the division and our defense has to become at least average. As you saw against crappy Arizona, our pass defense was poor. On many plays their receivers were open but Arizona QB Derek Anderson was just not on target. Our pass rush also is poor – it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon rush. By the way, a few years back King Carl was trying to get Anderson to come to the Chiefs.


Understand this – there are no quality veteran quarterbacks out there. None. Well unless you want Vince Young next year. Philly will keep both Kevin Kolb and likely MVP Michael Vick. So having a top 8-or-so NFL quarterback is great. Matt Cassel, THE FRANCHISE, is just that. He’ll only get better. Like Tom Brady said, "by the end of the year, Kansas City will be glad they have Matt Cassel."

I agree.

So can we win the west. Yes, but not likely. We will need help and our defense has to improve. Since Derek Johnson signed his new big contract (poof!) he’s not doing as well. He’s OK, but he’s not making plays like he was.

The schedule favors San Diego.

The Chiefs stink on the road and are undefeated at home, 5-0 vs. 1-4. Seattle is now a must-win game. We have Denver at home and should win that one. At the Chargers will likely be a loss; at the Rams, will likely be a loss; home for Tennessee will likely be a win; at home against Oakland; a win.

That’s 3-3 and we end up 9-7.

You see why we need that Seattle win this Sunday? San Diego tonight – likely a win against Denver. At the Colts, they lose; home with Raiders, they should win; home against Chiefs, they should win. Then home against San Fran, they should get another win. At the Bengals, a likely win, then at Denver, could go either way. They would be 9-7 tied with the Chiefs and go to tie breakers.

That’s not where we want to be!

This may come down to the game at San Diego. Oh brother. The Chiefs need for that game not to decide the division, so we need a couple road wins – at least one – then get three wins at home and be 10-6.

So you can see it’s gonna be rough.

Thank God for the FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel. He gives us a good shot to win.

There is hope.
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7 Responses to Glazer: Cassel – the Most Valuable Player on the Chiefs

  1. ellisisjealous says:

    You doubted Matt Cassel in your November 16th article dumbass.

    "The "Franchise" Matt Cassel had his best game as a pro: Four touchdowns, 469 yards. Wow. Bowe had 13 catches for 180 plus. We got blown out. Those numbers mean nothing. They were handed out by a team who won the game in a few minutes of play."

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    road wins
    If we can get two road wins ….Haley will get Coach of the Year. Cassel is a good and potentially great QB. He protects the ball, knows how to get out of the pocket, knows how not to get sacked, and throws away from pick danger. He is a more agile Trent Green. The Chiefs have five or six players that are among the best in their position. Bowe, Moeaki, Charles, Colquitt, Arenas. Bowe is #2 in the AFC in Touchdowns scored. We have the players to be great.

  3. mark x says:

    … hmmmm
    .." For those of you who said, "Glazer knows dick about football" … ________ They would be correct. _______ You define the idiom: ‘Even a broken clock is right twice a day". There are possibly 2 correct observations in your post. Gawd my head is about to explode. _______ ___________Please stick with your Hollywood bullshit post. They are at least more entertaining and since I have no knowledge of the subject I am able to delude myself into believing you do.

  4. KCRIPPER says:

    Cassel—where did you get your ranking?
    He’s 19th according to stats!!

  5. craig glazer says:

    Quik Notes On Chiefs
    NFL com stats? Cassel is the 8th ranked quarterback with his ratings according to the stats used by most folks, including the KC Star. As far as my comment regarding the Denver game and Matts numbers. Hey the numbers are real, doen’t mean he didn’t do it, I just was stating the obvious, Denver didn’t care anymore due to the large lead. Thats all. So yes that did make it easier to roll up the numbers.

    Look one can make a great argument that the Chiefs have not beaten any team that matters except the Chargers, who are still a .500 team. So based on that the Chiefs have a ways to go before you can say they are really good. Cassel is the brightest spot on this teams future. Not likely going to go too far with the 22nd ranked defense. Defense does win championships. Look at the 2003 Chiefs. Tons of offense, no defense. Playoffs we were one and done.

  6. chuck says:

    Ok, I’ll give ya this—MattyC could be as good as
    Eli Manning, another WAY over-rated QB. jmo

  7. harley says:

    keep telling you how bad you are at juding sports and teams…its
    atrocious your comments…uidon’t know what you’re talking about
    and cassel is not the most valuable player…it goes to vrabel…
    and if you kknew fuck about sports you’d know that this guy
    is the glue on the defense. Which is why the cheifs can do well
    this season…..
    for 7 weeks you’ve pretended to know football because you tried
    out in arizona…and failed…
    you need to stick with hookers/coke and partying.
    by the way…what about the porn star party you went to in la…did
    you get any great stories…
    and as far as the movie…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…wake me
    up when it gets released in 2020.
    come on man…get back to basics…we want no more b.s….hall and hearne
    give us enough of that.

    we want raw meat info…we want to know the hot broads in theciyt…
    where’s the action…what the strippers single moms are doing for
    xmasnow that they have to wear panties…come on glazer…i love
    your stories and you’re wahts keeps hearnes little website afloat..
    so give us the TMZ more more hollywood tales..
    write about where and what your know best… one thing and
    do it well…give us the rumors about kcand the hotties and the
    party scene…we all live vicariously thru you….

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