Tony: A Hallmark Tribute To Chocolate Pudding

Nowadays there’s not much to sing about in the corporate world.

However, the creative class at Hallmark are putting on quite a show in their cafeteria. Let’s take a look . . .

At the risk of giving middle-class, corporate white people too much credit I simply must give mad props to the employees at Hallmark for a recent video dedicated to their love of chocolate pudding at lunchtime.

Check the official description: "Recently, Hallmark employees eating lunch in the Crown Room received a surprise when some talented coworkers burst into song about chocolate pudding. The chocolate pudding, an old Crown Room favorite, was brought back for one day, and for these Hallmarkers, it was something to sing about."

Two things worth noting about this video:

The Hallmark Cafeteria is the Gold Standard of corporate lunch spots in Kansas City. The Gold Crown chandeliers are a nice touch and it’s kind of a small thrill to be in the company of some of the most creative people in Kansas City.

Also, how funny is it that two fatties are singing about their love for pudding?

I like the realism ,and the fact they were breathing heavy during the verses offered a great level of realism thanks to their blessedly big overworked hearts.

In a perfect world, the lunch room at The Kansas City Star would have this kind of energy. Sadly, Hallmark has managed to create value in the minds of consumers regarding their highly profitable dead tree offerings. Meanwhile, the Star only sings if there is an influence peddling ad deal in place.

So, maybe singing in the corporate lunch room is a sign of economic recovery.

The song and dance number is the sort of uplifting and sentimental fare that has made Hallmark a company with more than 100 years under its belt. I don’t really enjoy finding a bright side to local online content but this video certainly proves that American Workers are without equal when it comes to crafting an image.
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2 Responses to Tony: A Hallmark Tribute To Chocolate Pudding

  1. chuck says:

    That was spectacular!
    God that was cool.

  2. Markus Aurelius says:

    Very reminescent of the great work done by
    Improv Everywhere. Their videos are the best –

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