Hearne: Wizards ‘Sporting’ Name Paves Way for Rugby Team

Turns out some of our local blogger and Facebook soccer second guessers appear to have been on to something…

Don’t hold me to it, after all sources are merely sources, but it appears that the Kansas City Wizards controversial rebranding will indeed pave the way for something besides concerts at the team’s killer new, soccer-specific digs in KCK.

As in professional rugby, ladies and gentleman. And down the road, women’s soccer too maybe.

That’s right. Forget about the concert action.

While the team will undoubtedly enlist promoters and or find some way or another to lure bands to the new outdoor stadium, there really is little to no demand for yet another major outdoor venue for concerts in the KC market.

None whatsoever.

Think about it; there’s Sandstone, Starlight, Crossroads KC, the City Market and the Beaumont Club for outdoor concert action. With Arrowhead and The K at the ready should something ore monumental be needed.

It’s already a highly competitive music market with no need for yet another outdoor venue, let alone one on the outer reaches of the Kansas City Proper, as Tony likes to call it.

So how are the Wizards or Sporting KC – whatever – gonna fill in some of those available dates?

Would you believe from an organization called USA Rugby?

We’ll see. But talk of a Rugby World Cup in the U.S. after the 2019 games in Japan are afoot at the highest levels. And it fits right in with the concept of the Wizards possibly being called Sporting KC, given that the sporting implies an umbrella over a number of teams engaging in sports other than soccer. Like Rugby. And/or women’s soccer.

There’s even room for fans to continue to refer to the team as the Wizards, just as England’s Manchester United are referred to as the Red Devils.

Which leaves the announcement of the new stadium’s naming rights in question.

The word on the street: Stay tuned.

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