Starbeams: Top 5 Reasons Todd Haley Refused to Shake Hands

I was actually supposed to travel to Denver for the Chiefs game but my wife accidentally booked my flight for December instead of November. 

I was mad at her until midway through the first quarter.  Anyone want to go to Denver December 11?


Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church paraded into McAlester, Oklahoma last week to protest another military funeral. But through a divine act of intervention, somehow their church bus tires were slashed.  Apparently, GOD HATES TIRES.



#5.  His hand was too sore from calling in bad plays.

#4.  Thought Josh was terrible in Dumb and Dumber…(oh, that’s JEFF DANIELS.)

#3.  Because he had WHINE FLU.

#2.  Still upset because my wife booked the wrong flight.

#1.  People associated with the Broncos aren’t worth the effort.

The FDA has banned the use of the words LOW TAR and MILD on cigarette packages as they have been found no safer than regular cigarettes. We found kids in our neighborhood still gladly accept them for Halloween.
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2 Responses to Starbeams: Top 5 Reasons Todd Haley Refused to Shake Hands

  1. Doog says:

    The Westboro riff hit a note, Kelly. Well done.

  2. Kerouac says:

    What would Sig say? Or Maaco?
    Reading an interview with the duffer’s father (on another website that I shall not mention), the subject of "average" and "great" was broached, reference players. _____________________Another daddy (Freud, father psychology) described phenomenon known ‘transference’. Extending said (hypothesizing as to why ‘no handshake’), perhaps long ago a little duffer became of a mind that ‘failure’ is never acceptable, and, having just absorbed the worst defeat of his football life was actually upset with himself for the utter fiasco: merely redirected the self-loathing to his conqueror. ______________________ Did the tutelage an father via prism teaching another lead to witnessed outcome: meltdown? This to say, shaking the hand one who vanquished him would’ve been to accept defeat. __________________________________________ In a league also rans, kc is still just Earl Scheib and doesn’t portend Picasso; many more – "I’ll paint any car (take any 22 guys from off the street) for $99 – days lie ahead, so the duffer really needs to embrace nee see the beauty in the Han van Meegeren still life that be the chiefs.

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