Glazer: The Rise & Fall of the Kansas City Chiefs

Oh brother. What once was a promising season is starting to look too much like last year and the year before and the year before and – well you get it!
Seems like only yesterday. Third quarter of the Houston game, on the road – the Chiefs just scored and it seemed like the game was over. These Chiefs are about to lock up the Western Division Title in the AFC!  Man are they dominating the Texans. This game is over! The Chiefs will move to 5-1! They’re gonna be hard to catch.

Then the wheels came off.

Every Houston play on offense worked. Ten yards, 20, 40 – our defense couldn’t stop anything. They stunk. And just like that you began to feel it was over.

Since then it pretty much has been.

Yeah, we beat Buffalo at home, a team with no wins, and it took overtime to do so.
As I stated before this game. Our running game has been kinda figured out. Our defense tires easily. We no longer have a defined anything. It looks like winning a couple games might be tough.

Last place is now within reach….again.

Sure we are 5-4 and in a tie kinda with Oakland for first. Please. It’s as phony as that 3-0 start. Hey, I got sucked in too. We all want to be winners.
The respect KC had early on is now gone – the swagger gone.

The "Franchise" Matt Cassel had his best game as a pro: Four touchdowns, 469 yards. Wow. Bowe had 13 catches for 180 plus. We got blown out. Those numbers mean nothing. They were handed out by a team who won the game in a few minutes of play.

Our defense stinks, again. I mean it’s awful. A joke. Again.

We have no running game, Thomas Jones has been knocked out for two straight games, worthless. Jamaal Charles is decent but no game breaker. Where’s Dexter McCluster? Oh yeah, hurt. We lose one guy and now we stink.

Let me say that again WE LOSE ONE GUY AND STINK. That’s how thin the Chiefs are as a team.

Again your playmakers are Dwayne Bowe, Charles and that’s it! That’s all!
Can the Chiefs come back? No.

I’m afraid they are what we thought they were: An average at best football team, struggling for respect and an 8-8 season.

And that’s we may get, with a soft schedule. Do you really see them winning 5 more games?

Again, I bought in as well. Said I was sorry for being so down on them. Hmmm, I hope this mess gets better, but it sure doesn’t feel like it will.

Man, a first place team that feels like a loser. Odd.
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10 Responses to Glazer: The Rise & Fall of the Kansas City Chiefs

  1. harley says:

    Glazer…no more sports…out of your league
    you’ve already proven you know nothng about football/basektball/
    baseball/chiefs/nfl etc…so please stop the nonsense.

    P U S S Y
    oKAY…give us the inside details…did you get any porn stars?
    did you get a bj from melinda mix?
    Hows the stuff in hollywood?
    Any action on sunset?
    POrn stars….who was there…did you get to do any casting while there?

    how about samanatha fox….was she there…is she still hot?
    was there any action in the bathrooms …..did you get some poon tang…

    how do the porn stars in hollywood compare to the hotties in kc?

    FORGET SPORTS…theres enough idiots masquerading like they know
    everything about sports….we want to know the dirty stuff….and you;re
    the man to give it to us…..write on!

  2. ellisisjealous says:

    Fuck you Craig!
    Don’t let the door of the bandwagon hit you in the ass.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Is that the duffer modeling a new chiefs uni?
    Must be in celebration today’s non-specious CG blog. Congratulations. The chiefs are comatose & portend cadaver. They make Lou Gehrig’s 1939 farewell speech seem alive in comparison. Today… [today… today], the chiefs look like the luckiest 5-4 team…[team…team] … in the world … [world…world]. 53 clowns… no waiting.

  4. I smell a rat says:

    What a difference a couple of weeks make
    Just a couple of weeks ago you wrote
    "Folks, its time to start thinking, dare I say, Super Bowl!
    Dallas is not a far drive away.
    Get your tickets early and beat the rush. We got the FRANCHISE on our side! Or is it THE SURGEON? Yes, sir!"
    Stick to selling dreams to your nut hugging fan boys on this site. You suck balls as a writer, sports or otherwise.

  5. Westcoastluv says:

    Guy Is Right sorry it hurts so much
    I was from KC, now live in California. Glazer is right, he has called it all along. He said he bought in too. So why all the hate mail. The Chiefs are and were a fraud. They are just a bit better than last year. I know its painful, but I watch them out here and man did they let us down. Hard. They don’t get beat they did destoyed and fast. Doubt this team recovers. Glazer does know what he is talking about, sorry.

  6. chuck says:

    Glazer-you and Botello gotta forget about sports–
    Your wet by every rain, and blown by every wind.

    Harley is right-stick to pussy et al. Great stories, interesting characters…

    They won 4 games last year.

    They will win 8 or 9 this year.——————-

    If you or Botello thought the 85 Bears had re appeared in Red—well, duh…———–

    None of us schmucks out in the real world know anything more than what we read. We are not privy to inside info and day to day or even month to month variables relating to local pro teams.—————–

    I would submit, that watching the games is secondary to an assessment, based on an efficacy study of sports writers and results, achieved through observation.———————

    Your takes on sports, along with Botello’s are naive, uninformed and stoooopid.—-Your other stuff is really interesting and funny.———-Maybe you both ought to ask Greg to take a quick look at your ‘takes’, before you print ’em.————–If the Chiefs hit 500 this year—-BIG IMPROVEMENT.——–If the Chiefs draft again next year, like this year——Uh Oh……

  7. chuck says:

    No paragraphs—jumbled together—-jeeze….sucks
    Maybe you should take away capitalization too.

    look at me, i’m ee cummings


  8. bschloz says:

    Heading into Turkey Day….I’ll take it—–Hey instead of the worst team in the league we are now middle of the pack. We will lose another to someone we shouldn’t and we will sneak an upset in there too. If on New Years weekend we have a shot at the playoffs then I’m good. Any Given Sunday blah blah blah….Kerouac you crack me up dude—-keep it comin. Craig you and Hearne need to sponsor an NFL Pool next year. I want to see who really knows what they are talking about.

  9. Kerouac says:

    the duffer to IR
    due to an ‘undisclosed injury’ (super-secret-handshake oath taken). Personally, I think ‘Ronald’ tripped over one of those size 16 gunboats in the process his faux ‘mea culpa’ Monday for his sins on Sunday; suspect his hoof n’ mouth gag-reflex needs some work…

  10. craig glazer says:

    More Chiefs Stuff
    Well glad you all agree that I am the last word in sports. Guess my six, sorry five sports films don’t count. OK, so now you guys are happy with 8-8 or 7-9. I’m not. As mentioned that was my early prediction. I bought into the 10-6 or 11-5. You are right this team as I said is better, but how much better? The answer is we don’t kow yet. Based on the last five games. We are NOT BETTER. We are the same ballclub, average running game, poor defense when it matters, no big plays on either side of the ball. No big returns. No tunrovers.SORRY THATS A FACT. The team on the field is not the one we saw a month back. Right now we are one of the worst teams in the league. SORRY BUT TRUE. Since we were 4-2…we are 1-2 and got bitch slapped fast by crappy Denver. Come on man…I do know what I am talking about. Dumb me, I said draft MU’s Maclin in the first round…hmmm….but we did get Tyson Jackson..hmmmm…I like Haley but so far….not impressed anymore. Yes we should beat Arizona, the other crap team in the NFL…at home…on the road, they win….lose this and we are talking about who ‘can we beat.’ We are moving backwards.

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