OTC: Todd Haley Shows The NFL He’s A Spoiled Golf Brat


yvwa.jpg“After the Broncos’ 49-29 win Sunday against the Chiefs, Denver coach Josh McDaniels got a quick scolding, not a sportsmanship handshake, from Chiefs coach Todd Haley.”
Mike Klis, writer, Denver Post
GH: After absorbing a 49-29 bitch-slap beating in Denver, Todd Haley just showed the NFL that the Chiefs have a spoiled golf brat as their head coach instead of the maturing professional we thought he was rounding into. His decision to point at and scold (threaten?) Denver’s Josh McDaniels instead of the traditional post-game hand shake was as bush and offensive as John Holmes circa 1972. Read on.
“We had to bleep out a couple of words there.”
Al Wallace, after playing video and audio of a foul-mouthed Haley refusing to shake Josh McDaniels extended hand and then pointing at him and quickly turning his back on the Broncos’ head coach, Fox 4
“I’m told Haley was not happy with Broncos max protecting, throwing deep & blitzing regularly with a 32-point 4th-Q lead.  That’s one reason he refused to shake (Josh) McDaniel’s hand afterward. In fact, he appeared to give him a few words before walking away.”
Jim Trotter, Sports Illustrated writer, Twitter
GH: There is a foolproof way to prevent an opponent from embarrassing your team with late-game aggressiveness – don’t allow them to get out to a 35-0 lead. If you don’t like getting your ass kicked sideways, Todd, play better and coach better. Haley’s post-game reaction to McDaniels’ extended hand is indefensible.
“Broncos leaving starters in, passing late in the game likely rubbed KC the wrong way.”
Kent Babb, Twitter
GH: Haley now looks like what many of his critics have said he is – a spoiled elitist country-clubber who grew up in a privileged home and was allowed access to an NFL coaching career via his father’s position with the Steelers’ championship teams. He has earned nothing that Kurt Warner’s and Larry Fitzgerald’s play hasn’t granted him yet acts like he is worthy of dolling out lectures to fellow NFL coaches. I can’t adequately describe how far my opinion of Haley has dropped after his show of not just poor sportsmanship but an immaturity that embarrassed our football team and our city.
“McDaniels, the Broncos’ head coach, seemed confused. It didn’t seem like he was running up the score. When his team goes up 35-0 with more than 5 minutes remaining in the first half, and wins by a final score of 49-29, the numbers suggest if anything, the Broncos let up.”
Mike Klis, writer, Denver Post
GH: Only Haley knows why he not only snubbed McDaniels handshake but thought it necessary to wave his finger at the Broncos’ coach, sneer and say something that did not look like the typical, “Nice game.” But as usual, Haley isn’t talking. Read on.
“That’s a private time between head coaches that’s become not-so private.”
Todd Haley, when asked to comment on his non handshake, Metro Sports
“Just part of the game.”
Todd Haley, when asked to comment on not shaking the hand of Denver’s McDaniels as he left the locker room, Denver Post
GH: Sam Mellinger of The Star reported that Haley gave a “non answer” in his post-game press conference when asked about his interaction with McDaniels. Haley needs his ass kicked. Scott Pioli should fine him and make him deliver a private apology to first McDaniels and the Broncos and then a public apology to the Chiefs organization and the Chiefs’ fans
“At least own up to it afterward. Otherwise don’t do it.”
Danan Hughes, on Haley refusing to address why he refused to shake McDaniels’ hand, Metro Sports
“You can’t expect Josh McDaniels to bench his starters when you don’t bench yours.”
Bill Maas, 610 AM
GH: Why would any coach above the high school level expect an opponent to not play their best? For an NFL coach like Haley to expect mercy against a struggling division rival is incomprehensible. Maybe if Haley’s mommy would have let him play football instead of golf he would have learned these lessons in high school instead of having McDaniels school him in the NFL.
“Shouldn’t 100% of Todd Haley’s angst be directed at his own team’s performance instead of at those bad, mean Denver people?”
Curtis Kitchen, Twitter
GH: Yeah. Get better Toddy or get prepared to never shake another coach’s hand.
“Now you just created more controversy for your team. I don’t know why he did that.”
Richard Baldinger, Metro Sports
GH: If Haley can’t control his emotions any better than that, he is undeserving of the title head coach. I hope Pioli suspends him.
“In their previous game at Invesco Field at Mile High, the Broncos fell behind 38-0 early in the second quarter to the Oakland Raiders. In their very next home game, Sunday against the AFC West-leading Kansas City Chiefs, the Broncos went up 35-0 with 5:48 remaining in the second quarter.”
Mike Klis, writer, Denver Post
GH: This is the team that Haley is pissed at for not taking mercy on his division-leading squad? Grow up, Todd. When you get whipped like the Chiefs did in Denver, you hang your head and congratulate the opposing coach. At least I hope Haley didn’t shake Romeo Crennel’s hand after the game.
“Clean pants the whole game for me. I didn’t get hit, I didn’t get tackled. The running backs had holes. It was great.”
Kyle Orton, Broncos’ QB, discussing the lack of defensive pressure from the Chiefs, AP
“Now, Kansas City has to beat Arizona next week to avoid a three-game losing streak that’ll threaten to derail all the good that came out of the team’s impressive start.”
Kent Babb, KansasCity.com
“This (Chiefs’) team has lost its identity for two weeks in a row.”
Richard Baldinger, Metro Sports
GH: The Chiefs defense was Gunther bad. The offense’s problems were masked by some worthless late-game scores. There is nothing special about the Chiefs’ special teams. At Halloween we were dreaming about a playoff bye. By Thanksgiving could our post-seasons dreams be as dead as the turkey?
GregHall24@yahoo.com and Twitter / greghall24


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31 Responses to OTC: Todd Haley Shows The NFL He’s A Spoiled Golf Brat

  1. Jip says:

    This isn’t Pop Warner football. If you don’t want the opponent to pour it on, don’t let them. My god, you’re in first place and you’re playing the last place team in the division, and you’re pissed because they didn’t take it easy on you? Man up, bitch!

    Even NFL coaches are pussies. I’m embarrassed to be a Chiefs fan, and it has nothing to do with the score.

  2. fire says:

    not cool by Haley, but
    I don’t feel to sorry for McDaniels. This is the same douche bag that called out Jeff Fisher and the Titans for being dirty because things didn’t go his way.

  3. Kerouac says:

    Waiter, some whine & cheese for mr. haley please
    DEN didn’t ‘try’ and run up the score… if margin & point ceiling was the goal, they would have kicked a field goal on 4th down late in the game instead of throwing an staple of kc’s offense through the years – the kimble anders sideways pass. ________________________________ A fg would have run up’ the total to 52 points and the margin to 23 at the end instead of 20 & DEN has the kicker to make a short or long fg. Or DEN could have thrown the ball ‘down the field’ into the end zone for a td pass try. Looks as if haley and LJ share the same underpinnings aka diaper.___________________________ What did the duffer want DEN to do… have the qb just take a knee the entire the 2nd half or have their backs just run lifelessly straight ahead into the line so the duffer wouldn’t end up being as E-M-B-A-R-R-A-S-S-E-D as much as he was at games end? The guy’s GOT TO GO. Still recall 2009 when haley either a) did -or- b) did not throw the middle finger salute at the kc crowd dependent on whom one wants to believe. For the record count me and my votein the ‘I believe he did it’ side the ledger._________________________ Once more, kc proves that it’s record to date is an MIRAGE; 0-1 vs winning team (HOU), 0-1 vs a sub .500 team (DEN); 1-2 vs .500 teams (OAK, IND & JAC0 – and (here’s a real shocker) 4-0 vs winless teams. They have played no one to date really, and likewise have beaten no one.

  4. Kerouac says:

    What would Lamar Hunt think
    He didn’t appreciate Derrick Thomas, Wayne Simmons Monday Night meltdown a few years ago, saying it reflected badly on Kansas City. Clark, what say ye? ~ ~ Just another example of the bunker mentality, drawn shades and a super-secret-handshake tack One Arrowhead Drive._________________________ While it is embarrassing as a fan, seeing this kc management culture on display / exposed for what many have suspected & reported they are – ego run amok – was poetic justice (management ‘plural’ because unless the gm instructs his charge haley to make amends, then the former is exactly what Jason Whitlock labeled him: egoli.) Don’t hold your breath…

  5. Ptolemy says:

    Haley didn’t say why he chose the post game interaction with McDaniel that he did. What direct evidence does anyone have that their interaction was due to the score? To Haley’s credit, he didn’t talk about it, because it is between the coaches.

    Are coaches required by the NFL to shake hands? This is a non-issue.

  6. Merle Tagladucci says:

    Shake This
    Get over it Hall! Next to Brad Childress, Josh McDaniels is the biggest d-bag coach in the league. I don’t mind Haley refusing to shake hands after the game, although I don’t agree with the reason he wouldn’t, but I’m not getting my panties twisted over it like you are.

    For you to insist that Pioli suspends Haley for this is hilarious. Good gawd Greg, take a deep breath. It gives you something to talk about. It’s entertaining. These people aren’t like you so stop being so indignant when they disappoint you.

    And you’re missing the key point here – the non-handshake has now taken the Denver game at Arrowhead to a whole other level. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Have fun with it. It’s entertainment.

  7. Jason says:

    Man up or step aside…
    Come on, Greg.
    Public apology, fine and/or suspension?
    This is the problem with Kansas City sports talk–you guys have covered losers so long you don’t know the difference anymore.
    And Lamar Hunt? Please….Mr. Hunt was a fine man, but what the hell did he ever win the last 40 years of his life?
    Todd Haley is building a certain mentality around here. He could care less how he is perceived, by you, by me, by anyone outside the organization. Hasn’t he made that clear enough for us yet?
    And I like that. I like that a lot.
    Screw Josh McDaniels and Denver. If they don’t like it, we’ll see them in three weeks, and two times a year after that.
    And spare us the tired ‘golf’ references, Greg. I haven’t seen many "spoiled elitist country-clubber’s" hand big bad Mike Singletary a 21-pt ass-kicking, nor coordinate an NFL team to within a minute of a Super Bowl title.
    It’s a new era in Kansas City professional football, and not a moment too soon. It’s not like the old ‘nice guy’ methods were working out real well for us fans, now were they?
    Man up or step aside. If you have a child younger than 16 years old, Greg, he hasn’t SEEN a playoff victory from a Chiefs team. If Pioli, Haley, and company can break that embarrassing drought of playoff futility and actually make a serious run at a Super Bowl, I could care less what the local media thinks of them. And I’m pretty sure Todd doesn’t either…

  8. Kerouac says:

    McDaniels > the duffer
    And I’m not Josh’n neither… ___________________________________it appears as if McDaniels has got the duffers number – not to mention his goat. Three games to date and it stands 2-1 in favor of Josh. He destroyed kc 44-13 in kc last year & now today humiliates them 49-29 in Denver – the only time he’s lost to duffer was the last game of last season, when McDaniels was minus both of his starting wrs Marshall and Royal AND his starting TE Scheffler AND oh yeah, two starters from his defense. Josh is 34, the duffer 43… another case student ‘schooling’ teacher.

  9. Celophanewrap says:

    No Lead is Safe
    Coach obviously missed the CU Kansas State game a week or so ago

  10. Celophanewrap says:

    No Lead is safe (edit)
    …or was it CU – KU? Whatever….

  11. harley says:

    you dumb sh*t hall! No wonder this site is dying!
    you’ve been wrong more times than any other person on this
    blog/website/garbled mess/ etc.
    You know nothing about sports and have have the sports mind of
    my grandma.
    You’ve been wrong for the last year on almost everything you’ve
    written about.
    Screw denver….haley needed to get charged up and kick that p.os
    guy’s mcdaniels ass right there on the field. If i was him..I’d punch the
    guy in the face for what he did.
    every idiot who puts himself out as a sports expert vin this town is
    wrong again. You had mu going to national bcs championship (wrong),,
    you had chiefs going to super bowl (wrong)…you’re always wrong
    and i can document at least 10 times you prdicted something and it
    never happened.
    Even kk was way off…so wrong petro was wrong….jack "i got my
    job because another guy died of heartbattack" harry was wrong…
    kevin harlan has been wrong as much as you have been only he’s paid
    big bucks to prognosticate and he’s been off all season.
    Mellinger doesnt know shit…article today in star says "san diego" has
    inside track" on afc west (how does he come up with that…chiefs
    tied for afc lead)…..
    All you idiots know nothing about football. Anyone would have known
    that evnetually the chiefs would have a tough time with no passing
    game in the nfl. Anyone with any brains would have seen the writing
    on the wall with MU…or ku…or k state…………….
    Whyyou guys even try to talk about sports when you are incorrect
    80% of the time makes me wonder how you got inot that position.
    I don’t know the intricacies of sports like you and your so called
    expert friends….but my dog could pick winners better than you could.
    As far as haley…yea…he was pissed. And he had reason to be pissed
    at the biggest f&ck head coach in the nfl. He should have tackled the
    guy and ground and pounded the guy in the face. That maybe would have
    woken his team up to stop being a bunch of pussies like they played
    on sunday.
    What now will you predict…because you haven’t been right abo0ut
    one thing this year…..
    When you have no receivers…a quarterback who has the iq of a
    child…how did you ever expect this team to be championship caliber?
    In the nfl without passing…you’re dead…pont blank.
    And while guys like you and boal and harry and harlan and kk and
    petro and wright wrong were drinking the cool aid…the truth about the
    teams was evident.
    Good luck….you’ll need it. consult me when you need help.
    Read my past posts..I was saying the facts about these teams when all
    you "experts" were full of bull.
    the chiefs will be 9-7 or 10-6….but thats where it ends.
    MU goes to another miediocre bowl game….k state fades….ku
    hides for 3 years………….now go back to your software job.

  12. JAM says:

    This is why I don’t listen to sports talk radio
    Just a bunch of gossiping old women. Get on with it.

    Stop the whining and bickering. I’m sure every one of you said something during the game that was not very nice.

    It’s a new day.

  13. Tim says:

    Hey GH
    Quite the hypocrit aren’t ya? Didn’t your boy BoBo do the same exact thing to Bill Snyder a few years back…yet you hold him in high regard. Odd.

  14. ryanm1988 says:

    First of all, we want our coaches/players to get pissed off when they lose. Perhaps Haley was pissed because McDaniel taped the defensive signals of the Chiefs. That is how Joshie learned at NE – from Crennel and Weis. None of them have won squat since they (supposedly) ended the practice. As for the spoiled brat, Josh McDaniel and Clark/Lamar Hunt grew up in similar environments. D-bags come from all walks of life.

  15. Redfan says:

    Not a good time to be a Chefs fan
    I’ve got absolutely no problem with McDaniels doing what he did all day to the Chiefs. 35-0 is not a score that can’t be overcome in the NFL. Crazy shit happens in that league every weekend so hell no, if you’re McDaniels you’re not letting up on the gas. And Tim, while Pelini did give Mr. Burns…errrr, Coach Old Man Snyder Balls a tongue lashing after the game in Lincoln many years he ago A) he wasn’t the head coach and 2) he at least had the nutz to explain to the media why he was angry with HCBS and did what he did. And for the record, I don’t agree with what he or Haley did. Especially Haley. The NFL is the big boy league and if you don’t like getting your ass pounded into oblivion, then you man up and stop your opponent. I also agree that Haley needs to apologize to all involved parties. Guy looks like a clown today.

  16. Tim says:

    Shan Sharif just called you out Greg
    Perhaps you should defend yourself.
    Here is another example of your hypocracy. After last years Big 12 championship, Bobo’s brother yelling obscenities at the Texas players. At student athletes??? Did you call for his suspension? hmm

  17. dp says:

    Fine with what Haley did
    I’m fine with what Haley did. McDaniels is a pr-ck. Remember last year when Denver beat the Patriots and McDaniels was running around the field fist pumping like they just won the AFC? No class. Here’s why I’m fine with Haley not shaking his hand and telling him to get fu*ked….

    -Last year as the Chiefs were knocking Denver out of the playoffs race for good, Jamal Charles was on pace to break the NFL single game rushing record. But, Haley had the class to take out Charles once the game was in hand, instead of trying to get the record for him. McDaniels didn’t return the favor.

    -Stop with the ‘if you don’t like it, do something about it’ argument. It’s tacky and classless to be throwing the ball deep with your starters in the 4th quarter of a blowout at any level. McDaniels clearly trying to rub Haley’s nose in it. Good for Todd to call him out on it.

    -As other posters have mentioned, completely hypocritical of GH to call out Haley after what Bo Pelini has done to coaches and players when Nebraska gets it shoved….

  18. nick says:

    First, NONE OF US ACTUALLY KNOW what specifically Haley was mad about. Petro points out that Moeaki got "cheap-shotted" on the onside kick. Moeaki was visibly hurt and is likely out a couple games. Maybe that pissed Haley off. Maybe there was another specifi incident. We don’t know. But even it was only that Haley thought the Broncos should have pulled the starters….WHO CARES. This is entertainment and Haley’s non-shake has Denver buzzing and KC buzzing. When Denver returns to KC, it’s gonna be must-watch TV. I can’t wait. Personally I think McDaniels is a punk and I feel he deserve to be treated like Haley treated him. My only complaint this weekend is that Turner Gill didn’t pull his hand back when meeting Bo Pelini after the KU/NU game.

  19. hammy says:

    What Tim said
    GH, you love Bo Bo but he is every bit as classless as Haley.

  20. Cliffy says:

    Gross over-reaction …
    Greg needs to implement a cooling off period before writing these. He can’t feel the same way now. Surely he knows what a pansy he looks like. (paragraph) I’ve got no problem with Haley getting in McDaniels’ grill as long as he can back it up when the Broncos come to KC. I’ve said all along I consider Haley a punk and Pioli an arrogrant prick. But if they win, who cares?

  21. Rainbow Man says:

    Hall– Are You Serious?
    Some professions reward politeness. The NFL rewards winning.. and winning only.

    What ever happened to hating your competitors, your rivals, etc. We can’t even hate Arab terrorists anymore.

    You want Haley disciplined for this? What do you want? Herm Edwards… trotting out there and putting his arm around McDaniel? Asking how his wife is?

    The live NFL experience is entertainment for adults, not third graders. These people are playing for real dollars… the stakes are high, and losers do not get a pizza party.

    I am glad Haley is pissed. He coaches better when he is pissed

  22. Markus Aurelius says:

    Wow, Greg — I couldn’t disagree more with your
    comments today about Haley looking like a country club golf-playing elitist. Really?? That just sounds like lazily regurgitating a non-relevant connection. Since when do country club elitist engage in public finger-wagging or f-bombs? Disagree with Haley’s tactics if you want but what he did certainly didn’t make him look like a "spoiled golf brat" or a "spoiled elitist country-clubber." If those analogies weren’t so ridiculous and off-the-mark it might be easier to swallow your brand of logic on this one. Generally, I agree with your though processes – but not on this one. Would I have handled it the way Haley did? Probably not, but then again it’s hard to say that until you’ve been in that situation. Would I have been perturbed like he was? Certainly. Was Haley’s frustrations all Josh McDaniel’s fault? Obviously not. However, there is a certain way of engaging in business – be it football, mass media or whatever – that is right and a certain way that is wrong, if not at least unprofessional. Like Pelini at the end of the NU-KU game, McDaniels crossed the line yesterday at the end of the game. It’s the equivalent of trying to rub someone’s nose in their mistakes after they everyone already knows about them (in this case on national TV). You can try to rationalize it all you want but good people of all professions don’t pull the kind of garbage that Pelini and McDaniels are serving. There is a reason Pinkel doesn’t try to embarass opposing coaches under the guise of "letting the players play" or "making sure his players continue to execute" and the reason is IT’S THE RIGHT THING TO DO.

  23. Markus Aurelius says:

    Haley needs his ass kicked?? Really?
    Wow, I was under the impression you considered yourself a real journalist — talk about losing respect for someone today. Have to say I’ve lost some for you Greg after this column. I don’t even like Haley that much but this has to be the least journalistic effort I’ve ever seen you produce. Guess I should have finished reading the column before submitting my prior comment.

    Seriously, Greg, please save some of this garbage ("Haley needs his ass kicked.") for the message boards or Twitter.

  24. harley says:

    i can’t wait for oakland/denver in kc
    its perfect….we get oakland and denver in kc at our house.
    we’ll be primed and drunk and f*cked up to literally rip josh the
    prick and the okaland thugs on the sidelines.
    the perfect scenario…kc versus denver…the golfer versus the
    prick every other coach in the nfl hates.
    Oakland…those cheap shot player….bring out our ball grabber..
    stomp on their faces…cleats to the face….
    I so excited about these 2 games that Iits gonna be like the old days….
    only this time it’s in our house…and noone walks out of arrowhead
    without getting their ass kicked by the chiefs….its a new day
    hall….wake up…your wrong again…
    now get back to the sooftware job….let the people who know football
    step forward and give the story the right spin.

  25. harley says:

    NOW…take your bobo gum chewing pos who has not only
    harrassed coaches but went after players.
    Hall you are something else.
    Stand by your team…stand by your coach….80,000 chiefs fans
    at arrowhead waiting to kick some ass aginast thedonkey and the
    low life raiders.
    Hall…you turned on us. We’re fans…even when we lose.
    I’ve suported the royals while low lifes like you sit behind a computer
    and put them down yet never show up to the games.
    You rack haley and the chiefs yet never show up to see them and
    put your money behind your support.
    I was at 37 royals games in 2010…every cheifs game this year
    and waitng for the UFC matches against oakland and donkeys.
    Stay at home…we don’t need your support…
    80,000 fans are ready to cheer on the chiefs…also season ticket holder
    for 20 years…
    fair weather guys like you need to stay at home and dvr the game…
    Thanks for nothing!

  26. harley says:

    I’ve got a perfect plan
    hall/tony/hearne/glazer/jack harry/kevin kietxman/sowrong petro/
    al "uncle tom" wallace/frank "I got a new set of eyeballs" boal/
    kevin "I drive a mercedes for free" harlan/nick "my nose is big cause
    air is free" wright/bobby / and of course the always right weatherman
    Gary "blow me" lezak GET TOGETHER AT ONE OF YOUR HOMES..

  27. harley says:

    for all you ignorant idiots:
    Do us 80,000 chiefs fans who are going to brve the cold weather
    and chills to cheer on our team that represents our city.

  28. Kerouac says:

    The duffer takes a knee
    and apologizes for his immature, boorish behavior… the overgrown adolescent got taken to the woodshed which was warranted. Now, prepare to extend the losing streak to 5 L’s in your last 7 games, this Sunday.

  29. pellboy says:

    Who Cares?!
    Much ado about nothing. Once again like with seemingly EVERYTHING that happens these days, it’s only fitting that we have an extremist reaction. The post-game handshake is completely unnecessary for a grown up football game. Okay, we get it…Haley’s lack of sportmanship is an indictment on our entire society and the lack of respect we have for one another…blah, blah, blah. Haley and McDaniels are both dickheads…who cares if they don’t play nice during some totally meaningless ritual?

  30. Celophanewrap says:

    Who cares? Haley will be gone in a year or so and Krenel or Weiss will assume the position. The guy’s a failure as a head coach

  31. Paul says:

    PROUD of Todd Haley
    THANK YOU Todd Haley for doing what all of us TRUE Chiefs fans thought of little Skippy McBelicheat….fuck that little prick!!! He ran up the score on us! He left ALL of his starters in and was still having The Caveman chucking the ball all over the yard late in the game! The ONLY thing that would’ve been better from this little "incident" was if Haley took a swing at McBelicheat and connected with his sorry punk ass! FUCK the Donkeys…they’re definitely going to get their come-uppance here on Dec. 5!

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