OTC: Haley Apologizes To McDaniels, Denver & Fans


“I do want to apologize for me not shaking Josh’s hand after the game. I do believe in doing what’s right. And that was not right. I let the emotions of the situations get to me too much and I apologize to the fans and to Denver and to Josh. So, any questions?”
Todd Haley, in his opening remarks during his regularly scheduled Monday press conference
GH: Whether or not Haley was asked, told or forced to make a public apology, I like that he chose to do it in his opening remarks instead of waiting for the media to broach the subject.
“I don’t know Josh. I never worked with him or anything like that. I just know of him.”
Todd Haley, in his opening
GH: “Knowing of” Josh McDaniels is somewhat the issue. It is believed that Haley’s post-game comments to McDaniels was something along the order of; “There’s a lot of fucking shit being talked about you!” Read on.
“I’m more disappointed in Todd Haley’s trash-talking skills. Talk about passive aggressive!”
Shan Shariff, on Haley’s reported comments to McDaniels, 610 AM
GH: The murky audio from the non-handshake is difficult to translate but it the beeps are necessary to cover the expletives. McDaniels might look like your little brother and not be well liked by other NFL staffs but all he did was his job on Sunday. Maybe Haley should have just told McDaniels that he looks forward to seeing him and the Broncos in Kansas City. I know I sure do.
“I can’t stand fake people. I can’t stand fake actions. There’s nothing more fake in sports than the choreographed post-game handshake (between coaches). The Todd Haley snub of Josh McDaniels didn’t even come close to irritating me or getting under my skin. In fact, if you’re a Chiefs fan you should love it.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: Shaking hands after an opponent defeats you is not “fake.” It is a public expression that announces both opponents acknowledge that sports is not war but rather a contest. Haley was right to apologize.
“I think (Haley) should apologize even if I don’t agree with it. I know that sounds very hypocritical of what I just said. But sometimes you just have to lie.”
Shan Shariff, 610 AM
GH: Shariff’s show is strange, rarely predictable and often doesn’t make a lot of sense. I have no idea why I enjoy it as much as I do.
“You just hate that to happen between two head coaches at the end of the game. People are paying attention more to that than really the game. And the game is probably the most important part.”
Herm Edwards, 810 AM
GH: Herm has kept his season-long streak alive of not saying anything of substance during his appearances on 810. Herm is so locked in on auditioning for another head coaching job that he refuses to make a point that has any weight. I would like to see WHB cut the coach in midseason and go with somebody who is not looking for work but rather looking to produce good informative and entertaining NFL analysis.
“The thing you have to be happy about with the Chiefs is the way they threw the ball (in Denver) and the way Matt Cassel played.”
Herm Edwards, who failed to mention most of Cassel’s pretty stats came after the Chiefs were down 35-0, 810 AM
GH: More evidence that Herman is far from a Munster on local radio.
“As the leader of a football team you have to do better. You don’t even mutter anything under your breath. You just shake Josh McDaniels’ hand.”
Soren Petro, 810 AM
GH: Haley needs to understand his actions are always on public display. There are no “private moments” on an NFL game-day field. His apology may signal he is beginning to realize that aspect of being the head coach.
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15 Responses to OTC: Haley Apologizes To McDaniels, Denver & Fans

  1. harley says:

    "i do want to apologize for not shaking mcdaniels hand after games. so I
    want to apologiaze to the denver bronco fans for not doing what they
    thought was right.
    Despte the fact that this little pr*ck mcdaniels is the most hated coach in
    the nfl by other nfl coaches included new england/jeff fisher in
    tennessee/the san diego chargers who had to listen to his taunts
    before a game and the fact that most coaches think he’s a piece of
    sh*t. Fact remains he has turned a great team into a pie ce of shit.
    They are now the worst team in the nfl and i was embarrased that our
    team played so badly against a team that josh decimated including letting
    go a great qb/the best receiver in afc/and having lost 13 of the last
    16 games he has coached. I do apologize because I lovevto golf and
    If i had a nine iron I would have beat the little turds head intyo a
    mash of blood. but My bosses said i had to apologize to this wimp but
    if he wants to meet outside for one on one…i will be glad to kick this
    pr*cks ass. Again,,,,I apoliogize for treating the little d*ck the way
    I did. I look forward to a rematch next month in kc. Bring your
    body guards denver…you’re gonna need them."
    Todd Haley
    coach and head motivator / KC CHIEFS

  2. harley says:

    Denver Bronco Press Release: January 7, 2011
    Owner Pat Bolden today announced the firing of head Coach
    Josh Daniels after the Broncos completed the 2010 season with
    a 5-11 record.
    "we hoped josh would do better but he was more concerned with
    chest bumps and trash talking than with winning games" Bolden said.
    McDaiels immediately posted his disastrous record and resume
    on Monster.com.

  3. kylerohde says:

    Herm needs to go
    Absolutely right GH – what makes it even worse on WHB is that they have Herm on for close to an hour on Mondays. Then, KK sometimes has him on later in the week too. That’s a lot of airtime for nothing to be said. With all WHB’s resources, can’t they get someone better?

  4. nick says:

    Head Coach Bo Pelini has announced the hiring of Josh McDaniels. It’s unclear what Josh’s duties will be. Pelini would only say, "Josh understands how to really aggravate people. With his help, we’ll be the most hated team in the history of sports. It’s my hope that Josh can help devise plays late in a game to further embarrass an opponent and to make me feel good. I’ve got enough things to worry about…Tom Osborne watching my every step, getting our defense where it needs to be, and making sure there’s enough gum in my pockets. I want Josh to dance like a lunatic when we score, chest bump our players when they do something good, and just continue his amazing job of behaving like a 14 year old douch bag. Hopefully I can learn some things from him."

  5. Cliffy says:

    Haley’s apology
    The apology was about as insincere as it could possibly be. But, I guess Greg is happy now because it was "the right thing to do." No comments about everybody calling you a fool and a panty-waist?

    I think Aldon Smith should apologize to Carson Coffman for hitting him too hard. I think Turner Gill should apologize to Dan Hawkins for getting him fired. I think we should all apologize to Hearne for not praising his state-of-the-art web site, blog, or whatever the hell it is.

  6. Kerouac says:

    The duffer takes a knee
    and apologizes for his immature, boorish behavior… the overgrown adolescent got taken to the woodshed, which was warranted. Now, say 3 Hail McDaniels enjoy that humble pie & see if you can beat an NFL team (other than your own Cap’in Bligh) into submission. That is all. Go now & sin no more. You may arise.

  7. Redfan says:

    Duly Noted
    Nick, your obsession with all things Nebraska Cornhuskers football has been duly noted. Judging by your comment, I would guess you attended KSU, but I could be wrong. Either way, it must really piss you off to see the hated Huskers bitch slap the three local institutions (some a lot more embarassingly than others) they way they have as they leave the conference. I shudder to think what you may do if they take the final Big 12 trophy with them…………As for the handshake at the end of NFL games, I like them because basically the loser has to go out and act like they don’t want to beat the shit out of the opposing teams coach, with a smile a lot of times. Bill Bellichek is absolutely the best at the post game loss handshake. It’s merely a passing hand slap with a full on frown.

  8. bschloz says:

    I want to apologize for not being anywhere close to the TV after the 1st half.
    Hey Kerouac how bout Cassel leading the league in passing yesterday? Huh Huh Huh? Please statazize that for me…..33-53..469..4tds…LOL The Surgeon!

  9. monkeyhawk says:

    <i>"…we don’t need no stinking sportsmanship!"</i>

  10. Tim says:

    Hello GH
    Once again, I notice you fail to mention the fact that your boy Bo did the same thing to Bill Snyder. Funny how your opinion of someone can jade your opinion of their actions. Bobo berates Snyder = OK. Haley berates McDaniels = golf brat poor sport who should be suspended. You damaged your credibility today.

  11. harley says:

    screw the talking…lets get kicking

  12. Kerouac says:

    The schloz takes another in the schnoz
    "I want to apologize" – that ‘chiefs are going to win 6 straight games’ surety yours evaporated quicker than the duffer’s postgame handshake. Try aiming lower… like the AFC Worst cellar. ______________________ "for not being anywhere close to the TV after the 1st half" – you earn the ‘Ol Yeller’ award – but that’s ok because the $63 mill man wasn’t anywhere near Orton Sunday as a qb either. If you saw the 1st half, you didn’t miss a thing. ___________
    "Hey Kerouac" – (I love it when they beg) yes, what is it now schnoz? ____ "how bout Cassel leading the league in passing yesterday?" – "Huh Huh Huh?" – yes deputy ferguson, everyone questions it same as you. Really naught an mystery though especially after it got to be 35-0 Denver & the Broncos suited up Goose Gonsoulin with the game on ice… __________________________
    "Please" – enough pleading, be a Josh and McDaniels up! _______________ "statazize that for me" – certainly: 2 losses in 2 games, 4 losses in his last 6 games, still ranked behind (among several others) yesterdays hero, Orton; as a qb, ca$$el makes an expensive if not very stylish paper weight. ________ "LOL The Surgeon" – yes, I laugh out loud too whenever he moves that right arm, lots of luck also an apropos descript his chances of success whenever aim meets side of barn. __________________________________________ Get back to Jack, babe… as per the usual, Kerouac nails another on the road!

  13. dp says:

    Free Pass
    Love how Peyton Manning gets a free pass for walking off the field in the Super Bowl last year while there was time on the clock. He’s the nicest guy in America, but Todd Haley is a pr!ck because told a guy to go pound sand that deserved it. If Herm had any balls he would have brought Manning up.

    Enough talk about this. It’s on December 5th.

    Off topic: The new format of this site is so awful. Is Hearne having $ problems and had to downgrade to save dough?

  14. nick says:

    Re: Duly Noted
    REDFAN, no I did not attend K-State. I attended the school who Nebraska beat 20-3 last weekend. Actually, I used to kinda liked NU football. I’ve loved KU for as long as I can remember, but Nebraska was always my 2nd team to root for ’cause they’d always pound our rivals KSU & MU, which was funny to me. And I always pulled for the Red in the Orange Bowl….which they usually lost. Mangino brought in some excitement for KU, and I started not caring about Nebraska. The past few years there’s been a very strong vibe that Nebraska hates Texas and/or thinks they’re too good for the Big 12 and wants to bolt. Then Pelini…who is just annoying and punk-ish, in my opinion…gets hired and does things like complain when he’s getting the score run up AGAINST him, but then throws deep multiple times against KU with just seconds left in the game….and even calls a timeout with 3 seconds left, before someone obviously told Bo to chill out and just kneel the freaking ball. I’m to the point where I just don’t care about Nebraska. At all. Go to the Big 10 and have fun. Seriously.That’s all cool. I wish the Red all the success they can get in their new league. But I’m not gonna miss them one bit. Just leave. We’ll be just peachy without you. In fact, I’m glad tNebraska’s leaving. As a Kansas fan, it would be CRUSHING to lose our affiliation with KSU & MU in both sports. And even the Oklahoma schools who have brought tremendous competition and fun on the basketball court over the long years. I’d totally miss the Sooners and Cowboys. Nebraska and Colorado offered NOTHING from my selfish KU standpoint. Now we get a 10-team league and can play everybody in the schedule. Playing ALL the Texas teams every year should help every North team in football recruiting…and now there will be 2 less North teams to butt heads with on the recruiting trail. As for basketball, it’s a no-brainer. The Huskers and Buffaloes brought the league way down. The new Big 12 is gonna be PHENOMENAL in basketball with a svelte 10-team league.

  15. Paul says:

    kerouac….obviously NOT a Chiefs fan
    Next thing you know this fucking rocket scientist will try to tell us that Matt Cassel is the worst QB in the league….and what the fuck is a "duffer"?

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