Sometimes a story comes along and puts all other Kansas City news in perspective.

Sure, there’s a lot of pouting on behalf of the Chiefs and the childish behavior (and subsequent) apology from their Coach Todd Haley. And we’re at the outset of what just might be one of the nastiest Kansas City Mayoral and Council elections.

However, a stolen meerkat from the Kansas City Zoo, found again in a JoCo pet store and then returned to its rightful place really exemplifies all kinds of the FAIL present in Kansas City.

First of all, let’s just look at the facts: Stealing an animal from the Zoo just doesn’t seem like a good idea and that’s where this local adventure starts. A comment from Kansas City Zoo Director Randy Wisthoff is exceptionally pointed and awesome:

"Some stupid kid most likely jumped the fence and grabbed one, instead of the meerkat biting the heck out of him," Wisthoff said. "We don’t know. We haven’t found the kid yet. He just anonymously turned this animal in. So hopefully he’s got some nice little puncture marks on his fingers and hands."

Apparently, very much like 20-something women, meerkats get hysterical when they’re not among their own pack. (often called a "mob", "gang" or "clan"). Also, JoCo theft from a Kansas City institution is exceedingly noteworthy given that so many local tax dollars are sacrificed for this place that’s mostly a hangout for suburbanites and denizens of “The Golden Ghetto.”

Finally, it’s always nice to see that next generation undertaking plans that turn out horribly wrong.

The relocation from the suburbs and then back to KC might mimic Kansas City’s own migration given the ongoing jobless recovery and American Economic Fail.

Still, what’s notable is that this story has more reaction and more interest than any other recent news item.

I don’t know exactly what that says about the Kansas City media consuming public.

However, it’s not a good sign when people are more interested in the adventures of a small mammal rather than any events concerning other local intuitions.

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  1. Cliffy says:

    Would Meerkat’s kill backyard chickens?
    Just a thought.

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