NEW JACK CITY: Mickey Puts Cuffs On Texting!

It absolutely amazes me.

 Despite all the warnings and potential fines from the law, we still see idiots texting in their cars while in front of you, passing you, or rear-ending you.

Luckily for them, they don’t work for ESPN, ABC TELEVISION or any of the other companies in the Mickey Mouse empire.

According to the entertainment site Deadline Hollywood, the Walt Disney Company issued a company-wide ‘distracting driving’ memo targeting employees using mobile devices while behind the wheel.

The memo, circulated earlier this week, apparently prohibits Disney employees from sending or reading texts or emails while driving company cars or within their own private vehicles while performing duties related to their Disney jobs.

"Failure to comply will lead to disciplinary actions up to and including termination" the memo allegedly states.

Needless to say while it’s a noble gesture by the House-of-Mouse, the new policy has raised eyebrows in the entertainment industry evoking Big Brother references.

Question is, how does the company hope to enforce its new rules? Especially in the show and sports biz divisions, where business is regularly conducted via Blackberry /iPhone whilst in transit.

With its ban, Disney joins the Obama administration which has also prohibited federal employees from similar practices – not to mention some 30 states plus D.C. that prohibit texting from behind the wheel.

But this past week’s actions by Disney marks a first for a giant corporation to take this harsh a stance.

Guess they just don’t Mickey Mouse around the magic conglom anymore.
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2 Responses to NEW JACK CITY: Mickey Puts Cuffs On Texting!

  1. mark x says:

    Worried about losing their job…
    … when they become an auto fatality I doubt they’ll care.

  2. mark x says:

    …PS — I doubt it.
    … so when said employee has an accident while texting and becomes a quadriplegic, Disney will fire them as they lay in the hospital bed? ……….. I doubt it.

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