Glazer: Chiefs Do or Die in Denver & Will DBowe Not Blow?

Here we go Chiefs fans, almost a do or die game…

No officially it won’t knock  the Chiefs out, but the blow could be hard to overcome. So this really is a MUST WIN game.

We all know Denver is a pretty bad team. But so was Cleveland and they nearly beat us on the road. As did 0-forever the Bills. The Chiefs have yet to prove they can win road games, so far, not so good. This team should be 7-1. The Colts straight up beat us. Simple as that. And we ran out of gas against Houston and Oakland.

Our pass defense seems to break down in the third quarter.

Against Oakland our run defense stayed up until the end of the game, though we lost. Those long throws at the end of the game seem to wear out our pass D.

The Chiefs boast they have "the best running game."

It is not.

Inside the red zone we failto run the ball well almost every time. Our touchdowns in the red zone have mostly come from the Franchise, Matt Cassel’s, passes. But not often enough though. As I stated last week, use Jackie Battle on short downs deep in Denver territory. He’s fresh and stronger than Jamaal Charles and Thomas Jones.  Jones in fact seems to be fading.

The answer is Dexter. With him back (let’s hope he is), the Chiefs will win this game.

Without him it will be tough again.

The Chiefs at 6-3 will be hard to catch. At 5-4, say hello to the Chargers.

My pick? With Dexter: The Chiefs win 28-17.

Lets see.

By the way, Dwayne Bowe, can you give the smoke a rest Sunday? Jesus, wake up!

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3 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs Do or Die in Denver & Will DBowe Not Blow?

  1. Kerouac says:

    "This team should be 7-1."

    – the eternal lament losers every game… woulda, coulda, shoulda. Fact is, kc is fortunate to not be 2-6 as SD, CLEV & BUFF all "should be" losses.

    The cumulative record to date of opponents when they played Broncos: 14-14 .500. DEN is 2-2 vs winning teams, 0-1 vs .500 teams. The Broncos kryptonite has been winless teams: they are 0-3, and they have lost 4 straight.________ kc’s opponents cumulative record: 12-20 .375 when they played. Conversely, the winless be kc’s bread & butter in building a 4-0 mirage. kc is now 5-3 and loser of 3 their last 5. kc remains 0-1 vs winning teams and 1-2 vs .500 teams. __________ As all kc’s wins have come vs winless teams, somethings gotta give Sunday as 2-6 DEN is neither winless nor a winning team. ___________ Show me your opponents & I’ll show you what kind of team you are. As this game could go either way; I’ll play the part the antagonist: DEN 24 – chiefs 16

  2. Kerouac says:

    35-0 BRONCOS early 2nd quarter…
    is it soup yet?

  3. Kerouac says:

    if the movie will be any better than the prognostication, CG?

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