Glazer: Back in Hollywood!

As many of you may have heard I’m in LA, working on getting my book The King of Sting made into a film…

I tell you, it reminds me of why I like Kansas City better overall. WE DON’T HAVE THIS AWFUL TRAFFIC! That’s the main thing.
Great news: As most of you probably know the changes in America usually start in LA or New York. And the economy in LA is moving upward. Last time I was here eight months back,  Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Brentwood were dead. Real dead. Now it’s booming.

Tuesday night I went to Dan Tana’s, a high end movie star hangout and restaurant. Two-hour wait – last time, no wait. Thursday I went with the Michael Eisner crew to watch Thursday Night Football on La Cienega – packed. And the fairly new hot restaurant, KAI across from us – three hour wait – on a weekday no less, Wow! Hot chick after hot chick going into KAI. It’s the new movie star/TV star hang out. Nice.

The other cool thing, people, producers and just plain local guys, rent these nightclubs out and have private parties. You know, THE LIST THING.

Yet nearly anyone can get into them with a few bucks.

Even the Roxy on Sunset had a line to get in (no, not that kinda line, a human line).

Lots of uplifting stuff going on in good old Hollywood. On my next report I’ll update you on my movie meetings and the party I’m going to tonight for a real porn – I’m sorry, Adult Movie star. It’s an adult industry party at the old hot spot, THE GATE, that used to be in West Hollywood. I’ll get photos. My PR guy is taking me and he said, "Don’t bring a date."


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5 Responses to Glazer: Back in Hollywood!

  1. bschloz says:

    Smokey and The Bandit
    Dude…. that picture is egregious.
    Glad to hear LA is back….must be factoring in their impending bailout. Plus when people don’t pay their mortgage they tend to spend it so I’ve heard.

  2. Kerouac says:

    always one… not unlike his ‘acting’ career which also had no legs.

  3. Robertoe says:

    Book recommendation. Bring on the movie!
    High confidence you’ll get it done in Hollywood this time! The problem was you didn’t have the book all those times you were pitching the movie idea in the past. All the 4 and 5 star book reviews and Amazon ratings really help. Its a credible story now. It wasn’t back then. Heck why should anyone believe ‘The King of Sting’ when you were a young punk? You’ve now developed an obvious level of maturity. This’ll help. Good luck!
    I just finished reading ‘The King of Sting’ this morning. Good job! My only criticism is the bogus way you tried to portray Don and yourself as fighting the noble cause taking down the bad guys. Shit, you were a $hyster who couldn’t give up $hystering! It’d be one thing if you didnt partake in drugs and you were taking down the big druggies but we all know you were deeply entrenched in this illicit culture yourself. hypocrite!
    But otherwise I give it a big recommendation and a big thumbs up. Anyone reading this website should read ‘The King of Sting’. Your posts here will now take on an enhanced persona. Not only looking forward to the movie but the book sequel. Carry on!
    Oh one more thing: congrats on surviving! Surely the odds were against it.
    Southwest High Class of ’72

  4. harley says:

    WRONG again glazer
    California faces 30 billion dollar shortfall….just your buddy arnold
    kicked the can down the road so he didnt have to be the
    bad guy.
    California is broke…..when they finally wake up and face the
    debt this state will fall apart. Teachers/fire fighters/emts/doctors/
    hospitals/schools will take a huge hit when the bills come due.
    Glad you’re back writing about what you know best.. fantasies and porn stars.

  5. Westcoastluv says:

    I Live In Cali, Its Great
    Glazer yeah baby, we are coming back. So is America. You are dead on my friend. I go to LA often from down south, its rockin like you said, way better than years past. Why do you have so many haters Glazer. Want to read King of Sting. Its at Barnes about a mile from me. Dude its in paperbook. So cool, it must have started in hardback cause they said they were out of those. I will read and report.

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