Tony: Cold Weather Trends To Watch In This Town

Let’s take a quick look at the trends that are going to define the rest of the year and probably until after the election cycle.

While the winter weather might not be as horrible this year, it still looks like the Holiday Season is going to be exceptionally broke, violent and soul crushing.

A quick review of the major headlines this week proves my thesis. First and foremost, Harley-Davidson playing hardball with Kansas City workers suggests that so many years of Union leadership and activism have been all for nothing. In the current economy, employers hold all the cards, not only here in the U.S. but also India where new Harley plants are taking hold and using a cheaper and far more compliant work force.

Even worse, schemes for a rapidly disappearing middle-class don’t seem to be working. Recently, police charge that a kidnapping and bank robbery was a phony and staged event. This is kinda depressing not only because it demonstrates that suburbanites don’t have any more integrity than the average hobo but also because the myth of American creativity and ingenuity isn’t really holding out if this old school scheme is any indication.

Closer to home, the reward in the mysterious Brian Euston Westport death case has been increased to $35,000. Of course everyone wants the case solved but the disparity in media coverage of this death versus others in the urban core is painfully obvious.

Finally, the Royals have found a way to continue a losing streak into the post season. Long story short (too late): The Great Recession really isn’t over if the aftermath is nothing more than a Jobless Recovery. And while folks are still hoping for an economic turnaround, what might be happening is an altogether different financial epoch in American history . . .

OR at the very least it’s gonna be harder to make a buck.
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4 Responses to Tony: Cold Weather Trends To Watch In This Town

  1. kcobserver says:

    Wow Tony . . .
    Major headlines? What happened Tony? Did you accidentally navigate away from Nickelodeon and read some actual news. Who knows? Maybe someday your third-rate blog will pull its weight on this otherwise great site.

  2. chuck says:

    The Euston kid’s death was a hate crime.
    If a balck kid had been killed by a pack of white boys, who then filmed it on their cell phones, and poated it on their face book pages, the recession would end in KC.

    Traffic jams at KC International airport would ensue. All the Rainbow co alition-Jesse Jackson-Al Sharpton-NBC-ABC-CBS, the influx of media – the talking heads arriving to discuss the tragedy. Go over it in detail. disect it.

    The killing would be on the front page ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD if it would have been a black kid.

    So shove that bullshit, that everybody knows is bullshit right up there where the sun don’t shine.

    Every day in America, hate crimes are committed. The victims, wait for it Tony, here it comes, are white, and that gets very little traction in the news.

    When it does get traction, is when it is a black person, then 100% of the mediais ALL IN. ALL THE CARDS COME DOWN ON THE TABLE. THE RACE CARDS.

    The KC Star cant tell us enought about Emmit Till and Leon Jordon.

    HOw about some in depth stories about the incessant, never ending crimes of murder and rape committed against white people?

    Total bullshit.

  3. chuck says:
    Had this crime been white on black, it would have garnered more attention than the Kennedy assasinaiton. Seriously.

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