OTC: Are Chiefs in Must-Win Situation In Denver?


“If they don’t win this game, I don’t think they win this division and I don’t think they make the playoffs.”
Frank Boal, on the importance of the Chiefs game this Sunday in Denver, 810 AM
GH: The winds of the NFL change direction quickly – especially in November. Only a week ago the Chiefs were 5-2 with a 10-0 lead inside the Raiders’ 5-yard line. Poof. Now they head to Denver for a game Boal believes is a must win. Read on.
“Why do I get the disgusting, stinking feeling that San Diego’s going to win this division?”
Kevin Kietzman, 810 AM
“Kansas City doesn’t have any better talent than any other team in this division. They’ve been successful playing smart and being efficient. It’s hard to do that over the course of a season. My guess is that this (division) is going to go down to the wire and the first team (in the AFC West) to get 10 wins is going to win this.”
Jeff Chadhia, NFL writer, 810 AM
“I think they get this win (in Denver) and looking at the schedule I think things will continue to go their way. I still like them to win the division.”
Kendall Gammon, 810 AM
GH: While I agree the Chiefs look poised to win the West, Gammon always thinks the best for the Chiefs. His comments analyzing the Chiefs are so glossy that his takes are better suited for the propaganda-filled Chiefs’ game-day radio coverage on 101 The Fox instead of 810’s more balanced format.
“The Chiefs don’t have to fix anything as far as I’m concerned.”
Herm Edwards, while talking to Kevin Kietzman Thursday, 810 AM
GH: If you’re wondering why Herm is wearing a suit on ESPN now instead of a sweatshirt on an NFL sideline, this comment might be an excellent clue.
“I still think New England, Pittsburgh and the Jets are the three best teams in the NFL.”
Bill Billick, ESPN Radio
GH: The former Ravens’ head coach said he likes the NY Giants as the best team in the NFC but that the best football is played in the AFC.
“It’s Donkey Week…BABY! And the Chiefs will try to put…the…hammer…DOWN!”
Mitch Holthus, Chiefs Kingdom
GH: Holthus reportedly is a professional motivational speaker. Listening to his pure cornpone shtick on The Chiefs Kingdom radio show, I have a hard time imagining Mitch motivating any business person to do anything else but giggle.
“It’s not going to be a difficult job to have these guys motivated.”
Todd Haley, on getting his team up for Denver, Chiefs Kingdom
“The Raiders are a feud. Denver is a team I want to beat worse than anybody! Broncos fans make me want to punch them. Raiders fans just make me want to get drunk with them.”
Nick Wright, 610 AM
GH: Couple of problems here. 1) Raider fan is already drunk. 2) Hating Denver is like hating Lenexa – hard to tell their fans from our fans. No such problem when it comes to the Silver and Black.
“When you’re not competitive, it hurts the game of football. People don’t want to watch that. Now I’m not saying (the Cowboys) quit, I’m just saying they’re not competitive.”
Herm Edwards, on the recent repugnant play of the Dallas Cowboys, 810 AM
GH: Herm would be much more valuable to ESPN if he wasn’t auditioning for another NFL head coaching job every time he’s asked to voice his opinion. Go ahead and be bold, Herm. The Cowboys quit like they were French Cowgirls. That Thanksgiving Day TV lineup featuring Pats/Lions, Saints/Cowboys and Bengals/Jets looks about as appetizing as that wiggly cranberry glop my mom used to try and pass off as a holiday side dish.
“I think that Eric Berry is a good player already but in time he’ll be a great player.”
Jayice Pearson, 610 AM
GH: Way too early to get down on the Chiefs’ rookie safety. But it is also premature to call this over-eager youngster a future All-Pro. I would like to see him play with more poise and less panic. He always seems to be in a hurry to get out of position.
“DJ – no question. And that’s not taking anything away from Tamba (Hali). His acceleration and closing on the ball from sideline to sideline is awesome!”
Kendall Gammon, when asked who the Chiefs’ defensive player of the year is at this point in the season, 810 AM
“(Derrick Johnson) is having a Pro-Bowl year. DJ is a straight baller!”
Kendall Gammon, 810 AM
GH: Congrats to DJ on his new contract. What a difference a year makes, hey Derrick?
“Probably not.”
Gary Barnett, when asked by Nate Bukaty if he thought Kansas and Turner Gill could use their stirring come-from-behind win over Colorado to turn things around for their floundering football program, 810 AM
“You just beat Colorado which is no big deal because everybody else is beating Colorado.”
Gary Barnett, explaining his reasoning to Bukaty, 810 AM
“Everybody’s been very unfair to Turner Gill.”
Frank Boal, 810 AM
GH: Especially Gill’s players.
“He’s one of the best recruiters in America but he just has problems on game day. They are missing something. They can’t get over the hump with this guy.”
Jack Harry, giving his opinion of MU’s Gary Pinkel, 810 AM
“Three weeks ago it would have sounded crazy to say this but now, you’d be disappointed with anything less than an 11-1 season.”
Gabe DeArmond, of PowerMizzou.com, prior to Mizzou’s game at Texas Tech, 810 AM
GH: If Mizzou drops their third game in a row this Saturday, all the old concerns about Gary Pinkel will again float up the Mighty Mo and wash ashore in Columbia. This didn’t look like a big game two weeks ago. Now it is huge.
“I think this is going to be a load for Missouri. Missouri hasn’t been able to stop the run, even though they’re at home. Most people are predicting a Missouri win here. I think Missouri should win the game but if they can’t stop the run then I think Kansas State will pull an upset here.”
Gary Barnett, 810 AM
GH: Mizzou should beat K-State by three touchdowns. It should be over by halftime. But MU’s play the past two weeks has even their most confident fans questioning the worth of the Tigers. Bill Snyder can make a statement in this game that could brand his Cats as THE team up north in the new Big 12. I will be glued to my tube for this one Saturday morning at 11.
“Mangino introduced himself to me like six or seven times because he couldn’t remember who I was or why I was there. That kind of took them out the process.”
Brandon Kinnie, Nebraska wide receiver from Grandview, recalling his recruiting trip to Lawrence, Omaha World Herald
GH: I find it wildly surprising that Mangino would need to introduce himself to anyone with eyesight.
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9 Responses to OTC: Are Chiefs in Must-Win Situation In Denver?

  1. kylerohde says:

    Greg – I finally registered for this site but I hate that I had to do so. Hearne, are you listening? This new site is a downgrade and it works fairly terrible on mobile devices. Not to mention the lack of an RSS feed. But I digress…

    Greg, I think you meant Brian Hillock not Bill Belicheck above.

  2. kylerohde says:

    whoops again
    Billick, not Hillock. Sorry, stupid auto correct on my mobile.

  3. Rainbow Man says:

    Haley’s "Quarters" Method
    This is where it makes sense. Regardless of the last loss… They are on a 10-6 pace. The Chiefs have proven they can win at home… which is usually good enough.

    But It is crunch time and now we need a few road wins. Second half starts Sunday. Love it. Just absolutely love it.

  4. harley says:

    every game is not a must win situation
    for the chiefs…even if they lose they are still tied for division lead
    (although oakland has head to head advantage).
    mu STILL can go 8-3 this year…with loss to k state…whici i doubt
    happens. Gabberts hurt again so they really need to figure out if
    this guy can play a whole season without injury. If you watch his
    passes the last 2 weeks theyare falling way short. Over half his
    passes versus texas tech were short…somethings wrong and pickle
    has tomake a de ision. i have heard that this franklin kid is incredible and
    he can run ands has a great arm…this is not a must win game but it
    is important.
    And jack the idiot said pickles the best recruiter…nnot it’s hill getting all
    the big name guys….give credit where credit is due.
    Denver 35 Chiefs 10…..I think this isa blowout….denver had 2 weeks
    to prepare….thats huge in the nfl and kc just lost a big game in oakland…
    sorry….we’ll scratch thru the seaon to the playoffs but this game in
    mile high (which many of the players have never experienced) will
    be a tough tough win. Denver is sky high to kick ass…and so is
    Josh (he want to beat his former coaches and gm)…..

  5. Greg says:

    Thanks Kyler
    Thanks for the fix, Kyler. Nothing like merging a one-timer with an all-timer. … Agree 100% on the issues with our Comments section. I miss the free-wheeling ways of the Comments section on the old site. Rumors of improvements are circulating but my patience is waning.

  6. mark x says:

    RE: Denver vs. Oakland

  7. Uncle Dick says:

    Ain’t gonna happen
    The days of seeing 30+ comments are over. Did you ever go to a little restaurant for years because the food and service were great, then they decide to move to a bigger, fancier location, and all of a sudden the food and service go downhill faster than MU in the BCS? I’ll continue to read and comment, only because I enjoy Mr. Hall’s efforts, but most of the content on this site is boring. The Trustafarian’s new girlfriend must have an 8th grade brother who designs websites.

  8. Kerouac says:

    Recipe disaster: kc’s cake has fallen & can’t rise

  9. Rainbow Man says:

    Nick Wright Is Correct
    I honestly do hate Denver much more than The Raiders. I kind of like The Raiders Fan Freak Show. I will take splitting with them every season. The Raiders add flair to our division. If Raiders fans had a parade… I would go watch. But Denver… They have those cocky high altitude wine and cheese fans. Denver fans are like the smug Nebraska fans. Elway used to just rip our guts out. This game is MUCH bigger than the Raiders game.

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