Tony: The Rise Of The Local Suburban Ghetto


Suburban life is going through a dramatic change locally…

The jobless recovery isn’t helping Kansas City hold on to the diminishing American Middle-Class and that means harsh times for people who once thought of the suburbs as a refuge reality. Sadly, there’s no hiding from global macroeconomic shifts. So many foreclosures and increasing suburban crime prove this fact.

Technically, they say we’re in The Great Recession and in the midst of a jobless recovery. One of the highlights of this trend is not only the disappearance of the American Middle-Class but an upcoming demographic shift that’s sure to change the composition of Kansas City once again.


Put simply, the rich people are coming back to Kansas City’s urban core.

Chris Rock has a great joke about this trend that’s really just the latest manifestation of gentrification. Rock remembers a white guy moving into his neighborhood during his youth, and thinks to himself "Aw Hell, Here Comes The Neighborhood."

So far Kansas City Gentrification has been rather kind. The Crossroads simply moved out hobos and unproductive warehouses when that neighborhood turned into a collection of condos, lofts, overpriced office space and trendy (money-losing) art galleries.

Other moves to lure people with money back into the city are comprised mostly of tax schemes that favor developers.

But it’s what’s left behind that interests me.

When the rich people move out, they leave behind a path of destruction that resembles a field ravished by locusts.

Already, it’s worth noting that home foreclosures in suburban areas have continued to rise in Kansas City despite an easing of this trend on the national level. Suburban McMansions comprise a big part of those numbers. Even more telling is the rise in Kansas City suburban crime and more headlines of elaborate theft ring throughout places that once served as refuges for the middle-class.

Consider all these facts along with the inevitability that gas prices will continue to rise and we see a local model of housing emerging that mimics the habitually lazy economic climate in Europe. Put simply, suburban ghettos in Kansas City are the new hotness and a look around the Northland, Grandview, Raytown, choice parts of Lee’s Summit and even JoCo prove my assertions not only correct but prescient.
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5 Responses to Tony: The Rise Of The Local Suburban Ghetto

  1. Hugh Jass says:

    WAAH WHITE PEOPLE HAVE MORE WAAH Tony we’re heard this shit from you a thousand times WAAH and it doesn’t even stick to the wall anymore. You’re taking one story WAAH about foreclosures and spinning it into WAAH something that isn’t even remotely have any basis in WAAH fact. .

    There’s about a three WAAH square mile area that’s actually livable for people living in the suburbs now. They’re WAAH not going to be moving into Kansas City. The schools WAAH suck, the shopping is better elsewhere, plus you WAAH don’t have to worry about getting WAAH shot! They also want to stay WAAH away from jackasses WAAH like you who run WAAH their mouths yet produce WAAH nothing of value for the WAAH area they live in.

  2. kcobserver says:

    "a quick glance . . . "
    Usual third-rate investigative journalism. Probably conducted while heading back to White Castle for another dozen burgers at 3:00 AM.

  3. harley says:

    the minorities are coming
    Went to oak park last weekend and was amazed at the number
    of minorities and foreigners at that mall.
    I have noticed a huge increase in minority drivers with johnson county
    plates. also..the minorities are actually moving into areas that were
    100% white.
    I got a knock on my door about 2 weeks ago. 2 young black men along with
    another 2 or 3 black men were selling discount cards for shawnee mission
    south football team. Now I live in a $750,000 house (recent appraisal)
    and had never known that sm south had somany young black students.
    It shocked me because i remember sm south eing a bastion of white
    upper class families.
    The burbs are changing. Northern JOco is being taken over by hispanics
    and blacks.
    Areas north of 435 are now seeing increases in minorities.
    I stopped off at hooters for some caribbean chicken wings (try them..
    and the girls have been upgraded) and noticed that their clientele
    at 105th and metcalf has changed. there were even 2 hispanic
    waitresses and even an asian waitress there.
    So demographically the areav is changing…but i think its inevitable…
    the increases birth rates in black and hispanics will make them run the
    country in 2018. I read where states where the minorities willbe the
    majority population will comprise of over 300 electoral votes and a
    candidate who can get those people out to vote (if the pass the
    republiicans literacy tests) can get eleced without a single vote
    in the southern states (mississippi/alabama/kentucky) etc.
    So for all you out there calling gtony a fat "spic" stop!
    He’s actually right. The blacks and illegals are taking over the last
    bastion of white america right now as you read this.
    Oh…and the muslims are growing fast too….they love breeding just
    like the mexicans.

  4. bschloz says:

    Front Page Stuff
    Whats Rich–That’s the question? … ..Whats king dollar worth .. ….66 cents? People are going where they can get put on loan.
    jojo’s 1mil dollar house is worth $750,000 at the last appraisal how bout the next appraisal? We’re in a GodDamn RE funnel…Gotta Love the US of A —pulling off the greatest heist in the history of mankind. QE/Ponzi scary shit..–brokeass States and Sovereigns —Foreclosures/Predatory Standards= Paper Shredding/MERS —-Shit meet fan…Fan meet shit. Bill Black for Financial Czar..Thomas Hoeing for U.S. Treasury–that’s your Kansas City right there.

  5. Rainbow Man says:

    The suburbs define Kansas City.Our downtown needs to be a very cool place to go for suburbanites, and safe DUI free transportation needs to get them there. As for living in the urban core… It will always be bohemians… and a few will have some cash. But, the mass of the wealthy set will live in upscale burbs in the now completely red state. You are dreaming if you think otherwise.
    I love it when all of those Hallbrook Hens go slumming at The Webster House. That is just the way it works. Soccer Dads from 151st and Metcalf need to feel hip, and have a night at The Velvet Dog.
    Honey, lets go down to The Crossroads, get drunk, and see how those freaky people live.

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