Jennifer: Meltdown at Murray’s Ice Creams & Cookies in Westport

I love Murray’s! 

They pride themselves on their creative ice cream flavors with names to match! 

Unfortunately, every year Murray’s Ice Creams & Cookies in Westport closes down during the months of December, January & February. 

However, you can personally extend your ice cream enjoyment by stocking up on your pints, quarts and gallons from Murray’s right now!

Think it’s too pricy to buy in bulk?  Well, line up like the rest of the frozen treat addicts for their half-off inventory sale. On December 5th at 12 P.M. all of Murray’s ice-cream is marked down. 

According to employee’s, the line starts forming early in the morning and the goods go fast!

It going to be a long and flavorless winter folks.  So get in line.

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