Jack Goes Confidential: Unstoppable Delivers Non-Stop Popcorn Thrills


UNSTOPPABLE is this fall season’s only certified, balls-to-the-wall, take no prisoners popcorn flick!

It’s SPEED on a train, SMOKEY AND THE BANDIT on rails and RUNAWAY TRAIN – all rolled into one.

Come to think of it, it’s popcorn with plenty of real butter on it and worth every dollar you’ll spend at the boxoffice.

UNSTOPPABLE is an hour-and-a-half nailbiter from action maestro/director Tony Scott (DAYS OF THUNDER, CRIMSON TIDE and THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1 2 3), teaming veteran railroader Denzel Washington with new kid on the block, STAR TREK’s Chris Pine to stop an unmanned runaway freight train that’s racing through the Pennsylvania countryside.

A speeding bullet carrying enough combustable liquids, poisonous gasses and other toxic cargo to wipe out the nearby city it’s racing to!

 The question: How to slow down and stop this bitch on rails?

Their plan: Latch onto it from behind. In other words take another locomotive and race it backwards at high speed. Then hook it up to the runaway train’s last freight car.

Once connected they’ll throw their engine’s power in reverse and hopefully bring the rolling beast to a halt.

You as the viewer live every part of every exciting minute here. What’s more the producers didn’t use green screens or much digital magic to create this rolling thunder.

They used an actual train!

What’s more Denzel Washington did most of his own stunts including running and jumping on top and in between the moving rail cars while the train was speeding along at 50 to 60 miles an hour.

Non-stop action on and along the tracks as every FOX TV affiliate covers the killer train live from the air as it speeds through the countryside.

From the tension at the railroad’s headquarters to Denzel’s daughters who are watching dad’s potential terror trip at Hooters where they’re working their way through college.

(Nice touch of product placement, wouldn’t you say?)

Note: Had the train sped through our neck of the woods, Kansas City’s FOX affiliate would’ve missed chasing it from the air since they’ve unloaded their helicopter.

So leave your thinking caps at home.

Load up on the popcorn and get on 20th Century-Fox’s white-knuckle potential disaster ride.

This movie delivers what it promises in ads, trailers and TV spots—and how often does that happen these days?

UNSTOPPABLE raises 3 gripping fingers.


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  1. craig glazer says:

    TJ Miller is in film, nice part, from Stanfords
    Jack fun film, my pal comic TJ Miller is in this movie, in the first part. He will have a much larger role in Gullevers Travels and Yogi Bear, both out in a few weeks. Funny comic.

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