Shauna: Bye-bye Bomber; Hello Beat It

Madonna has one…Lindsay Lohan has one…The Olsen Twins have one…Sean P. Diddy aka Puffy aka Diddy aka Puff Daddy (sheez, this guy has more nicknames than Jesus himself!) has one…

And now Michael Jackson’s brothers are throwing their leather jackets into the ring. Well, in a roundabout way…

Tito, Jermaine, Jackie, and Marlon are catapulting their way into the fashion arena with a new clothing line called J5 to honor their beloved brother and their days as the Jackson 5. According to WWD, the line will offer T-shirts inspired by the glory days of the Jackson 5 and iconic leather-type jackets that replicate what Michael (the real marketing factor here!) wore in the Thriller and Beat It videos.

Guess all those late nights trying to moonwalk in my bedroom won’t go in vain!

Jackie, the real creative talent behind the line, is quoted as saying, "The jackets are incredible. They are the real thing… I didn’t really think of them as tributes to Michael in the beginning, but that’s what they are…"

And while T-shirts and jackets are planned for the initial launch, the brothers are hoping to add shoes, outerwear and accessories soon.


What perfect tasteless timing. The remaining Jackson brothers are considering a reunion tour, tentatively to be called J5, of course!

But wait!

Will anyone actually buy tickets to see a concert of the former background vocal celebrities strutting their stuff on stage now that the only actual talent in the group is six feet under?

Sounds like a Vegas act in the making!
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