Hearne: Wizards Poised to Announce Name Change


 You read about it here first…

As reported here this past summer, not only will the Kansas City Wizards be moving into fancy new digs next year – as in a world class soccer stadium – they’ll be sporting a new name.

The third in the franchise’s 15 year existence. The Wiz being the first in 1996.

Sources say the club was unable to ink a deal for a corporate naming rights sponsorship deal, a la the New York Red Bulls. Opting instead for an English Premier League-sounding name.

The sources point to the team’s poor play since new owners bought the Wizards a few years back from deceased founder Lamar Hunt as the rationale for the name change.

"They want to rebrand themselves," says one source. "They’re moving into a new stadium and they don’t want to be associated with the T-Bones."

That in reference to the incredibly bad sight lines the past two seasons while playing at the minor league baseball team’s KCK park.

The front runner for the new name: Sporting KC or Sporting Kansas City.

Other rumored possibilities include KC 96 and KC Sporting Club. 

Stay tuned…


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12 Responses to Hearne: Wizards Poised to Announce Name Change

  1. JAM says:

    Kansas Tornado
    Any way you slice it — they will be Kansas something — they will drop the City.

    However they could be called KCK Daily House Fires so something like that.

    Maybe shorten it — KCK Fire


    Kansas Redlegs (however, KU could sue them for that one)


    Kansas Tornado — then the guy who wanted to put up the monument to tornados could do so.

    Ain’t life grand in Kansas.

  2. Doog says:

    Ecch. No.

    How about FCKC?

  3. kcredsox says:

    How About

  4. harley says:

    how about
    another billionaire sucking the public taxpayer for millions of dollars.
    another boondoggle project that kansas fell for.
    Neb furn mart wasnt paying their taxes so why should neal patterson.
    when will we understand that these deals are purely for show and
    are not finaically viable.
    Lets call them the Kansas City Clowns…because really outside of
    the latins and mexicans WHO CARES?

  5. Kerouac says:

    used to be: Spurs: Eric Barber, Joe Haverty, cool logo. Blues: Gary Veneruzzo, Doug Harvey, et al. Athletics: Charlie-O the Mule & Charlie Finley, in that order. Wrasslin’ too: Ox Baker, the Missouri Mauler, Bob Geigel too… The Chiefs: Stram, Dawson, Taylor & Co. KC Kings? Don’t miss them – at all. Bob Brown, Bob Geigel, It’s pretty much hit & miss, all told. Miss a lot here in KC, a lot.The new name our ’11 ball-kickers is ‘Irrelevance’ – Kansas City Irrelevance, New name… same old game? We can dream.

  6. MOUF says:

    "Lets call them the Kansas City Clowns…because really outside of the latins and mexicans WHO CARES"

    im really confused, so only hispanics care about clowns? amazing logic, please bless us with more of your "wizdom"

  7. Hugh Jass says:

    so where’s the news today?
    Most "news" sites at least try to have something up new every day. Been lookin’ at this soccer crap for nigh on a day now.

  8. Markus Aurelius says:

    They would be stupid to drop….
    … the "City" from "Kansas City" and only go with "Kansas" in the name. If they did so they would alienate at least half of their potential local fan base. There are plenty of Missouri residents who are general sports fans that would bristle at the idea of buying merch to support a team identified only with Kansas. Yours truly included.

    I understand if they want to change the Wizards name — I’ve always thought that was a rather ridiculous name for a sports team — but I don’t understand the desire to mimic names in the English Premier League. Not to mention the Wizards currently hold Kansas City’s most recent championship (from 2000). I think Sporting KC or Sporting Kansas City is as poor a choice as the Wizards was back when it was selected. Unfortunately, I don’t have a better suggestion, but then again I’ve given this less than 2 minutes of thought.

  9. MOUF says:

    Sporting isnt
    an English Premier League like name. Sporting Lisbon is from, you guessed it, Lisbon, which is in Portugal.

    I agree that dropping City would be stupid, I dont like it one bit that the new Comets are Missouri instead of Kansas City.

  10. MOUF says:

    also brought to attention
    Red Bull owns the New York MLS team, its not a sponser. Tough to believe your sources when you have some many errors, are you sources telling you this stuff or are you the one messing it up?

  11. Markus Aurelius says:

    Had no idea that the Comets were going
    by the Missouri Comets, instead of the KC Comets. I’m a lifelong Missourian and I don’t like that name choice. They are the ONLY team in the 5-team re-branded MISL that uses a state rather than city name identifier. Do they really think that people in Hannibal and Poplar Bluff and St Louis are going to adopt the Comets as their team? The only thing I can figure is that the City of Independence didn’t like the idea of having the "Kansas City" Comets in the Independence Event Center — if so, that’s dumb on Independence’s part. The best thing for the city’s Event Center is the long-term success of the Comets. The best thing for the long-term success of the Comets is to name them the Kansas City Comets rather than the Missouri Comets. —— I suppose it’s all a bit of a tempest in a nearly defunct teapot with 5 teams either folding or going on hiatus in the MISL in the last 3 years.

  12. TonyIsADirtbag says:

    H. Jr., Crack Journalist:
    And the Wizards are "Poised to Announce ‘Change Name’," instead of ‘Name Change’. Another brilliant piece of writing, H. Jr.

    (Oh, sorry, we are just "picking on you" with these comments, aren’t we?)

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