OTC: KU Comes Back From Dead / But Are They Still Terminal?


“I was knee deep in bean dip and guacamole dip by then.”
Bob Fescoe, confessing that he bolted from Memorial Stadium at halftime Saturday with KU down 35-17, 610 AM
GH: I was driving back from the Missouri State CC meet in Jeff City Saturday afternoon and despite my wife’s constant glare, I listened to the second half of the KU radio broadcast. I had heard the halftime score so I was not expecting Bob Davis to be jumping up and down in our car’s front seat. Whatever was happening in Lawrence, Davis and his cohort, David Lawrence, were juiced – despite the three-touchdown deficit. I listened to the entire fourth quarter as the Jayhawks pulled off one for the ages. Read on.
“Those who didn’t quit on their team, stayed until the end and witnessed the biggest comeback in the history of Kansas football.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, Lawrence Journal World
GH: Is it really quitting on your team when a fan purchases a ticket, attends the game and then leaves early? No. And for a sportswriter like Keegan who is there at no charge and because he is getting paid to cover the game rips an early riser, it makes no sense. Fans can do whatever they want to do – especially those with a ticket. Sports aren’t a ‘till-death-do-us-part relationship. Sports are like your favorite restaurants. Both charge a lot for our attention. You go until you’ve had your fill. When the food or service turns bad, you don’t go…or leave early.
“It’s not the same two teams that are out there. It’s like they changed jerseys at halftime!”
David Lawrence, radio color analyst, as KU mounted their incredible 42-point second-half comeback win against Colorado, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: The comeback was almost palpable over the radio. Listening to Davis and Lawrence I felt like the momentum faucet was cranked full on and then KU’s onside kick broke it off.
“First-year KU coach Turner Gill made the call of the season with an onside kick recovered by receiver Bradley McDougald.”
Tom Keegan, columnist, Lawrence Journal World
GH: But was it Gill who called for the onside kick? Read on.
"That’s just my winning mentality. I probably would’ve done it on a video game or something.”
Steven Johnson, KU linebacker, who said he talked special-teams coach Aaron Stamn into trying a successful onside kick with Kansas down 45-24 in the fourth quarter, JayhawkSlant.com
GH: I am pretty sure Gill had to approve the onside kick but I like Johnson’s story best.
“At halftime, we just talked about being relentless. That was our word of the week.”
Turner Gill, on what he said to his team at the half, down 35-17 to the Buffs, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: Relentless? How hard a sell was that to a team down 35-17 in a quickly-emptying stadium?
“KU was down 45-17 in the fourth quarter and they came back to win the game! We’ll spend some time wrapping this baby up!”
Bob Davis, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: Davis is as KU blind as they come but he makes listening to a radio broadcast fun. I hope he calls KU games for another decade.
"We felt like we got that swagger back. It felt like Georgia Tech again. It was different because we fought back from the adversity. We felt like everything was against us, the refs, the opposing teams, and even sometimes the fans. Next week, we’ll have to do the same thing because we have to shock the world because everybody is counting us out. We got to stick together, because it’s 100 of us verses everybody."
Steven Johnson, KU linebacker, JayhawkSlant.com
GH: If anybody spots a KU football player swaggering around campus, flash a photo of Carson Palmer at him and ask him to act more appropriately.
“You see the players buying in and you see it translate in practice!”
David Lawrence, following KU’s win, Jayhawk Radio Network
GH: Wait a minute. Before we go all goofy about a fluke comeback win over a miserable Colorado team, let’s get a reality check. So Lawrence watched the fourth quarter and determined that just then everything Gill has been preaching at practice suddenly kicked in and worked for KU? That kind of crazy talk merely masks many of the problems that surround Gill’s football program – and there are many.
“I don’t think it makes (the Jayhawks’ comeback win) any less significant just because you weren’t playing for anything.”
David Lawrence, who ranked Saturday’s win over Colorado just behind KU’s Orange Bowl victory and the snow-bowl win over Mizzou at Arrowhead as far as the biggest wins in KU football history, HawkTalk
GH: This statement floored me. Hey, it was a thrilling win for a rotten team in the midst of an awful season. But one of the top-three wins in KU football history? This win over CU didn’t even top the Georgia Tech win earlier this season.
“You score 42 in the fourth quarter to squeak one out?”
Matt Davison, Nebraska radio analyst, after hearing of KU’s comeback, Cornhusker Radio Network
“That’s the third coach now that Kansas has caused to get fired. There was Ron Prince, Bill Callahan and now Dan Hawkins. ‘You lost to Kansas? Your ass is fired!’ ”
Bob Fescoe, on Colorado announcing the firing of CU’s Hawkins, 610 AM
“It’s still not totally clear why (Collin) Klein replaced Carson Coffman, who started K-State’s first eight games. … Whatever the case, it worked. I’m not sure if it’s sunk in yet, but K-State beat Texas with two complete passes — two! — and neither were really necessary.”
Austin Meek, columnist, following K-State’s dominating win over Texas, Topeka Capital-Journal
GH: Not clear? Is an explanation necessary when the quarterback being replaced is named Carson Coffman? The question should be why did it take Snyder until November to bench Coffman?
“Truth is, the Negro Leagues Museum will have a hard time surviving more than a few more years.”
Sam Mellinger, column in Sunday’s Kansas City Star
GH: The current plight of the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum is column worthy – but not on a Sunday that follows KU’s greatest comeback in their football program’s history, Mizzou’s historic season is derailed with a devastating loss in Lubbock and K-State beheads Texas in Manhattan. Mellinger has received many plaudits of late. A sense of what deserves his immediate attention is not one of them.

“Snow, ice and wind now moving away from the east coast.”
ABC Radio on Tuesday morning
GH: It is coming. We know winter lurks but a cold front away. But I am never ready for its arrival.
“Haggis doesn’t gross me out as much as the McRib does.”
Nate Bukaty, who stated he rarely eats at McDonald’s, 810 AM
GH: No, Haggis is not the bearded giant in Harry Potter. It is a Scottish sausage-like dish made up of sheep’s heart, liver and lungs. Pass me the McRib – extra sauce.
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4 Responses to OTC: KU Comes Back From Dead / But Are They Still Terminal?

  1. olathecat says:

    GH: Not clear? Is an explanation necessary when th
    GH: Not clear? Is an explanation necessary when the quarterback being replaced is named Carson Coffman? The question should be why did it take Snyder until November to bench Coffman?


  2. Gavin says:

    Yeah, some of Lawrence’s pronouncements were pretty ridiculous. Third biggest win? No. It may, though, be the most important win of Gill’s career. I’m still not sold on the guy, but that game probably sealed his presence in Lawrence for another year. i’m not sure how thin the ice was under Gill, but the combination of this win and a backbreaking lack of buyout in his contract probably sealed it up for him. __________________________Of course, when Nebraska pounds the Jayhawks into dickcheese the talk will start up all over again. I’m going to that game. When I got the tickets I thought it would be fun. Fun like a fecal impaction. A big, red fecal impaction. With lots of corn._____________________As for haggis, Greg, you forgot the best parts. You take the heart, liver and lungs and cook them in water or stock but you have to tie the esophague to the handle of the pot so that when the lung mucus starts burbling out, it will drain unto a bowl beside the pot. Then, when it’s all cooked, you chop those organs, mix them with oatmeal and then put it all in a sheep’s stomach and steam it. Mmm.

  3. bschloz says:

    Phog Sitting On The 50
    Bizzaro how can you explain that comeback…and also the win over GA Tech.
    Like Coach Haley says either your getting better or your not…the arrow is either pointing up or down…maybe players starting to feel the holy spirit…….As far as the Chiefs go I got no problem with that loss….them boys are hitting and spending it on the field…. I did the "Elmo Wright" when Bowe caught that touch. Thats why I watch the shit anyways. Chargers are going to be a bitch– that looks like best of the West.

  4. MoCrash says:

    KU comeback was thrilling
    Despite being a Missouri native and fan, I couldn’t help but pull for the Jayhawks as they rallied from a 28-point fourth quarter deficit (to think, if I hadn’t left early from a sad small college game, I’d have missed it). Davis and Lawrence were fun listening down the stretch. I understand the hyperbole; it was the biggest comeback for the Jayhawks since 1923 or something, so even if the game itself was meaningless — and certainly not ranking among all-time great wins even for a KU program which doesn’t have a ton of them — it was one of the most exciting finishes of all time.

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