Glazer: Chiefs – Only Good Enough to Disappoint


This is for all those who THINK I don’t know football.

Yes, I played in high school and tried out in college, so I do know a little about football. Okay okay, so it was my freshman year but I was a starting linebacker.

The Chiefs need Dexter McCluster badly. He is their one and only scary weapon, outside of Jammal Charles. Our return game has been awful – yes, I know Javier Arenas had two nice returns called back, but he left us at the 10 to end the game. That was one of two plays that hurt the most. As I said last week, we have almost no short running game.


We can’t get even one yard in the Red Zone when it counts. Charles and Thomas Jones get stuffed at the line every time. Use Jackie Battle in those spots because he is bigger and stronger. How many times is THE FRANCHISE, Matt Cassel, throwing for that one-yard touchdown on third and goal or fourth and goal?

I rest my case.

Yes, the Chiefs should have won. We still don’t know how to seal the close games. At least not on the road. The Chiefs can beat anyone or lose to anyone. All their games have been very close except for the San Fran game.

We were finally given a gift on the last fumble at the Raider 30. That guy was down and the ball was slapped out. Cassel had a decent game. Remember, he has NO RECEIVERS. Chris Chambers has quit, stinks. DBowe continues to drop half the throws and there is no other receiver. Oh yeah, tight end Tony Moekaki. Lately he’s been slowed down. The other team must look at tapes huh? Without Dexter causing issues, we’re kinda slow on offense save Charles. DBowe has proven he is a dunce by dropping the game winner again.

The FRANCHISE showed you what he can do when a receiver gets open. The throw to DBowe in the end zone to score should’ve been the game winner, with perfect with Brett Favre speed and on target. THE FRANCHISE has to loft most throws because his receiversget no separation, so he hopes they can out jump the defender for the ball. Usually they can’t. The rookie did it for a touchdown early. The first half we should’ve had at least 10 more points but instead, lived at the Raider 20.

Todd Haley did a decent job. At least he had challenges left at the end of the game, unlike the Raider coach who nearly cost his team the game because he wasted his.

The Chiefs are only good enough to disappoint you in the end. Yes, they are better. Yes, the league has no dominant team (maybe the Giants). Prediction? It will be tough. We blew the easy road that a win against Oakland would have given us. It may come down to Oakland at KC, final game of the year. Maybe it should, we deserve that shot.

All that said, I love watching these guys each week. Maybe 1969 and 1985 will happen again in our lifetimes. Maybe. We can always dream.

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9 Responses to Glazer: Chiefs – Only Good Enough to Disappoint

  1. kcredsox says:

    Glazer no’s Football
    And still a bunch us believe you don’t know football.

  2. harley says:

    I once added air to my now I’m certified to be a mechanic.
    I flew in an airplane…so now I can be the pilot.
    You basically know nothing about football. You played over 40 years
    the chiefs will be fine. Obviously you didnt look at the other teams in
    the division. Did you see Oaklands schedule?
    Brutal with games against Indy and Pittsburg and in SD.
    Chiefs schedule plays perfectly but in this transition year there will
    be roadblocks.
    I doubt you’ve been to arrowhead this year. Or been to a chiefs live broadcast.
    The enthusiasm is gaining dramatically and this town is starting to feel
    a strong resurgence. As a younger team we have to be patient and had a few things changed we would be 2 and a half games up in first place.
    But things went screwy.
    Having played in the big leagues, I’m sure you understand momentum and
    intensity. This team has to get a few breaks and play their game.
    Bowe has to step up. It’s that simple. Teams don’t win in the nfl without
    a passing attack…see New Orleans/Pitt/Indy get big chunks of yardage
    per play instead of 15 or 16 down drives. Without strong receivers we’re
    average but with the lesser schedule/our weak division/and some breaks
    we can reach the playoffs. I think the per cent of reaching the playoffs
    right now is 60%.
    So please check your facts and don’t get down on this team. You’ve been
    around long enough to know how bad this was. Now we have something
    to cheer for. So don’t jump off the bandwagon just yet!

  3. chuck says:

    This new web site sucks.

    No paragraphs???

    What headline?

    The old one was free flowing and stream of conciousness friendly.

    This is physically clumsy, and cumbersome.

    I don’t know shit about computers.

    It looks like you asked me to design it.

    Jesus, it sucks

  4. chuck says:

    No paragraphs, its like, fuck you people, figure
    it out. ———————————sucks———————-here are my paragraphs——————–this place sucks———————-Hey Beavus.———-What Butthead————–uh…….this sucks—————–

  5. chuck says:

    I am going to work-one more time it sucks
    Sucks bad.

  6. chuck says:

    One more thing Glazer-just for the
    record. Go out in the street and stop 10 cars, and ask, shit, ask just the women in the cars, not the men, and they will tell ya there are 6 teams in the AFC better than the New York Giants.

  7. chuck says:

    I might have been a little tough on ya CG
    This would be good advice. Stay out of Greg’s office and stick to hanging with Botello. That fucker is dead behind the eyes when it comes to sports. Go over to his basement, get on a few knowledgable websites, get to know the NFL, and put the clothes back on Botello’s Barbie Dolls.

  8. SurfCity says:

    Chiefs Can’t make the Big Play
    The Chiefs biggest nightmare,the Chargers .. they have a bye week and get Vincent Jackson back, the All Pro Wide receiver….San Diego will win the Division,Yes I’m A Bolt Fan and live in SD.Glazer there are some interesting blogs,I found this site by searching Joe Phillips name.I have additional info about him that you may not know,he was with SD before KC ….One evening Joe Got drunk and loud at a bar in Pacific Beach and Challenged a MMA guy to a fight outside.Joe Got the Crap beat out of him and had to be hospitalized.He Was Beat up so bad he missed a few games with the Chargers and the Chargers suspended him.Bobby Bethard the Chargers GM told Joe the last day of his suspension ,tomorrow I’m going to call you …so spend the day sitting next to your phone…and make sure your there or we done with you.Joe was never there to answer that call.The Chargers put him on waivers 15 minutes after missing the call.Joe called the Chargers,but they refused his calls.Joe then started calling the sports talk shows on the radio and crying…yes..crying , that he doesn’t want to leave San Diego.The RealSports report didn’t surprise me

  9. Kerouac says:

    "Chiefs need Dexter McCluster badly. He is their one and only scary weapon" ~ ~ ~ ca$$el is pretty scary when he raises his arm – could put somebody’s eye out. ____________________________________________ "THE FRANCHISE has to loft most throws because " ~ ~ ~ he throws like a sissy Mary. ___________________________________ "he had challenges left at the end of the game" ~ ~ ~ and issues: the duffer still can’t count higher than four… when he gets there he thinks you get to go back to 1 and start over again; he probably had trouble filling out his scorecard too…

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