Hearne: Uh, We Made It – Sort Of

Seems like only yesterday I was pimping the unwashed with word of KC Confidential’s bloggy demise…

How Jason Whitlock of me.

Come to think of it, it was a week ago that I foretold of our blog’s going away. I left out the part about the Lazarus Project – our second coming. Wherein our 20-month-old media experiment would rise from those same ashes and become the long-threatened Web site.

Did I tell you there’d be some bugs? Perhaps I underplayed that a bit.

There’ve been plenty of bugs. Not the least of which was the learning curve for getting this baby airborn.

But first and foremost, a moment of silence please for our former comments section…

You remember, that free-wheeling snakepit – to borrow from columnist Art Brisbane -of stunning personalities and typographical errors.

Who could ever forget (and at the same time not regret) the diabolical rants unleashed by resident site psychopath jojo?

Not I.

Well, there’s good news and bad news where the now missing-in-action comments section is concerned.

By popular acclaim, it’s coming back. Just as soon as the magicians at Lazarus can conjure it.

I know, I know…

You love having to write those comment headlines and memorize your fake email addresses and blog names in order to log in each and every time.

Frankly, it’s a hassle, even for me.

How many of my comments have you read this past week? Uh, none I think.

So  bear with us while the wizards work to restore those freewheeling ways. Meanwhile enjoy the new look and improved content. Matthew Donnelly’s cutting edge music reviews. Curtis Kitchen’s take no prisoners approach to Kansas State and the Big 12. KU sophomore Maria Juarez’s  brief expedition into the dating of sabre-toothed tiger, Craig Glazer.

There’s plenty more where that came from.

So you know, stay tuned.

Back to you, LAZ…


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13 Responses to Hearne: Uh, We Made It – Sort Of

  1. Markus Aurelius says:

    glad to hear this Work in Progress actually..
    is a work in progress. I didn’t read anything about RSS feeds in your post but I trust that they’ll be coming, right?

  2. Kerouac says:

    Is that
    an old photo of Al Jolson – or is it (Jolson) Jr.?

  3. JimmyD says:

    Old Message Board
    Hope to see you soon!

  4. harley says:

    hearne….send me a check
    I pointed all the flaws this site had on from day one. It was a mess.
    It was truly one of the worst sites I’d seen. congratulations on having the
    nerve and wisdom to follow my advice. I am only going to charge you
    $50 for consultation fees. The rest i will take out in trade at Bazookas.
    Now…keep glazer from writing about sports (his forte is pussy/pussy/
    hot chicks/masturbating/pussy/maria/black barby/strippers/pussy
    and more pussy. If you can keep him focused on what he does best
    with it will improve this site greatly.
    Good luck. You’ll be hearing more from me soon.

  5. harley says:

    Take a letter maria…
    address it to my wife…
    say I’m running off with you…
    gotta start a new life.
    Can we see a good photo of maria? She surely looks better in
    hot pants than black barby!

  6. Robertoe says:

    keep the registration function!
    Hearne, I don’t know what your talking about in terms of remembering log in name and fake email. This saves each for you. All one needs to do is hit the log in button.
    The comments section will gravitate to the lowest denominator without a registration function. I DON"T KNOW OF ANY OTHER QUALITY WEBSITE THAT DOES NOT REQUIRE REGISTRATION FOR COMMENTS. Then ban the crap and the trools. Sure they can reregister but you can ban IP addresses too.
    A quality comment section is important. You didnt have this at the blog and you won’t have it here without a registration function.

  7. JimmyD says:

    Nicely Done

  8. bschloz says:

    If it was easy …everybody would have a blog.
    Good luck getting it tweaked……When I read this on FFox there is something with the spacing within the articles that does not flow. Can’t quite put my finger on it but it is disjointed.
    Also if one of your bloggers is not active for a period of time I would take them off your front page. It is kind of stale to see material that is weeks old on the front page…..I do like the basic feel of this new design. ….but, please don’t steal my identity and start charging groupons on my AMEX.

  9. Rainbow Man says:

    I am cool
    i was a kc con fan before i knew you were working with LAZ and now i am even more so… you will straighten it out.

  10. rdhoss says:

    You are lucky I wanted to see what Hall had to say about the Chiefs. Otherwise, I will never think to come to the site. Let me read your content thru my RSS Reader before you slip my mind altogether!!!!!

  11. rdhoss says:

    Okay, one more comment…
    I’ve commented a couple of times about adding RSS feeds, and that is critically important if you want people to read your site.

    But I’m just browsing around the site now, and I must say… it is awful.


    It’s difficult to read. Difficult for me to find content I’m interested in. The columns don’t line up properly. The pages are slow to load.

    Just on this page, I’m looking at how the ads on the right side go on so long down the page that there’s a ton of white space before the footer. It looks terrible.

    I’ve honestly seen stuff thrown up on godaddy be teenagers that looks 100% better than this mess.

    I hope you aren’t paying for your web development services.

    Get an RSS feed or I will never read you again.

  12. chuck says:

    Just put the old one back up
    Robertoe is a book burner.

  13. JazzFanInKC says:

    Hopefully, this will come across as intended: More helpful than critical. For starters, this is the first time I’ve come here in awhile. I looked at the old format almost daily. The difference? RSS feeds. Stories showing up in my feeds provided a regular poke. Now, frankly, in the rush of a day, coming to see if there’s something new of interest here just doesn’t occur to me. Second, the new format is horrible on a mobile device, which is how an increasing number of us read the web. I’m not talking about there being a specific mobile-formatted version. I’m talking about columns of copy being narrow enough to be easily enlarged and legible on a smartphone. That’s fairly basic design on most web sites today. For that matter, the columns don’t even wrap to a normal web browser, meaning that ads are cut off at the right as I’m looking at this site in my Firefox browser right now. That’s right, advertisers, this site is coded so that I don’t see your ads anymore! This site may have been designed to make back end use easier; that I don’t know. But as a reader, the design has some rather basic and serious problems.

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