The Dish: Texas Hits Jackpot, Big 12 Won�t Respond

Apparently this is part of a mass e-mail you sent to multiple Big 12 institutions. Please be informed the Conference office will not be responding to your inquiry.” – Bob Burda                                

You’re darn right, Assistant Commissioner – Communications Bob Burda. My form email to you was sent to multiple institutions. Ten of them in fact. It served as a litmus test, and your response to it smells like something Najeh Davenport would drop in a closet.

First, my initial email:

Hello Bob,


I hope this email finds you well. 


Listen, had some questions, and I’m hoping you can help me out. 


Last summer, when the Big 12 narrowly avoided eradication, the major crux of Commissioner Beebe’s resolution centered around a proposed television package that would help increase revenues for the remaining Big 12 schools. Many people wrongly took off with that information, claiming it was a major save that might not only keep the Big 12 together for the short term, but possibly strengthen it to the point that the conference could even be a player in power conference talks when they were revisited in the future.


However, since that time, there has been little or no information (or rumor for that matter) coming forth about any details with a new television package and the Big 12, aside from Texas forging ahead with its own network. That’s news to me since my impression is that since Big 12 TV talks are not set to begin in earnest until sometime next spring, other schools may be uneasy about Texas moving on its own agenda – a major sticking point last summer for the schools that left….and those left behind.


That said, the apparently impending Texas deal, along with the silence from the Big 12 has been noticed by others I know who work in the TV industry who, quite honestly, would’ve heard some sort of rumbling by now. As executives, they are curious. As fans, they’re worried by the silence (and by only hearing Texas‘ name in conversations).


So, my questions then are for Commissioner Beebe and you.


Where do things stand as he knows them currently? Has there been any recent dialogue with AD’s concerning the rumored Big 12 and/or Texas packages? If so, have they been productive? Have the parameters for a new deal been set? And with whom?


And finally, if not, what is the mood within Big 12 circles these days? Are all 10 schools still just as committed to one another as they supposedly were a few months ago?


I really appreciate the help, and if you don’t want to be quoted, that’s absolutely fine though I’d still like to talk by phone or email… I’m working on a story where things are and any insight I could get would be hugely beneficial. At least a timeline of when talks are scheduled in the spring?


Thanks much!


Take care,




You saw Burda’s answer.

So, here it is Big 12 fans – Texas, pending a Board of Regents vote, is ready to let fly with its own television network in 2011, reported by to be worth nearly $30 million next year and $32 million the season after when double-dipped with the current Big 12 Fox Sports Net deal.

It isn’t a shock. The other schools were told Texas would only stay a part of the Big 12 if it was given the ability to form its own network. It was the network idea that Larry Scott and the Pac-10 wouldn’t grant the Longhorns, and what ultimately helped torpedo the virtually done agreement.

The Big 12 members agreed (were forced) to let Texas form its baby, but only, as insiders tell me, because they were led to believe Texas would form a third-tier package worth a few extra million – while using its weight to bolster a new deal for the Big 12 that would benefit the other nine schools.

Even as recently as Oct. 25, Texas Athletic Director DeLoss Dodds said the school stood to only pocket approximately $3M per year for its efforts…with the hope that it would earn more in the future.

All that effort for a little more than half of Mack Brown’s reported $5.1M salary in 2010?


Instead, like it has done from the beginning, Texas played its hand brilliantly, which is easy to do when you’re three steps ahead and running things. It waited long enough (a few weeks is all) to let ESPN flex its muscle and trump its foe with an offer six times richer than the Sports Business Journal-reported $2 million that Fox Sports Net had put on the table.

Texas celebrated, and so did Dan Beebe, who, I’m sure in completely unrelated news, announced his extension as Big 12 Commissioner through 2015…on the same day.

And, the conference has no response to any of this other than to hint that they are upset I dare ask any of the schools about any of this.


It is complete and utter insanity to think Texas has already put a bow on its present while Beebe’s proposed Big 12 television package, the one that was to save the conference, is still just a proposal. It speaks to priorities, business acumen and speed with which each entity is performing.

It is complete and utter insanity to think the remaining school presidents and athletic directors, especially those who had a legitimate chance to leave and secure big-time futures, threw their entire departments at a simple proposal that, according to several sources, isn’t expected to be discussed officially until next spring.

Then again, now that Beebe has allowed Texas to max out its potential (for now), maybe the rest falls into place sooner rather than later.

Either way, the Big 12, if it’s able, may want to quicken its pace.

On Nov. 3, John Denton, who is part of the TCU radio network, told Erik Gee on 610 The Sports Animal in Albuquerque that he’s been informed the Big East would still like to explore adding the Horned Frogs, Kansas, Kansas State and Missouri.

Even if it is a rumor and just wishful thinking on TCU’s part, after Friday’s developments, would those schools be willing to listen? If they learned anything from Friday/this summer, the lesson that any interest in the Big 12 has to be self-interest finally should be cemented by now…doesn’t it?

And lastly…

Why did ESPN throw such a pot-buster of a raise at the Longhorns? Just because it’s Texas? That sort of over-bet (SIX TIMES what FSN proposed, remember) doesn’t just happen. Either ESPN is 100 percent confident it will see the type of return that makes the $12M a smart investment, or it is one more piece into a much larger puzzle.

If Texas is now on board, along, to a lesser extent, with BYU, then what’s stopping ESPN from cherry-picking through the rest of the county, securing the broadcast rights to those teams, and forming its own ESPN championship?

Maybe nothing. Maybe this is the start.

All of these things, Bob Burda, and the Big 12 won’t respond. That may actually be a good thing, but only if it was because Beebe and the rest of you are too busy actually getting it right this time with more than some, to date, mythical proposal.


Oh, in case you’re interested, my last response to Burda’s email:



Thank you for the reply.


Considering the recent developments with Texas, and the potentially huge positive or negative impact it will have on the conference, I’m sorry to hear that. I was informed by one of the member institutions that my original inquiry should be directed to you, which I then did.


Please be informed that I will report this as the conference’s answer to my inquiry.


Thanks again,



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14 Responses to The Dish: Texas Hits Jackpot, Big 12 Won�t Respond

  1. JimmyD says:

    Nice Curtis
    Keep up the good work

  2. Rainbow Man says:

    are we still wining about texas?
    If you have a winning program… you don’t have to complain about Texas. Bill Self does not care about inequity with Texas. Bob Stoops does not care about inequity with Texas. If Frank Martin makes at least the Elite Eight again, he won’t care about it either.
    If you don’t like the conference. Leave. Nebraska could… and they did. Otherwise… Shut up and win. Winning cures all ills. This wining about Texas is making me ill. They are not even a perennial power. They had a football championship a few years ago but that is it. There is a bettter team than Texas somewhere else in the Big 12 in every sport.

  3. kcredsox says:

    Rainbow Man
    Its not about the winning, its about the spreading of the wealth so other schools can improve their facilities and be able to recruit the same caliber of players as Texas. Of course, as of Saturday, that seems kind of silly, but Texas still gets the best recruits because of what they can offer the players. They will rise up again and with an extra $12 million a year, they will start destroying all the Big 12 schools in the only sport that counts, FOOTBALL.

  4. Markus Aurelius says:

    Don’t waste your time with Rainbow Man….
    I’m sure he says that same thing about the Yankees and baseball. Quit whining about the Yankees and their bottomless pit of money and just win regardless of the inequities…blah, blah, blah. His irrational arguments relegate him to the status of a yappy, annoying little dog tied to a leash on the sideline of any legitimate, thoughtful discussion. Just leave him there.

    CK, thanks for bringing this to light. It certainly appears that there continue to be very real issues within the B12 conference. This is why I don’t blame Nebraska for leaving. My Tigers would have left as well if given the chance. Unlike most of my fellow alums, I actually didn’t want to go to the Big Ten and give up the traditional rivalries that have existed since the Big 8 and Big 6 conferences were functional, but I certainly understand why the Nubbers or Tigers would want to hop off the tracks of this slow-moving train wreck. It has been apparent for a period of years now that the B12 Commissioner’s office is not particularly effective at championing a Conference-First attitude that benefits all member institutions equally. It’s pretty humorous to see Texas flailing in football this season as they attempt to seal the deal on their own network. I can only hope that their network, like Notre Dame’s, will simply become a way to distribute bad football to lots of people. Eventually, all of this content is going to be distributed via the internet, rather than traditional media models – like Cable TV and satellite media distributors. Once that happens – the ad dollars under the traditonal model will shrivel up and eventually be reallocated for distribution in a different model/medium.

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