Kat: Furball Free Fun at Music Hall’s Cats

Ah, the memories…

Once again the musical Cats demonstarted that it has well over nine lives Friday at the Music Hall. And with nearly 30 years of production under its claws, the opening night audience caught cat scratch fever and couldn’t get enough.

As a child I thought of Cats as a singing, dancing storybook full of magic and wonder. But watching it as an adult there were parts of the show that seemed just plain weird to me.

Where did  the magic go?

Why was there a spaceship? And why does it keep coming in and out of the set? 

Then I remembered that I was watching a show about singing cats, and these questions just didn’t matter. 

With makeup that puts KISS to shame, purr-fect costuming and a meow mix ensemble of feline talent, this show should awe the entire family.

And these felines have some sexy showgirl moves.

The dancing is musical theater quality with  high kicks, shimmeys, knee pops and pelvic thrusts to jazz it up. And when the Magical Mr. Mistoffelees prowls the stage and does over 20 fouettés en tournant (awesome turns) it left the audience howling for more. 

And "Memory," the show’s most anticipated number, sung by the raggedy, tired and once glamorous Grizabella left me wanting more. Her voice was beautiful, but not quite ripe enough. Hopefully, she’ll hit Power & Light, booze it up and get that raspy voice thing going tomorrow.

Regardless, the show’s a fancy feast.

So if you feel the itch, here’s your chance Kansas City. Cats runs through Sunday at the Music Hall.

Oh and don’t forget your fur – it’s awfully cold out!


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  1. iAct1act says:

    I was able to see Cat’s on Saturday! An all around great time! And I totally agree about Grizabella’s voice! Thanks for a great review!

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